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We’re looking at getting a credit card. Purely for the rewards and we will pay back immediately. What are the best ones in terms of rewards? Mostly keen on airpoints but could be convinced otherwise. We were thinking of going with AMEX with their current promo of $500 airpoints with sign up but worried it won’t be accepted at most of the places we would like to use it.

We are just average spenders, family of 5. Dreaming of holidays paid for by airpoints haha.

What do you use and like?



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    $400 signup offer with ANZ Visa Airpoints card atm is probably your best bet, it has a $45 lower lower fee than the Amex. Sure it gives you less points per dollar but the ubiquitiousness of Visa is worth the difference. The only other difference in benefits I think is worth mentioning is the complimentry smartphone screen insurance through AMEX.

    I currently have the Airpoints AMEX and am fedup with the card shuffle everytime I have to pay for something, made harder because even places that say they take AMEX don't actually take it. Change credit cards for the best signup deal each year before renewal for maximum effect. If you are an average spender I don't think you'll get much in the way of retention offers so less of a reason to go with AMEX.

    • Also don't forget about hard pulls on your credit every time you apply and cancel

      • Good point, I find myself changing cards roughly every two years. If you've got other credit items you're applying for, car loan, mortgage, personal loans your mileage will vary.

        • Hi sorry, what's a hard pull?

          • @hamez: I'm guessing something about your credit rating

            • @Nuzzer: Gotta be 'credit enquiries' which appears on your credit report. It might tell your potential lender about a credit-seeking behavior..

    • so who takes AMEX commonly? thanks

      • Pretty much most places you likely spend money take it. For me this would be supermarkets, petrol stations, big box stores (Warehouse, Noels, Harveys, Bunnings, Mitre 10), airlines, travel booking sites like Expedia, my electric & broadband providers and my local bottle shop.

        Yeah, you may be out of luck if you want some emergency milk from the dairy but I find where the bulk of my money is spent they take it.

        • I've had no luck using Amex at the local M10's, smaller supermarkets and a few of the big box retailers. If you stick to the places you know it works it can work out fine, personally I find myself shopping all over the place.

    • Anz offers free credit card for a year if you are employee of certain companies or university or organisation under work perks. Can stake with bonus airpoints

      Kiwibank and westpac also offers bonus airpoints from time to time.


    Amex is highly rated here for airpoints.

  • AMEX Airpoints Platinum Card

    500 Welcome Dollars + 1 for every $59 spent.

    I would say 90% of the places I spend money at take it… below are the places I used it today.

    • New World + PakNSave
    • Mitre 10
    • The Market
    • The Warehouse
    • Payed for our power (powershop)

    I average around $60-$80 a month in Airpoints.

    They also normally have around 10 offers in the app you can use (eg spend $50 at Mightyape and get $10 back etc)

  • Most places take it . Not all Pak n Save. American Express cards are also accepted at most stores, with the exception of PAK’nSAVE Mangere and PAK’nSAVE New Plymouth. Not sure why 2 pak n saves in the whole country refuse to take amex. New world fuel and waitomo fuel don't take amex. NZTA (Rego) don't take it for online payments. You can use it through pay pal.

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      I just got an email from waitomo fuel the other day saying they take Amex now. Haven't tried it out myself lo

  • lols, get ANZ and AMEX to get 900 airports. use both then keep one you would like to keep.

    • Can you apply for both at the same time and get two lots of bonus Airpoint dollars from Air NZ?

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        yes. the banks are paying you the Airpoints. not Air NZ.

        Air NZ sells lots of airpoints to banks, amex, insurance companies etc to give out as rewards.

        • Ah yup. Just wondering if it will be worthwhile tarnishing my credit score or going through the potentially extensive and invasive questions just to apply for those credit cards!

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            @sonyxperiageek: CCCFA will be relaxed next month… that should shorten the hour long interviews.

            The hit on credit score and credit inquiry is temporary and negligible.
            Also decision system use ranges - so a 701-800 score usually result in a very similar or the same lending decision.
            Just close the card before you take out a big loan or mortgage since the credit lines are usually subtracted out.

            • @huffboy: When does the 500 bonus APD end?

              • @sonyxperiageek: "when you apply by 8 August 2022, are approved and spend $1,500 on your new Card within the first 3 months. New Card Members only"

                • @huffboy: Ah cool, thanks. Will wait for next month then.

                  • @sonyxperiageek: My amex application which I did a few months ago was approved in like 5 mins - just asked for my ID and details again.

                    ANZ took an hour on the phone yesterday going through everything.

                    • @huffboy: I've been with Amex before so maybe it'll be a simple sign up for me too the second time round.

                      An hour with ANZ?! Wow, maybe I'll hold off on them until next month.

                      If I do get them both just for the bonus airpoints, I will miss the simplicity of just one credit card statement for the month lol.

                      • @sonyxperiageek: Yup.. ANZ didn't ask anything in their online form. Everything happened on the call. asked me how much I spent on mortgage, fuel, mobile, internet, food, childcare, bus, power, rates, my job, current and previous employer, savings, kiwisaver etc.

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                          @huffboy: I hate it, so invasive. Experienced it when I applied for my current Westpac CC, again for their airpoints deal lol.

  • Been using AMEX then ASB's Visa Light (no annual fees) for other transactions that can't accept AMEX.

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