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Whittakers Chocolate Block 250g $3 @ FreshChoice, Epsom (Auckland) ($2.70 via Pricematch at The Warehouse)


Probably the lowest price in a long time, if you manage to get a price match with TWH, it's even cheaper at $2.70. Don't forget the $5 off $50 with Market Club.

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    FYI, I just managed to successfully price beat at TWH for $2.70ea. Cheers OP

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    Did the price beat @ The Warehouse for $2.70 no problems :)

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      Same here, just bought 7 blocks

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    Thanks OP! Great price, couldn’t resist (got it through THW for $2.70). Will keep a couple for ourselves and gift the rest :)

  • love yah work!!! got me 25 block!!!

  • Bought 30 blocks haha! Great for bakers or bakeries even, because they don’t seem to care how many you buy!

  • Been trying for a few hours now . Unable to connect with any agents "Sorry, no agents are available now"

    Anyone else having this issue ?

  • TWH chat agents are hard to reach today.

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      'Sorry all our agents are currently removing chocolate from the distribution centre and the shelves in-store.
      We will be available again once this has been completed and we no longer need to pricebeat'

      • thats exactly the message that im getting lol.

  • Thank you.. I bought 20 and no problem with price beat :)

  • Worked for me too, only got 8 though :)

  • Said no agent at the moment :(

  • “Hang in there. You’re number 3 in line” - I’m skeptical as I’ve been number 3 for the last 15 minutes! 😆 will try again tomorrow!

  • Shame TWH don’t stock the peanut block!

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    Was this from the Facebook Community group post supporting the 70 year old Fresh Choice Owner in Greenlane/Epsom? I hope more customers go to his store :'(

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    Thanks, grabbed a bunch.. now to make it last this time…

    BTW sneaky tip: try adding another random item to your cart with the stuff you are getting matched - it might get accidentally price matched with the chocolate as well ;)

    • What representative served you? :)

  • Oh no, I don't want to do this again but I know I will.

  • I wonder why The Warehouse price matches this, I can't pickup from that store and they don't deliver to Dunedin. Anyway, got 12 blocks, for $24.84, $2.07 each, so they beat it by 31%. If they set the price manually maybe it was just a typo, $2.07 instead of $2.70.

    • Picked them all up yesterday…except 1 which is coming from a different store :D

  • Thanks for posting this! Just placed a big order for a bunch of friends, it went through fine :)

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    Anyone finding that they aren’t changing the price per unit and that they instead adding a general overall discount so you can increase the number of items you are ordering?

    • Yup, I had the same thing. Was only able to order 1x discounted item.

    • Yes same here I just tried and it's only 1 with pricebeated price

    • Do'h just checked and this is what happened with my order yesterday! sigh will get the to refund when I collect. Placed a new order today, and they price matched Hazelnut (which isnt on freshchoice)

  • I added 30 but then decided to get 15 only. Such a great deal. Thanks.

    • Did you add 30 to cart or just 1 and change the amount?

  • You will need to add the quantity that you want to buy then get them to apply the discount.

    • Thanks I just test and seem like it depend on the agent, some limits the discount to cart quantities some doesn't.

      • Yes - I had Ben who limited the discount to cart quantity (I initially had one).
        I went back and told him I wanted more than one and he then amended the discount to my updated quantity (5).

  • how do u do price match

  • Managed to get a price match for 10 of these just now. Cheers.

  • Thanks OP, got a bunch of those just now (wifey kept buying them at $5+ normal price at New World, angry face).

    Almond Gold is limited to 1 per order though.

    • There is currently only 1 Almond Gold left online, maybe that's why you had a limit?

      • Seems that they are limiting it. I bought the 1 Almond Gold that it allowed me to at about half an hour ago.

        • Whittaker's Almond Gold Block 250g back in stock with 16 units.

  • Anyone else having issues with live chat?

    • Was ok for me earlier today (was 4th in the queue). They took a bit longer to verify the price though - about 10-15 mins or so.

  • theres no live agents right now

    • Yea it was doing that to me earlier too. I ended up finally getting through and getting a price match then when I went to check out it refreshed and removed the discount so have to wait again for a live agent 🙃

  • ok i just did my 1st pricematch i managed to chat to a live agent and bought 10 blocks 3 different flavours 2 blocks available for pickup tomorrow the rest in 2-4 days

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    Was feeling guilty because I also saw this deal doing the rounds on Facebook pages and thought maybe I should be going in there to support a smaller business instead of price matching at the warehouse but then it’s come out the owner’s a pretty awful guy https://thespinoff.co.nz/business/09-06-2022/how-the-lovely-...

    • When I discovered he owned another store already I thought it was all a bit sus. The timing of the daughter's post and the deal (only knew about both through Cheapies) - looks to be a great marketing campaign. I read the post and didn't think he was doing anything special or unique to him. Lots of hardworking people out there working long hours.

    • Agreed! The Facebook comments may exaggerate, or may be accurate but he’s clearly not great.
      Given the choice of supporting a dubious small local business, or a “local” corporate, I’ll pick the warehouse.

      Especially when you buy 19 blocks for $46.30 ($2.44 each) as surely that has to be approaching cost price or even a loss for them

  • I can't seem to get hold of the agents in live chat.
    Has anyone managed to do a pricematch in store, and then used the "$5 off $50 spend" coupon? Seems a bit cheeky to do, but I wonder if they're okay with it.

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      Just have to scan your market QR code and be surprised when it shows 5 off 50

      • Silly me, of course! Thank you :)

    • Yeah, they let me price match in store, they didn't beat it by 10% though.

  • Thanks, managed to price match TWH Dunedin in store :)

  • I was told by online agent at Warehouse that items from different stores on promotion, on offers etc.. can't be price beaten

    • Just did it about 20 minutes ago online.
      Put 10 blocks of Whittakers in my cart asked for the pricebeat and gave them the link. They did it without question (even though the Fresh Choice link says limit 4).
      Only had to wait about five minutes.
      Agent was Mailey.

      • Mine is Tailyn

        • Just hang up and try again.
          They all interpret it differently so go for a different agent.

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          Tailyn just gave me the runaround. Jules is another support agent to avoid.

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            @Peter Wyngarde: And Louie

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            @Peter Wyngarde: I've had the online chat disconnect by Jules several times in the past as soon as I ask for a price promise.

            • @gunman: I got nowhere with Live Chat for Black Friday. Two days I ended up getting Price Match by telephone.

  • my chat agent was Lanie got 10blocks, 2 flavours i want been out of stock for awhile, peanut butter and Peanut Butter & Jelly

    • Did you get the out of stock flavours?

      • how can you do that if there out of stock

        • When the item goes in and out of stock.

  • Just been told I cannot get the price promise as this has a purchase limit. Apparently The Warehouse don't match prices for products that have purchase limits

    • yeah u just need a different agent, lots of people have purchased more then the purchase limit

      • I'm currently waiting for another agent. The previous agent wouldn't even match one block for me

        • pathetic jeez

    • isnt the purchase limit 4 per bar on the website not 4 bars all up

      • Yes it is but completely depends on the agent.
        For me the whole process only took a few minutes but Mailey did my pricebeat with 10 blocks straight away. No questions asked even though I knew the limit was 4 and was expecting them to point that out.

  • i just bought another 9 bars, but i cant go through with payment cause my preffered pickup store in upper hutt isnt available for some reason,did anyone get a free warehouse delivery code

    • You won’t find anyone handing out free delivery codes anymore - being one use only they are too valuable.
      Can you not change it to one of the other Wellington stores?
      Otherwise just pay shipping - at $5 delivery it’s just over another 50c per bar so still works out pretty cheap.

      • yeah they are restocking will check back tomorrow,thanx

  • i was just told upper hutt is doing a restock, check back tomorrw

  • Looks like this might be over as the Whittaker's blocks no longer appear on the Fresh Choice website

    • Ahhh, today is supposed to be the last day. I've expired the deal, thanks.

    • damn your right, i have 9 reduced bars in my warehouse account right now,just waiting until the upper hutt store is available before i can pay

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