This was posted 1 year ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired
  • targeted

1x Free Z Espress Hot Drink, 2x 10¢ off Per Litre of Fuel (Can Be Stacked With Weekly Promos) Via App @ Z Energy


Screenshot of deals in the app

  • x1 Free Z espress hot drink (coffee etc).
  • x2 10¢ off per litre of fuel (can be stacked with their weekly running 6¢/10¢ promos).
  • Via App at Z Energy
  • All codes expire in 90 days if not used.

Go to the app store to download your version.

Hot drink list

Americano, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, hot chocolate, espresso, long black, chai latte, lemon ginger & honey, tea, fluffy. Add any flavour shots at no extra cost.

Referral Links

Z App: random (51)

Referrer gets 1 free coffee (up to 3 max).

Z Electric: random (28)

Referee gets 50L+ extra 25L. Referrer gets 50L.

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closed Comments

  • +2

    AIRCOF08 unable to redeem

    FBCOF08 worked

    HNZxHP#1 worked

    • +5

      Other codes worth trying:

      • FBCOFJ27
      • FBCOFJ04
      • Thanks these were accepted

    • Nothing on one account then as above. One of Wakrak codes worked. Thanks

  • Thanks OP! Only HNZxHP#1 worked for me.

  • +2

    I got unable to redeem on all

    • Keep an eye on your vouchers, I think you'll find they all show up.

      • Yer it's weird it just didn't work….i may of had too many

      • Tryed another account and they all worked so must be the account

      • Nope, a day later and has not shown up at all.

  • Worked for me.
    Thanks OP.

  • Thank you! All three worked for me.

  • +1

    HNZxHP#1 didn't work. Others worked

  • 2 worked but only 1 coffee? Does it not allow you to have a second free coffee at a time?

  • All 3 worked thanks! I haven’t used this app since the free car wash/drink/10c with every new account days, so it may be targeted to try get people like me back on board?

  • perfect timing, costco fuel supposed to be closed today and the tank is almost empty. Thanks OP

  • +1

    None of the codes worked for me

  • +1

    A worth cheapie deal after a long time

  • Thanks!

    • +2

      what's the need for downvote?
      if it works then great, if not then lets thank the op anyway, it's not like he's deceiving anyone..

  • Some of these codes worked for me, but no vouchers showing in the app unfortunately.

  • None of them worked for me…

  • Few codes worked and yet to be shown in the account.

    • same here, shows code redeem but no vouchers appear even after closing app and re-opening.

      will update if anything changes.

      • Sometimes they can take up to a couple of days to show. I'll post updates since I'm a day ahead of everyone.

  • FBCOF08, FBCOFJ27, FBCOFJ04 worked thanks
    Now just waiting for vouchers to appear.
    App is so slow..

  • +1

    None of 5 codes worked for me, and I have never used these codes before.

  • Do you need a new account?

  • AIRCOF08 worked what was that one for?

  • +1

    None worked for me :(

  • Tried all three worked for me, showed up straight away. Targeted maybe?

  • Thanks OP
    Two of them worked, HNZxHP#1 did not.
    The vouchers haven't appeared in the app yet but will post when they do.

  • No dice! :(

  • +1

    No vouchers showed up for me after 15 minutes.

    Bummer. :(

    • +1

      Same for me after 3 hours!

      • Still haven't got mine after about six

  • None worked :(

  • All 5 codes doesn't worked for me 😂

  • Sorry team, all 5 didn’t work for me either, will be interesting how they are targeting?

    • my old account had one work (FBCOFJ27, I believe), and brand new one had none work, one account was otago based, the other southland based
      Wondering if region maybe but couldn't be bothered testing and might be too late now to test looking at the thread

  • Aint workin for me too

  • +1

    None worked on my account 😔

  • +1

    Looks like there's only 1 comment here suggesting a voucher actually showed up.

    One of these codes worked for me and nothing has appeared in my vouchers overnight.

    I think this should be marked as expired or debunked or something since basically nobody can get it?

    • I agree. Only one code ‘worked’ but no actual vouchers appeared overnight. I have managed to get free coffee vouchers in the past. So this is very likely a targeted campaign.


      • I agree that is possible, but to be fair, the vouchers for signing up haven't appeared in my account overnight either.

    • My comments above about 3 codes working on second account was after vouchers arrived. Within 1 minute.

  • yea nah none worked for me, sadly

  • When people say "the codes didn't work" do you mean the app says "unable to redeem voucher" or do it say "success, voucher will show up shortly" and it hasn't shown up?

    If it's the latter then you may have to wait a day or so as there can be a delay in having them show up.

    • +5

      The former, "unable to redeem voucher".

    • none of the code worked i.e. "unable to redeem voucher"

  • You know what, maybe some don't work because it depends on the reward their account has selected!

  • +2

    I'll keep waiting, it's a bonus if it shows up, if not, it's not the end of the world…haha

  • Only HNZxHP#1 didn’t work for me

    • same here, the codes worked for one phone and not the other, will see if the vouchers do comeup.

  • +1

    Vouchers still haven't showed up so I guess it's not working?

  • Did anyone actually got any vouchers?

    • +1

      Yes. App accepted three of the codes I entered but I only received 1x free hot drink 2x 10c off vouchers.

    • Yes - same as Wakrak.
      Three codes accepted in app and received 1x hot drink & 2x 10c off discounts.

    • Yup, the three codes from the original deal post were entered and as stated the codes would give the following.
      The first code gave 1x hot drink.
      Second code gave 1x 10¢ off per litre.
      Third code gave 1x 10¢ off per litre.

  • It's been 3 days and not received any vouchers in the app.

    • Same for me. When i first signed up i got a pop up message to say i had 1x free hot choc/coffee, $5 off car wash and 1 other offer but now that i go on the app nothing is showing. I signed up 3 days ago now

  • Bit late to the party but I tried the codes anyway.

    Unable to redeem

    Success! Code verified, you'll receive the voucher shortly

  • Anything working?

  • Success! Code verified, you'll receive the voucher shortly


    Others unable to redeem

  • +1

    Anyone received the vouchers? So far nothing is reflected in the account!

    • +2

      I don't think they're coming

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