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Earn 150 Flybuys Points When You Sign up to Disney+ ($12.99) for One Month @ Disney+ (via Flybuys)


Earn 150 Flybuys Points When You Sign up to Disney + ($12.99) For One Month at Disney +

This is valid for first time users or those that use a new email address.

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    Last time they did this it was 300 points and I never got credited.

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      You should definitely hit them up with your account details. They will ask for your email address and flybuys number. You will get your flybuys credited and probably some bonus apology points. This was a known issue and was talked about here:

      • Likewise I received mine after enquiring

    • Yes, I called them up and they gave me 320 flybuys points.

    • I too received mine (+20 extra) after chasing it up with them.

    • Bit disappointing they didn't manage to get it sorted for everyone in the end. It's not hard to find the discrepancies between those who signed up and those who got credited.

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    Is this equal to $1.125 z/caltex fuel discount /litre?

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      Yes, 4 flybuys = 3 cents. So $1.125/litre is correct.

      Just make sure your flybuys rewards are set to fuel discount. Or else it won't work

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    Last time mine worked perfectly without needing to contact them.

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    Good deal, equal to roughly $27 new world dollars, can be a bit of a hassle if it's not credited correctly though. Anything excluding those who did the previous one?

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      Try it with a different email and different flybuys card number to last time (you can get more numbers easily)

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        Yeah, I know about that but I already have quite a few, not too concerned, just curious.

        On that note, have you noticed flybuys sometime at the start of the year has now made it harder to use alias members by removing information for the account owner.

        Before you could see all the card numbers and personal details of all the other members but now you no longer can. I have resorted to logging all the card numbers elsewhere

        • I can still see details & card numbers for other members..

          • @Ytrewq: Wow, now that's worrying. Am I on a list now?

        • Is this on the App or website?
          I just had a look on the website via computer and my account shows the other 5 members linked to me.
          It also shows email, phone, address, how many cards they have and whether they can spend or not.
          Each one has an option to 'click for more detail' which then gives DOB and card number.

          • @bigcheese: Oh no, I may be on a list

            Mine is completely different

            It used to be like that but now has changed

            • @Bill: Oh what, I just checked and it's back to normal. It was completed different earlier in the year, even when there was that autumn prize grab

            • @Bill: Just a thought.

              Are you sure the number you are logging in with is the account owner?
              When I login with one of the other five accounts linked to my main one I get the same as you - just the members names and how many cards they have.

              • @bigcheese: I believe so, I'm usually pretty vigilant with these things. Seems to be okay now

        • FWIW, I can still all of the cards on our account.

          Most likely it was personal - they encountered you in real life, and are exacting punishment for you being you :-)

          Just to mess with you, they have changed it back now.

          Don't worry about it - I have the same thing with Vodafone, and that darned Stanley.


          • @Alan6984: Your mention of Vodafone brings up another headache, what a pain in the ass dealing with them

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      So basically we earn $27- $13 = $14 + one month Disney through this deal?

      • Yep, if all goes to plan

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        If you use it for fuel rewards and get the max 50L then you're earning like $40.

        • Thanks, that sounds like a better idea.

        • Is there a forum thread or deal comment somewhere that explains how to max out fuel rewards with Flybuys?

          • @NeM2k2: There might be some comments in the last time this deal was posted (when they were giving away 300 points). I think it was the comments in that deal that convinced me to change my rewards to fuel rather than NW dollars.

            Either that deal or the one where heaps of people were winning flybuys points in a giveaway.

  • So it says that the flybuys pts will be loaded within 25 business days. Does that mean if I cancel before that the pts won't be loaded?

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      The last post about this has a lot of the answers you are looking for. The consensus was it doesn't matter when you cancel

    • You still paid for the month so should matter

  • Should I cancel the subscription right after I sign up or do I hold it until the day before the next payment?

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      Hold it, last time I cancelled immediately and had to contact flybuys because neither account got loaded- people who waited a week seemed to have much better success rate

      • Thanks!

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      I don't actually think it matters. There didn't seem to be any correlation between those who canceled early and those who didn't receive their points.

      In any case, since the promotion doesn't outline regarding this, you are still entitled to the points.

      If you choose to wait, make a reminder so you don't forget

      • Yep, have added it to my calendar. : )

  • If you are making more than one account, try and use different ip's, I believe that could have been the major factor in problems with the crediting. Plus, it's just a safer option in case it does turn into a problem

    • Can you share what you use to change the IP? Did you just change IP when you sign up or for every login?

      • Just when you sign up will likely suffice.

        Don't use an international vpn as they will need to geolocate you to nz and if your vpn is elsewhere, that will be a bigger issue.

        When you sign up a different account, use a mobile network or do it at your work to get a different ip.

        I only say this because I have almost no doubt they are logging ip's at the place where you enter your card number

        Also I don't know if there are any but clear all the cookies on the form page, or do it in incognito

        • Thanks for the heap up man, was thinking how do I sign up to this one because I have claimed the previous deal

        • In this case i will have to create a new account for Caltex/Z account to use my Flybuys reward or do you just link it to your existing one? If the payment card (different card) have my name on it does it matter?

  • Just signed up for a year subscription with Disney+ yesterday 😂

    Last time around I got the Flybuys points without issue.

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    I wonder whether they will match the flybuys number with the previous sign up? Even if I used a new email address.

    • A possibility

      • If they're in effect giving money away, then it's more than a possibility.

  • Do i have to add my flubuys number to Z App or Caltex App before i signup this? I already change my rewards on flubuys to fuel discount

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        Cheers Bill!

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          If you link your card to the app the qr code from the apps will then be able to use the flybuys discount(making it the same as scanning your flybuys). You can also add on airpoints discount which is a feature I think is exclusive in the apps(by linking 2 cards you can combine the discounts in one transaction)

          • @Bill: Hi Bill,

            That's interesting and well spotted! Have you successfully gotten both discounts stacked together?

            How much was the total discount?



            • @Alan6984: You can get both discounts stacked together but since I don't use airpoints I haven't done so.

              It's pretty self-explanatory on the app

              As for discounts I used to get 50L of fuel for 20c every 2 months

          • @Bill: Airpoints can turn into fuel discount also? How do you setup that?

            • @Geoffgo: Unfortunately, that's not my area of expertise.

  • Was there previously a free trial for Disney Plus?

    With the deal in November 2021 https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30482#comment I recall it was possible to sign up to a Disney Plus free trial, and then immediately cancel before it renewed, making the subscription free. Am I remembering correctly?

    Now it seems like you need to spend the $12.99/month fee upfront to get the 150 points.

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      Disney+ hasn't had a free trial operating for some time now.
      They offered a 7 day trial when they first launched here but that is long gone.

      For this particular deal you are correct in that you need to pay the $12.99 up front to get the points.

      The only way I know of to get a free month of Disney is through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as part of their perks.
      Last time they did this was a few months back - see my post here
      They offer this from time to time but not at the moment.
      Essentially you could pay $1 for 1 month of game pass, get the Disney+ for free for a month, and then immediately cancel both which would also refund your $1.

      • Ah thanks! I was mistaken, cheers. Still a fair deal so I've gone for it.

        As above you basically earn $56 - $13 = $43 and the enjoyment of Disney+ for a month.

        Where 150 Fly Buys points converts into $1.125 per litre Z or Caltex discounts, and assuming a full 50L tank, gives you $56.25 off your petrol bill.

        Fingers crossed it all applies successfully.

  • Has anyone received the flybuy points yet?

    • Not yet

    • nothing here as of today.

      • Still waiting too.

    • Got yours yet? last time I had to email and really can't be bothered again

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        • Do you think the disney+ subscription can be canceled, still waiting for the points?

          • @organicLv: Yes I would cancel before the month renews.
            In my case my next payment date is down for the 3rd July so I will be cancelling in the next couple of days.
            There was nothing in the T's & C's that said you can't cancel and you will keep your subscription until the end of your current period.
            I've only kept in running while I wait for the points but I'm not going to wait much longer.

            If the points don't arrive by next week then I'll start chasing it up.

  • Anybody got the points yet?

    • No.
      It's still within their 25 business days timeframe (which is five weeks) from signup so still time I guess

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