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Dell 27″ 4K UHD Monitor (S2721QS) $383.79 Delivered ($375.72 via Student Discount) @ Dell NZ


IPS, 4K UHD height adjustable. Unsure about the estimated delivery date.

Decent price for this monitor. Not the lowest price ever but that low low price was an anomaly.

If you are able to get the student discount, apply TOBLAED235 + student code.

Credit: OzB

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    Really good deal.
    Bought it about a month ago - paid about $450

    • Same here, purchased it a couple of months ago for $450-ish. Great 4k monitor.

  • +1

    Is the USB-C version worth the ~$80 more?

    • +2

      Is that the S2722QC? If so:

      The Dell S2722QC is an updated version of the Dell S2721QS with many of the same features, but there are a few differences. They're built the same and have similar picture quality with an IPS panel with wide viewing angles and a 4k resolution. However, the main differences are with the inputs; while the S2722QC has a USB-C input and two USB 3.0 inputs, the S2721QS has a DisplayPort input, which the S2722QC doesn't have. The S2722QC has a slightly quicker response time, but other than that, both monitors are similar.

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        Yeah I was looking at S2722QC. Currently have a work surface pro 4 with display port but likely getting an upgrade in the near future to a SP with USB C.

    • The QC version allows the laptop to dock and charge via USB-C

    • No displayport connection, only USB c and USB A?

      How would you connect this to a desktop?

      • +1

        Both have 2xHDMI ports

    • I’d say so yes

  • Comes up at $639 for me?

    • Before or after the discount codes?

      • Oh sorry, I thought TOBLAED235 was the student code, duh.

  • +1

    The 32 inch version of this monitor is a VA panel. Weird.

  • Comes up as $607.05 for me after VIVID5 discount?

    • +1

      Add both codes.

      • I can't apply either of the student codes to TOBLAED235
        Surely I don't need a char in between that and the code?

        • +2

          Deal has finished by the look of things.

  • +1

    Some of the 27" monitors are at a decent price this week.

  • +1

    Just arrived today. A great improvement from my 27" 2k monitor from 2012. Takes up a much smaller footprint too!

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