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Flyhal FC600 (aka HBX 16889a Pro) RC Car with 2x Battery - $170 Delivered @ Banggood ($157 with new user coupon)

FC600 RC Truggy 1:16 brushless motor ready to run

Ready to run, everything included
- All electronics
- Cheap low-end USB Lipo charger
- Remote control
- 2x Lipo batteries
- You need to supply 3x AA battery for controller

It is essentially the same as the HBX 16889a Pro truggy, just a different body shell, the oil shocks are mounted slightly differently at the rear, and it comes with 2x batteries instead of one.


Usually costs around $200-220 delivered.

I bought one recently, I paid $200 for the HBX 16889a Pro with 3x batteries delivered from Aliexpress. This is a better deal. The controller has a throttle trim, so the max speed can be dialed down enough so that a small child can use it. This is where I got mine from - - currently $181 delivered incl gst, with 1x battery only.

The included charger works fine, however you should consider getting a better charger. I would recommend SkyRC T100 for just under $100 NZ delivered. The battery connector used by this cars, and a lot of RC cars is called a "Dean's connector" or "T-Plug" so if you used the SkyRC charger you would need an XT60 to Deans plug adapter, which would be a few bucks. This car uses Lipo batteries so you should read about Lipo batteries. The thing to know about Lipo batteries are 1. overcharging or charging at the wrong voltage/rate can cause them to catch fire, 2. over discharging them can degrade the battery so it doesn't work as well, 3. if not using the battery for more than a few days the battery should be stored at about 3.8V (3.7-3.9V) ie It shouldn't be stored fully charged or fully discharged otherwise you degrade the battery. 4. using damaged lipo batteries can result in a fire. Lithium ion batteries are safer and less likely to catch fire but you still need to storage charge them for optimal life. NiMH batteries are safer still and don't mind what voltage you leave them out. This car has a safety cut off so it will stop working before it fully discharges a battery.

There are a couple of different models
- HBX16889 ; burshed motor + spring shocks + plastic differential
- HBX16889a ; brushless motor + spring shocks + plastic differential
- HBX 16889a Pro ; brushless motor + oil filled shocks + metal differential
- FC600 ; same as the pro model, but has a different body shell and includes 2 batteries instead of one.

It also goes under a few different rebranded names, but the Pro model is the one to get as the upgrades are worth the small premium in price.

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    Better battery charger options:

    SkyRC - Dual channel charges 2x battery at once ~$100 (I bought this one)…

    Imax B6 charger (clone of Sky RC charger) - Single channel ~$50

    Sky RC B6 AC Charger with built in power brick - Single channel ~$85

    Sky RC B6 charger with power brick - Single channel ~$70…

    ToolkitRC M4Q Four channel charger ~$80…

    Some people say the Tookit mq4 is unreliable and stops working, but that price is actually very very cheap, and it's from an NZ store which would help if it fails.

    • nzhobbies is not a local store, looks like they are USA based.

      • Thanks, I wouldn't recommend the M4Q charger then, because it might have a fault. I would recommend the Sky RC T100.

  • Total novice here - how do these compare to Jaycar remote controlled cars? Around the same price range.

    • Probably 10x better I imagine

    • The jay car ones will be toy grade, this is entry level hobby grade and very popular model that people take to skate parks and do 3-5m jumps on, very durable. Oil shocks, brushless motor, metal gears and differential etc. It's pretty fast as well. It is the best <$300 RC all included trucks you can buy.

  • +5

    For what it's worth, I write the QuadifyRC reviews

    For mucking about this is the car to get.

    • Nice. This is my first RC car, mostly your review that convinced me. I'm guessing you are in Christchurch?

      My two year old has kind of figured out how to drive this, works well at slow speed. Tempted to get something larger now as well. Maybe 104002 or a 1:10 truggy.

      • No, in Auckland and thanks for the feedback. Nothing really compares to this in a larger scale except hbx 901a and that is a bit of a rip off at the mo. 124018 v2 is good but super quick and a bit fragile

        • So hex 901a for 236 delivered is a rip? What price should I be looking at delivered?

        • I'm looking out for the next "hbx 16889a pro" chinese equivalent in a larger size. Nothing currently exists. I've seen the hbx 1995 recommend as a base model followed by upgrading the electronics and shocks as a more durable 1:12 alternative to the 901a. The mt10 is an option. I wish LC racing made a 1:10/1:12 truggy, that would probably be a good buy.

          • @kiwijunglist: have a link on the hbx 1995? how much do they go for? I see the mt10 is 700+, way beyond my budget. I'd be looking at sub $300

            • +1

              @cheapcheap: No good links currently, I think it's not really very available currently unless you are in the USA.

              The 104002 is around $350, no one has reviewed it yet, but it might be quite a good buy potentially.

          • @kiwijunglist: I've been talking to HBX to try get them to make something in this size but not sure how their plastics would scale, I already notice on the 1/12 901a that the longer suspension arms are a bit bendy. MT10 is a beast but on another cost level. LC racing is my favourite brand and the EMB Truggy is a helluva car. The only 1/10 scale they do is race spec (LC10b5) but they are releasing a mid spec too as a kit based on the ptg2. I have an initial release 104002 on the way but have been talking to WL Toys and the only upgrade is the brushless electronics, no improvements to bevel pinion or top brace. If you aren't already join up my facebook group where we keep on top of the news

    • nice, I've been reading your RC stuff for a while. I was going to get the 16889a a couple of months ago for my sons bday, but ended up going with a q903 and upgraded oil shocks for about $170 delivered (when the 16889a was +$220). TBH my son has kind of stopped playing with it and I take it out for a jam more than him, bought more shocks, shells, and now looking at upgrading wheels. Is this/another 1/16 worth it? as I'm wondering if my money will be better spent on a 1/12 or 1/10 vs having two 1/16. Im not deep into the hobby, just wanting to bash together.

      • If you want to run two cars at once i think this would be good, because it's a fairly good price for NZ delivered with gst and it's a great little car.

      • I bought the wl 144010 in April. Been happy with it. Super quick. Cost me $200 landed with 2 batteries

  • Component quality and parts availabilty are very important, especially for fast cars.

    I bought an RC Car from hobbyking, it was soooo cheap….but, the plastic parts all broke, the gearbox was incapable of handling the power and tore itself up .

    Upgrade everything to metal parts if you can afford it.

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    Hi guys here is a master list of Chinese rc cars I've reviewed so you can compare. As you can see the fc600 rates highly

  • +2

    I have no real idea why I felt so compelled to get this, but if buying it was wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    No doubt I’ll change my self-righteous tune when the Missus finds out…

    • +1

      It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

    • +1

      You should probably grab a better charger so you can storage charge the lipo when it's not being used.

      • I read your follow-up post regarding an alternative charger alright, but – given that I went, in the space of about 6 minutes, from a cloistered and wilfully ignorant RC-hobbyist denier, to the still confused, slightly dizzy, freshly-popped cherry owner of a $170 RC related credit-card charge I’m going to have to hide from my wife, – I figured that I would make do for now, with the charger that comes in the box. Will I really find much benefit from a different one if I’m just a very casual first time dabbler?

        • +1

          I'm a casual first time dabbler too.

          If you don't want to buy a charger then you could buy this instead.

          NZ$ 1.02 20%OFF | 1S-8S 3.7V Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Module Electric Vehicle Battery Power Tester Li-ion 1-8S Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm

          Buy the $1.80 tester one.

          Basically if you are not using the battery for a while it needs to be left at about 3.8v otherwise the battery eventually goes bad.

          Fully charged battery is 4.2V

          The car automatically stops when the battery is low to prevent destroying the battery by over discharging, not sure of the exact voltage but probably 3.4V ish.

          The included charger just charges up to 4.2V but a fancy charger can also charge/discharge the battery so it is 3.8V when you are not using it.

          It's probably less important as these batteries are fairly cheap batteries anyway.

          I storage charge the batteries after using the car. Then before I play with it I put it on the charger for about 30 minutes and it fully charges them.

          If you had the little led thing then you could just Chuck the battery on the cheap charger and also plug in the little led thing on the battery at the same time and you could take the battery off the cheap charger when it is around 3.8 (is 3.7-.3.9 zone) it's probably like 15-30 minutes or something of charging after running the battery flat.

          However I dunno how important it is and how long it takes for a lipo to go bad if you don't storage charge the battery.

          • @kiwijunglist: You don’t sound like a casual first-time dabbler mate, you sound like you’ve met The One and are now damned to the eternal suffering and excruciating agony that is true love…

            That was a very useful rundown on a factor I would likely never even have thought to have given any thought to. I’ll definitely be exploring an investment in a charger now, thanks!

  • So what's the deal with buying from here? How much of a risk is it of getting a dud or getting ripped off? If you get a did I assume you are screwed in terms of warranty etc?

    Am tempted to get two for each of my teenage kids to race together, but am worried about getting ripped off.

    • I’m a first-time buyer from them with this deal, so I can’t speak to quality/getting ripped off yet. I can say though, that within about two hours of ordering, I had an email confirmation of shipment, complete with tracking details linking to a delivery label scan directly on the NZ Post website. I’m not sure how common this for overseas vendors, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. I also don’t know if this serves as any indication of the location of origin of the package or not (i.e. is the item perhaps being shipped from an NZ warehouse?). The speed of confirmation and NZ post tracking though have both provided me with a sense of confidence in the vendor. Hope this helps!

      • +1

        it's unlikely to be an NZ warehouse, I think they have an AU warehouse, but nothing for NZ.

      • Cheers for the feedback. I have just placed an order using PayPal so that hopefully offers a bit more protection. I have just gone for ordering one to see how that goes.

    • Banggood is one of the bigger Chinese seller websites and pretty good.

      • I bought one of these -…

        I'd had it for a few weeks and then a button broke on it. I sent them a video of the broken button and they sent me a replacement. Took a few email exchanges to sort it out, but it wasn't too difficult to get a replacement model sent, and I kept and fixed the old one.

        Banggood is a very big retailer, a lot of people in AU/NZ buy stuff from there you can tell be the fact that they charge you GST.

  • +2

    If you are a new user, use code BGRCNEW11 - I got it for $157

  • BG5RCtoy also works if you’re not a new user (I think). Not as good as ^ but still took off $8ish.

    Always a good idea to search the item + Banggood + coupon in Google before buying anything on BG.

  • Bit of feedback on this over at OzBargain too

  • +1

    More codes. 8wEbgaInS5 + three others

  • Arrived today. pretty quick!

    • nice. I still haven't opened up the differential to grease the outside cogs and inside of the differential yet. Probably had about 12 packs through it.

      • Does this need to done before using it? I'm new to this and was hoping it was just a pick up and play type situation

        • It's probably like a car you can go without an oil change for 3-5 years before it dies

    • I have received mine. I haven't used it yet, but I notice the gears make a bit of a racket when moving the car manually or just the wheels. Is this normal? Here is a video of it:

      I'll try and give it a run tomorrow, but just wanted to double check this is normal before running it.

      • I have given it a run and it seems to go okay - so I guess it is meant to sound like that.

        In terms of the play I had with it - it was a heap of fun and fast! I like that the controller has options to adjust speed and turning factor/amount - will make it easy to guide my son into using it without ploughing it straight into a solid object. I will probably now buy a second one in order to be able to race together.

        • My one sounded exactly the same, and when I googled it seems that is the normal noise you get from the metal differential, but they recommend to add additional grease because usually they don't put grease on the gears properly in the factory. Some people state there is less noise after you grease them, however if you pack the diff full of thick grease (like suggested) i would imagine it would block the noise somewhat too.

          Added grease involves removing the case that surrounds the differential then removing the gear, the gear has 4 screws on it and you remove those screws exposing more gears inside which need to be greased on the inside as well as the outside.

          I haven't had time to do it myself.

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