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Extra 20% off Clearance Items @ Hyper Ride | Free Freight Until 28/05/2022


Some pretty decent deals on Snow gear and other hardware, comparative to the likes of Torpedo7

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  • Picked up some 100% iTrack gloves yesterday. Good price by the look of things. Shipping was $8.99.


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      Yeah that is kind of an annoying price, given sending a snowboard is 12.99. Still a good deal nonetheless.
      I got a 190cm Dakine Roller Ski/Snowboard bag for $119.99

      • Was this the one you got ? https://www.hyperride.co.nz/product/194626/dakine-fall-line-...
        And does it actually fit snowboards (like 2) (with bindings, I guess without it it would fit fine) and what about boots ?

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          Honestly will depend on size of board and whatever else you jam in, it's why you always get the longest bag (190cm) even if your snowboard is much shorter. Its the same price but you get more space.

          It's really good if you have a young child, you get 2 free bags with Air NZ when travelling with an infant, so you can jam a portacot and a whole bunch of other stuff in it + take a car seat

          • @FiveOneFive: Good to know, our board are 156/158, so much smaller than the 190. Just feel 190 might be too big, but makes sense what you've said.

            • @rms: Yeah if you travel you can really max out your allowance in one bag

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        They have free shipping for the next 24 hours (excluding surfboards). It started just after 9 am. I got 2 high roller snowboard bags for cheaps!
        Incidentally, for 2 people I reckon it's worth having a (high) bag each. It means you don't have to remove the bindings from 1 of the boards and you can pack each person's boots and outer layers into their own bag. Basically, you needed that much storage space for other gear anyway. So it may let you pack a smaller 3rd bag for everything else.

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    Website says it is "Free Freight Friday" and doesnt look like there is a minimum spend (excludes surfboards though)

    • Yeah Confirmed through checkout its free

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    I was going to order a pair of shoes last night with CLEAR20. Glad I waited til this morning.

    These still retail at over $200 in the US. I paid $47.99 delivered.
    New Balance 5740 Pigment:

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      • Phunky phresh y'all!

    • Sexay !!! I got the Navy version of the 5740

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        They're good looking shoes.
        I used to be a Nike/Jordan sneaker head. Sold my collection and now it's almost what ever goes haha

  • This is the clearance link I use regularly. Sorted by low to high.

  • Free shipping is still a thing today.

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