Any Good Deals on a New Cellphone? (Budget $500-$1500 Range)

Bad news for me

My phone seems to be dying (Mi Note 10 Pro 256GB), charging malfunction, not responding to cleaning the port and different charges/cables. Has been plugged in all day and still on 5% charge, Haven't tried a factory reset yet.

I've had a look unfortuantely there don't seem to be any good specials at the moment?

Looking for android phone, $500-1500 budget, android, must have fairly good camera, prefer sd card support (or 128-256gb on board)

I was thinking about getting the S20 FE for my wife (but her phone came back to life), was on special for $620 recently, but now has gone up in price again.

Prefer to keep under a $1000 ; Any suggestions?



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