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Makita 216mm 40V XGT Mitre Saw Kit $1499 @ Mitre10 ($1274.15 via Pricematch at Bunnings)


Was after a mitre saw - this Makita 40V XGT, nearly bought one from Mitre10 for $1500 but saw Bunnings had the exact same model for $1525.42 but they do 15% price beat


You'll have to go instore to pricematch.


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  • Is the deal from Mitre10 and you're pricematching at Bunnings, or the other way around?

    • Bunnings price: $1525.42
      Mitre10 price: $1500

      Bunnings after price beat: $1274.15

  • I'm always in two minds about posting these deals. On the one hand I'm sure I'm not the only one out here who loves a cheeky price match on trade tools, but on the other I don't want them to come to an end because there are too many of us catching them 😅.

    Thanks though OP, I've been considering this saw for a while (despite it's lack of cut depth) and you've got me sorely tempted.

    • I was hesitating today too but grabbed one today after I noticed the price beat!!

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    First time I have ever seen something that can use the oh so holy, lowest price guarantee.

    This will not last long, the managers will be onto it the second the first person who uses it walks out the door.

    First, they will print a yellow A4 piece of paper with a price 1c cheaper than Mitre 10 and stick it over the old price.

    Next, they will call the other stores and tell them to do the same.

    Finally, they will pat themselves on the back for successfully not having to honour their 15% price beat anymore.

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      Yup the lady at customer service printed an A4 sheet of the mitre10 listing lol…maybe that is procedure and not to match and lower it by 1c

      • They will beat for the first person who finds it, since they don't have the price up yet,

        but the second they do, they're not just going to willy wally hand out 15% discounts left and right with their other hand up their bum.

      • Which store were you at, if you don't mind me asking?

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      Not always.
      Speaking from experience, sometimes I would accept the risk of a price guarantee and not change the price at all.
      The moment you put an orange ticket (not yellow - that's for clearance) you actually draw attention to it.
      There are only a small number of people that take up the price guarantee and even though its a great price it is still more money than a lot of people would part for a mitre saw.

      • I find tools on price beat all the time. Just have to scout a bit and be flexible about which exact tool you want. Bunnings in each town can have different prices, so it’s a bit like the paknsave deals being posted lately. Found it funny today, mitre10 manager flat out refused a price beat on a Warehouse item where the regular price was much, much cheaper. Said it was somewhere in their fine print.

  • Price beating from M10 has been such a pain in my experience… its down to the nitty gritty fine text..

  • Bunnings have taken down the listing from their website lol.

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      bunnings website itself is down atm lol
      even the powerpass app is down

    • It’s back online.

  • If you were considering this deal at the time, it's now even better while using the Mitre10 price guarantee against The Tool Shed:

    Mitre10 price: $1499
    Bunnings price: $1494.99
    The Tool Shed price: $1466.65

    The extra bonus is that Mitre10 also have a redemption deal for the new model mitre saw stand (DEAWST07) which is another $300 worth.

    I bought this saw last year at full price ($1599 although I did have a stack of Airpoints dollars and there was a battery redemption running as well) and it's an awesome saw.

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