Sony WH-1000XM5 suggestion for ANC headphone


Could u guys give me suggestion for ANC headphone? Thanks

  1. Bose 700
  2. Bose QC45
  3. Airpods max
  4. Sony 1000xm5


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    Look for a pair of the Sony XM3 or xm4
    They are the previous versions and are excellent and if you shop around can be had for under $400

    • Hi thx ur reply, if i choose QC45 and sony xm4, which one u suggest?

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    I have both the Sony 1000XM4 and Sennheiser 550ii headphones. And I hate the Sony xm4's they are hot, and the user interface compared to the Sennheiser is junk. But my biggest issue with the xm4 was that they removed the aptx codec that was available on the xm3 and my cellphone doesn't play nice with the Sony ldac codac (sound distortion on some high notes when using Bluetooth).
    As such I highly recommend the Sennheiser 550 or 550ii units, but your milage may vary.

    • Thx

    • Thanks for this feedback.

  • No idea if they've been published on anyones sites yet but that $689 asking price will drop hard after a few months. Id expect Noel Leemings CSC groups to drop it to 400 and a fart, Same thing happened with 1000xm4 and 1000xm3

    • Hope so, if can drop the price in July will be better hhhh

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      Noel Leeming is $519 for pre-order, not bad

      • i saw 599

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        $509.94 with CSCBG Main

        • Hi, may i know how to get CSCBG main?

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            @tonykwok8: Credit goes to SkiBum

            In Noel Leeming, go to your account
            Go to Membership Details
            Type in CSC Group & then CSCBG Main
            Select any organization

            • @Wakrak: Thx mate, Does NL allow collect in store using CSC?

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                @tonykwok8: Yes.
                That is the best way to do it.
                I order online for collection. Only been asked for ID to verify it was me collecting the order.
                Never been asked for verification of discount code entitlement.

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