$5 off $50; 50% off Old El Paso; 30% off Sunglasses; 20% off Wall Art, Board Games (excludes Pokémon cards) @ TWH App


This week's offers for Market Club members via The Warehouse App

  • Spend $50, Get $5 off (excluding shipping)
  • 20% Off All Wall Art
  • 20% Off Board Games (excludes Pokémon cards)
  • 30% Off Sunglasses
  • 50% Off Old El Paso

How to get these offers: - Thanks Wakrak for the instructions.

  • Download The Warehouse app and login/register.
  • You should now see a MarketClub banner on your home screen, follow the prompts to join.
  • Make sure you have latest version of the app.
  • Offers can be used in any The Warehouse store and online through the app.

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  • I was holding off buying pokemon cards for my son's birthday incase they had 20% off board games because they've never been excluded before and I always buy them with this offer 😭

    • Not sure why they have decided to exclude them this time 🤷‍♂️

    • There are 1000’s of cards to choose from on AliExpress for next to nothing, took about 6 weeks to deliver but now my boys have tons and to be honest don’t know the difference. Might be a bit late in this instance but just for next time :)

      • Thanks 😊 I know about them on Ali but Mr soon to be 9 knows all about knock offs 😅

        • haha ok I have a couple of years still then 😂

        • That's fine as long as they're not trading them

  • Was just about to say Farmers have B1G1 50% off toys, but they now also exclude Pokemon cards. I'm sure they used to be a part of that offer before?


  • Just got back from the Warehouse bought about $70 worth of Old El Paso stock for half off! :D

    Also, I did some quick browsing of warehouse pantry items (Oxo stock cubes, indo mie mi goreng, wattie's tomato sauce, plain flour) and quite a few items are now CHEAPER than paknsave! But good luck finding those in stock :D

    • my mistake was I didn't know you can only stack the $5 off of $50 purchase online.

      • That's right. It can be a bit confusing but this from the FAQ page - Can I stack my MarketClub offers?

        When shopping in-store you can use more than one MarketClub product/category offer per transaction, as long as you meet the requirements of each offer. However, you cannot use a product/category offer and a basket level offer in the same transaction, nor can you use more than one basket level offer in the same transaction.

        When shopping in the app you can use more than one MarketClub product/category offer per transaction, you can also use a product/category offer with a basket level offer in the same transaction, and you can use more than one basket level offer in the same transaction – as long as you meet the requirements of each offer.

        What is a product/category offer? It’s an offer that applies to a specific item or group of items, e.g. 20% off Gascraft Portable Gas BBQs or 15% off pet beds.
        What is a basket level offer? It’s an offer that applies to the whole purchase, e.g. Spend $50 and get $5 off or get 10% off when you spend $100 or more.

        • next time I'll just click and collect everything.

        • I just found this out today when I bought some El Paso salsas along with $40 worth of the vitamins from the deal higher up the page which I worked out in my head to be $61 and it came to $66, it took the money off for the 50% off Salsa but didn't do the $5 off $50, I guess the Salsa saving was the higher dollar value of the two so it chose that one. Went to the help desk and the nice lady there just gave me $5 cash.

          • @HmmYepNah: I think it’s a product/category offer discount first and only applies the basket level offer (ie $5 off $50) if you haven’t chosen products with those discounts applied.

            Much more flexibility ordering on the app for click & collect but of course this assumes it is not an ‘in store only’ offer.

          • @HmmYepNah: what did you do to get $5 cash?

            • @bullseye: Just showed my receipt and said that it looked like the $5 off $50 coupon hadn't worked, and the lady knew immediately what had happened. She was going to return everything then do 2 separate transactions, one over $50 for the $5 off and another with the Salsa for the 50% off, but then I guess she decided it was just easier to refund me $5.

  • Watch out for expired food when u do click and collect

  • Why doesn't the $5 welcome market club voucher stack with the $5 off $50 spend?

    • It does in the app.
      Both are basket level offers so you can’t stack them instore but you can if you order online via the app.
      See explanation above

      • I just tried on the app and only the $5 off $50 spend is working not the other $5 welcome voucher?

        • What products are you trying?

          • @bigcheese: The Old El Pasco products

            • @bullseye: Worked for me

              Try some different products/quantities.
              Looks like a lot of it is running out of stock already so maybe that has something to do with it.

              Note: I didn't actually buy this. Just for testing!

              • @bigcheese: It doesn't apply the $5 welcome voucher after spending over 5 bucks but the $5 welcome voucher deal is still in my marketclub wallet?

                • @bullseye: Are you sure the voucher doesn't say expired?
                  Welcome vouchers are only valid for 1 month from when you signed up to MarketClub.
                  How many days remaining does it say?

                  I've tried multiple items and it works for me every time.

                • @bullseye: Did you manage to work out what the problem was with your $5 welcome voucher not applying?
                  Was it expired?

                  • @bigcheese: Nope still not working on TWH app , might try and see if it works instore.

  • I bought a bunch of refried beans. Don’t usually buy them as I find them a bit pricey. They’re great for a quick easy meal. Nachos with refried beans :)

    • Yep plus they have the longest shelf life among all the options I found. :D

  • Just bought $16 worth of old El Paso stuff .. got heaps! Worth the trip :)
    Also noticed a lot of prices have dropped this week as mentioned above. Still no butter - although the meadow fresh truck pulled up and I was tempted to ask if they even drop any off !!

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