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Vtech 2 n 1 Dinosaur Park $70 @ The Warehouse ($13.50 via Pricematch with Kmart)


$15 at kmart (down from $79) https://www.kmart.co.nz/product/vtech-toot-toot-friends-2-in...

Price beat via the warehouse chat brings the same toy down to $13.50.1

Unsure of the quality of the toy, seems like average reviews. But not shabby if you're the type of person who has a gift cupboard like me.

  1. How to pricematch:
    1. Log in to your TWH account, add item to your cart and start live chat.
    2. Give account email, Kmart link & The Warehouse link.
    3. Once successful, checkout.
    Livechat hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm
    Saturday and Sunday 8am - 6pm 

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  • Were you able to pricematch successfully OP? Says it's sold out online at Kmart.

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      Yup price matched successfully about 10 mins ago

      • Did you find a store with stock that you said you lived near?

        • Hiya. Nope just sent them the two links and said I've got it in my cart if it's a yes. With my email. And I reckon to keep their handle time low they just said yes lol. Patch and dispatch

    • just tried, no luck

      • Rats! That's a shame :(

        • +1

          nice find though

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    Unrelated but wow is the photoshopping in the second pic on the Warehouse bad.

    • Ahahha I though the same. Doesn't even scream this kid is having fun either ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    lol @ $79 RRP is this made by Honda or something?

    • It's the best sounding (but slowest) dino transport truck in the world!

    • Vtec kicked in from $50 RPM yo

  • I have just managed to price beat this online, it seems like there is stock on the Kmart website.

    • Oooh good to know. This got reported as expired so I retired it! I'll see if I can work out how to undo it.
      Kmart website is notorious for being a bit average. Thanks for commenting and we'll done on getting the match!

    • Mailey also said no, can you share which agent did you talked to?

      • I had EJ, I was up very early in the morning and noticed it back in stock on the Kmart website. Waited until 8.00am and messaged the online chat straight away.

        • I had Ej too!

  • I haven't been able to price match as it is not available online although it's available in store in some locations. Can someone help with how I might be able to do this? I had Jules on livechat

  • Got rejected by a few agents even Kmart shows available online in my area - Christchurch. They send me to the store for price match. Will try it during lunch break.

    • i'd drive to the local store if its availabe and pay the "extra" $1.50 from Kmart, its already down from $70

      • Only one Kmart store has stock in Christchurch and it's a bit far away for me. But for someone who lives nearby their Richmond branch, that could be an option.

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    I gave up trying to price match, they sent me a link to their price match terms(https://help.thewarehouse.co.nz/Help/s/article/Price-promise) and then said that to price match online items it needs to be in stock online even though it's not mentioned in the terms.

    I managed to get it from my local kmart which was showing low stock, $15 is still a great price and the kids love it.

  • I had Gail: "I'm unable to process price match because this item is out of stock online in Kmart. Product must be in stock at both our store and the competitorโ€™s store at the time of the price match. You can always go back to us once the item is back in Kmart."

  • Anyone willing to ship me one for my kids at my own cost from their local Kmart??? I thought I'd try lil

  • this is odd, Kmart is showing stock if you go to the page via mobile, you can add to cart but it doesnt let you go any further,
    ive tried on my desktop and it shows no stock straight away

  • Warehouse removed this product from it's website?

    • That's one way to stop price matching!

    • Cheeky!

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