Electric Vehicle Charging at Public Places (EV)

Hello Everyone,

I've recently bought an PHEV outlander, obviously it comes with charging cable to charge it at your home.

However I recently used charge net charging station and it cost me $14 to for 41 minutes of 14.4KWH of charge. Charge rate was $0.25/kwh +$0.25/minute

Still it didn't charge car battery to 80% in that time slot and I had to use petrol for some part of my journey of around 55kms. So it costed me more money charging an EV at public charging station than having the same journey via petrol car.

What am I missing here? Is there any way to reduce that charge? I totally understand that charging at home overnight using slow charging cable is far more economical, however is there any way to reduce cost of charging it using public chargers?

Sorry newbie here so don't have much more info..



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    Nice. What year is it? I have a friend that just purchased the 22 model. I took it for a drive and it's a pretty amazing piece of kit.

    • Its 22, picked it last friday. Quite nice car and enjoying it no doubt

      • Very nice. I have one on my shopping list… For another day.

        • Clean car discount and if you have GST registered business makes it worth it

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    EV owner here, don't charge at paid ChargeNet stations; buy petrol instead if you need more range.

    A PHEV is solely for short trips and commutes on electric power, any longer range trips (both in city and cross country) should be done on petrol, you'll save both time, money and grief in case you need to queue.

    ChargeNet stations are for cross country trips and the random Leaf which needs a bit of juice (e.g. 5 minutes/$2.50) to get home. They become uneconomic for people needing a big, long charge for daily city driving when compared to at-home charging.

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      Thanks great advice Avantime. Cheers.

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      Nice explanation - thank you (even though I don't have an EV)

    • Thanks for the advice, totally agree it's not worth charging PHEVs at public chargers. I didn't realize this until I had my first experience other day.. Lessons learnt for future :)

      So there are no membership discounts etc for chargenet or any other charging network? Btw I live in Palmerston North and we have a free EV charger in the shopping center and apart from that, it doesn't make any sense to charge anywhere else :)

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        ChargeNet membership is free (and required) and there's no paid discount tier.

        EV charging as of now isn't exactly a lucrative business, as there aren't that many EVs on the road yet. As such ChargeNet relies heavily on EECA grants, as well as goodwill from corporates like Foodstuffs (PaknSave/NW) for the land to put them in. Undergrounding the 50kw+ lines can get rather expensive, and AFAIK the only chargers that are consistently profitable are along SH1 (Bombay, Turangi before the Desert Rd etc.). Despite ChargeNet being a monopoly it's still better than overseas because in NZ there's only one main charging network to deal with, whereas it's like 5+ in Europe, each with their own membership requirements.

        For all current and future EV owners, I highly recommend you join the NZ EV Owners Facebook group. You'll find all of your answers there.

        • Sorry logged through company device so couldn't comment, but appreciate your support and guidance. Have since joined this group

  • We've had EVs for a few years. Check out the App "plugshare" which lists all the chargers in NZ. Some are free like the one near us at the Warehouse in Royal Oak (Auckland) but free ones are hit and miss as to whether they work and if they do they are often busy. Charging at home is the best, especially a PHEV. Nice car BTW, was eyeing these. Chargenet are good if you get stuck on an EV but since you have petrol as well then that is your emergency power so to speak

    • Plugshare is good, but beware of accessibility requirements of some chargers; For example the car dealers may not let you use it.

      Also note that some chargers are closed off after hours. For example Royal Oak charger you mentioned is inaccessible when the Warehouse closes down for the night, as they close the gate to the carpark as well.

      • Food for thought.. will download and see if its any useful. Appreciate your help though

  • My household has an EV and we often do trips of 2-300km which for our cheapie Leaf means leaving at 100% and charging once from 20-85% which at a ChargeNet station is usually about $7 or $8. Interestingly the new super fast ones that Gull has been opening cost more - the kW charge is $0.50 with no time cost. We did that trip in our diesel car and used about $60 of fuel so it is still cost effective. But for daily driving yes charge slowly overnight and also look into an electricity plan that will work for you if you're charging most nights.

    • In my case where I paid $14, cost of time was $10.25. So I will be happy to pay more for charge but with no time cost. I'm still waiting to receive my home charging cable from Mistubishi

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    You can use the free Vector charging stations around but they are very limited and seem to always be taken by Tesla/Leaf drivers filling up much bigger batteries than a PHEV. Download the Vector EV app to see which ones are completely free. There are typically two charging stations per site with some that have four stations.

    Plugshare is another app - although it's hit and miss as some chargers stop in the evening at businesses as mentioned above.

    It's strange that it took you 41 mins to not even get to 80%!!?? Looking to get a PHEV too, what's your thoughts?

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      Surely I will download that.. any resource in initial learning days is only a plus.. PHEV are great. I love the car and performance. Moreover I like my peace of my mind not to worry about charge unless I want to and can drive anywhere without being worried about the charge. And you can pretty much do 90-100kms if charging overnight at home. As per above I paid $10.25 out of that $14 just for time so only $3.75 for actual charge. I suspect extra time might be because its still a new car so battery may need few charge cycles to fully calibrate. I can't recommend PHEV anymore. Very happy with performance, features and surprisingly outlander VRX is nice model

      • What would you recommend instead of the PHEV, and what made you change your mind?

        • Honestly Alan, PHEV at this stage. Just because peace of mind to be able to drive anywhere. Not an expert of these things so can't really comment on other technology :) However for me PHEV is great at the moment

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