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BOGOF Buffalo Buick Burger ($15.90) @ Burger Fuel


Purchase a Buffalo Buick and get a Buffalo Buick for FREE. Offer can be redeemed in-store by showing this email on your mobile device, printed out or via online ordering by placing two Buffalo Buick burgers in your cart and putting in the code VIBDOUBLEBB. One voucher code offer can be used per person, per visit and per online order. Offer is valid until COB 24/04/2022 or while stocks last.

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    Free-range chicken, panko crumbed sandwich pickles, Culley’s Buffalo wing sauce and BurgerFuel Stilton Sauce

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    If you're ordering in store or over the phone and have a particularly fussy store you can try:
    (shows email in browser)

    (can forward the email, note will show it's forwarded)

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    Thank you @nachos

    Just ordered from Albany store and staff asked to see the newsletter

    • you ordered online or in person?

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        Ordered online from a different store and no questions asked for me.

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        Couldn’t order online due to an error so made a phone order. No issues whatsoever after showing Nil’s link above.

        Maybe I had the ‘cheapies’ look 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Any good peeps who have tried it?

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      Ordered tonight which was a bad time with a lack of staff. No panko crumble pickles,onions, the chicken was over cooked, best go during the day when there is enough inventory.

      • that looks horrible, hope you hit them up!

        • yea i did i sent a complaint. mission bay is always a inconsistent place.

      • wow that's a sad looking burger, I hope you tell them about that

      • That looks awful!

      • Nasty! No excuse for that tbh; if they can't meet a certain level then they should say its not available…or just close up

      • That's why all these crap burger places charging $30 for a takeaway burger, chips, and a drink need to go out of business

      • Just ordered from Mount Roskill and had the same problem!

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    We tried it on the weekend! Was quite nice! The Stilton cheese sauce was delicious!

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    Very yummy had this for lunch.. was expecting the sauce is spicier cos of buffalo wings sauce..
    Overall still good.. $15.90 for 2 burgers is really worth it

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    Pre ordered 2 for lunch tomorrow thanks Mr Nachos

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    Just throwing this out there, if anyone's keen on BOGOF burgers @ Pt Chev Burgerfuel, use the code "matesofptchev" at checkout. can be used repeatedly up until, 10pm Sunday 1st May.

    I'm too lazy to make my own post 😂

    • I wonder of this can be done for other stores?

    • Wonder if these other store specific codes will work too…

      Code Location End Date
      MATESOFAKLCBD Auckland CBD Expired
      MATESOFPTCHEV Point Chevalier Expired
      TIMARUMATES Timaru Expired
      MATESOFWELLYCBD Wellington CBD 31-12-2021
      UPPERHUTTMATES Upper Hutt 31-12-2021
      MATESOFHEREFORD Hereford St, Christchurch 31-12-2021
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        Nah… just the Point Chevalier code works.

    • sweet, will use this tomorrow, thanks

    • Word of warning, although they say they're open until 2130 they close online orders at 2100. This in itself is fine, I've seen that before but I ordered at 2055 when it was still accepting orders fine. I scheduled for 2120 since I had something to do, received an email and confirmation from their website so all seems good.

      Arrive at the store a little late maybe 2123 and they are very insistent on being closed but I say I have an online order and show them the email. They then tell me about the above and said it'll come through tomorrow and I can either pick it up or they'll refund me. I ask for a refund. When I get home find at some stage (since I ordered on desktop browser) their website told me it had trouble sending the order to store and I could either try or refund. I didn't do anything and it decided to refund by itself which is fine. In the background I can see it changed my order time to tomorrow.

      I recall in the past when they had massive orders with BOGO and couldn't cope their website seem to have problems but it would say it couldn't send order to store right after you paid. Wonder if they tried to improve things by have a queue on their back end and sending orders to stores in batches, which normal works except when it doesn't.

      I've seen somewhat similar problems in the past with other online ordering systems, but IMO this sort of design is especially bad. They really need to make it so when they shut down orders, they still receive pending orders. They can then either decide to fill them or not. At least if they decide to cancel them they have your details and can call you perhaps while you're driving there but better than arriving and nothing. (I have had that before with other systems.)

      I know it's a BOGO deal still very disappointing especially since the store isn't that close to me. Mind you, it's possible it should work like this and it's the stores fault. Maybe they turned off their online order system completely rather than internally marking it as closed as I've seen stuff before on Burger Fuel which makes me thing stores can do that.

  • Palmerston North are out of stock :(

    • Interesting, same for Henderson. I thought it was just a temporary thing but it was out of stock late on Tuesday and again now. Burger Fuel often seems to run out near the end of the day when they have their BOGO although often it's buns but sometimes it's other things (I assume since only certain burgers are out of stock) but they generally re-stock the next day. Mind you I'm thinking of Auckland. I assume most of their ingredients can be sourced from suppliers in Palmerston North or at least nearby but the pickles and sauce may be only from whoever the main Burger Fuel supplier is so if they run out may take a day or two I guess but I suspect Henderson has been out of stock since Tuesday (didn't check yesterday and day before). I wonder if this is actually one of those "promo item ending soon" BOGOs since it looks like the Buffalo Buick has been around since 1st March, the deal did say while stocks last too although that's fairly standard so didn't think anything of it.

      • I'm possibly right, Westgate still lets you order the burger but is out of stock of the panko crumbed pickles.

        Word of warning if you select a store without something, add a burger so it excludes the sold out item (like the panko crumbed pickles) then change store, it will remember the burger state regardless. So even if the store has the out of stock item, it will still be deselected, you need to either reselect it or delete the item.

  • i notice theres no option to choose a gluten free bun, damn

    • I doubt the panko bread crumb pickles are gluten free and they're supposed to be one of the key features of the burger so I suspected they thought it was pointless.

  • Doesn't work for Ellerslie online, you need to call them up to place the order

  • Tried today for lunch at Mt Eden store. Nice burger better taste. Good lunch :)

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