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[PS5] Far Cry 6: Yara Edition $29 (Was $109.99) + Shipping / Pickup @ EB Games


Normal price is $110 great deal

(Game Description)

Trust Your Leader
Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time. As the dictator of Yara, Anton Castillo is intent on restoring his nation back to its former glory by any means, with his son, Diego, following in his bloody footsteps. Their ruthless oppression has ignited a revolution.

Fight for Freedom - Play as Dani Rojas, a local Yaran and become a guerrilla fighter to liberate the nation
Yara Torn Apart - Fight against Anton's troops in the largest Far Cry playground to date across jungles, beaches and Esperanza the capital city of Yara
Guerrilla Firepower - Employ makeshift weapons, vehicles, and Amigos, the new Fangs for Hire to burn the tyrannical regime to the ground

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    Oo I wanna say it before @Wakrak

    β€œstore in title OP”

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      @apas023 Just changed it

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      • πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ€£

  • Cheers OP, I haven't enjoyed a Far Cry game since Far Cry 3 but after reading a few reviews I reckon $29 it's worth a punt.

    $6.50 shipping via Courierpost to Dunedin.

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      It's ok. I played for a while on the free play weekend. Starting to go a little too much in the Just Cause silliness direction though. Did seem to have more content than past games however. I wasn't convinced to buy it though, and it seems like not many others were either. I started replaying 4 instead (which I liked more than 5).

      For $29 its at a I'd pick it up if I remembered, no loss if I didn't price.

  • Looks like they're boosting sales figures before being acquired.

  • Xbox version too?

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    I just need a PS5 now!

  • I've been seeing very good prices on PS5 games. I wonder if it has something to do with the new PS+ coming in June offering all these games as part of the subscription.

  • Price is now $39

    • Damnit. I wanted it but not for an extra 10 bucks :'(

  • So odd. A week or two back, they had this game advertised on their FB page for $29, then a few days later advertised again for $39. Now it was $29 over the weekend and back up to $39. What is going on…

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