Cheap 65" TV from Noel Leeming

Im looking for an inexpensive 55"+ tv and saw this at Noel Leeming which seems reasonably priced:

Does anybody have any opinions on this or suggest something else ?

thanks !!!


  • I certainly wouldn't claim to be an expert, but it looks like a good deal to me, and I would put LG second on my list of preferred manufacturers, behind Panasonic, but way ahead of anyone else.

  • Avoid LG if possible. We purchased a new TV in 2019 and the wifi is extremely patchy and the remote is broken. We do have a good wifi connection in the area where the tv is but it's just always disconnecting even when we have an ethernet cable plugged in. We are already waiting to get a new TV since our one is just garbage.

    • If you contact the retailer, LG will almost certainly come to the part for a TV that is three years old - their warranty support has always been excellent.

      • I wouldn't say aviod LG they are the same with all other companies, call centre in philipines and contracted out to another company for servicing.

        I bought a 65" LG 4 years ago and i also had the wifi issue 2 years ago, intermittently disconnecting, really had to fight to have it covered under warranty, their repair agent eventually came to my home and replaced the wifi module and told me it's such a common fault they replace the parts all the time. However apart from that i didn't have any other issue with the tv.

  • I'm happy with my jvc but this is a good deal

  • Probably stating the obvious here, but $1,123.10 delivered at The Market if you're a member with code EXCLU10.

    • This code doesn't work. Do you have any other codes for The Market?

  • Can’t fault it aside from being a 50hz panel.

    Comes with magic remote, priced as a clearance event model

  • +1

    thanks for the comments guys - the lack of reviews was a concern so appreciate the input.

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