Anyone with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro?

Looking to purchase one for myself as my battery is at 20% by noon. Anyone own one or any other Redmi and can comment on their experience? Also is the one sold in NZ (Pbtech, Mi-Store) the global version or CN? On gsmarena they mention it can be expanded with a microsd slot but dont see it mentioned anywhere on NZ listings


  • Great experience, no problems. Although their prices can go down quite far. I have gotten both the redmi note 9 and 9t for under $300. Approx 25% off iirc.

  • If you shop around you might sometimes find a Poco X3 Pro (8GB/256GB) for under $300. Really good for tinkerers who are into custom roms and the device itself is stable as a rock, really good for gaming if that's up your alley. But there has been news on older variants bricking (they have a telegram group for support). I took a gamble and got one that didn't brick.

    • RN10 pro has a better camera than the Poco's flagship X series.

      Other than that, poco is better on everything else (two generation newer)

    • Please share when you see the deal, I tried to search and they are about $540.. not sure where should I shop around?

  • PB/Mi-Shop is official import Global model with Band 28 Support

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    The battery are pretty good on them for first two years.

    • I guess nothing changed. I had a few flagship mi and redmis before and battery pretty much gone by year 3.

  • I bought one at basically launch off AliExpress and it's going strong. Great battery life can last a couple days use easily. Camera is really good too(main reason I bought it) smooth display with 120hz refresh rate and fast processor. Honestly no real complaints here.

    • I always saw them on sale at Aliexpress was was always too worried to buy them, usually its the low order numbers that make me very cautious, would you be able to share which one you bought?

      • Sorry for the late reply.

        This is the one I bought

        Pretty cheap at the moment in sale as well. $350 shipped for the base model I have.

        I haven't had any issues with it and my order date was 07/04/2021 so had it a year.

        The seller themselves are usually what you need to look at. See if they are highly rated and reviewed with real people not bots.

        • About $400 shipped with GST I should add

  • Had about 7 redmi notes, unlocked and flashed with custom ROMs always get one with a Snapdragon chipset. Best cheap phones ever.

    • cheers, thats the plan, I believe the RN 10 Pro is snapdragon. Never did custom ROMs before. Any recommendations for first timers?

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        Yep, check it has a good dev community on telegram or XDA dev.

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          And there are often sub models with mtk chipsets so double-check your model

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