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Mighty Ape Easter Egg Hunt: Win a LEGO Star Wars AT-AT, a Ninja Intellisense Kitchen System, Kogan Prepay Mobile Plans & More



Closing Date 18/04/2022


Description LEGO Stars AT-AT + Kogan 180GB Plan; Ninja Intellisense Kitchen System + Kogan 180GB Plan; MA $20 voucher + Kogan 48GB Plan
No. of Prizes 3
Total Prize Pool $2,700.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Limited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

The Mighty Ape Bunny has hidden 8 special Easter eggs around our site and they've been discreetly placed at the bottom of 8 product pages. If you are new to our Easter Egg Hunts and would like a head start we’ve provided a link to the Orange egg solution below – open the link, scroll to the bottom of the product page, and then click on the egg.


Blue Egg: Rally
Brown Egg: Kiwi
Green Egg: Nirvana
Orange Egg: Oxygen
Pink Egg: XXX
Purple Egg: Expelliarmus
Red Egg: Web
Yellow Egg: Ergonomic

When you find an egg, just click on it to let us know that you've found it.

Your egg finds will be recorded on your Mighty Ape account. If you are not logged in when you click on an egg you will be prompted to log in or create an account.


Pro Egg Hunters (find all 8):

  • LEGO Star Wars AT-AT
  • Kogan Mobile 180GB 365-Day Prepay plan

Pro Egg Hunters will also be eligible for the following two prizes.

Amateur Egg Hunters (find 4+):

  • Ninja Intellisense Kitchen System
  • Kogan Mobile 180GB 365-Day Prepay plan

Amateur Egg Hunters will also be eligible for the following prize.

Casual Egg Hunters (find 2):

  • Kogan Mobile 48GB 365-Day Prepay plan
  • $20 Mighty Ape voucher

(From the website): Please do not post answers in the comments below. Entrants who have been found to be cheating will be disqualified from the competition.

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  • I'm suck on Blue Egg: Rally and Purple Egg: Expelliarmus, in the Games and Toys categories I think.
    Any extra clues?

    • +1

      Found purple after seeing your comment. Just looked up a bunch of Harry Potter wands.

      • Yesss, found it. I'm sure I'd already looked at 1000 wands :D

        • Yay, all done.

          • +1

            @gcnz: Feel free to offer clues as to where the other eggs are 🐇😄

            • @Wakrak: Biggest clue is to check the Best Sellers of the categories.

  • +4

    Rally = car racing game
    Kiwi = Popular board game but NZ related
    Nirvana = related to the band (not a CD)
    XXX = Music - kissing incident
    Expelliarmus = Harry Potter
    Web = Spider
    Ergonomic = Ergonomic bit of office equipment

    • any links by chance? Ain't got time to look at millions of pages lol

      • +1

        Sorry, I'd rather not. However, if you go to the right department, which you should be able to guess from the clues, and go to best sellers you will be able to reduce the number of clicks needed.

      • Can't unfortunately, this is enough to try and get away with.

        (From the website): Please do not post answers in the comments below. Entrants who have been found to be cheating will be disqualified from the competition.

        • +1

          Not sure how they would even match your Cheapie account to your MightyApe account and then disqualify you but understand if you guys don't want to. I'm on 5 eggs so will send them across if people want them…

          • @samsteez: I think their detection would most likely be based on the time taken and the way you find them. If you open 8 links and get them all in 5 minutes, that would probably set off a trigger. BTW can you pm me the links or send me the names.

            • +1

              @Bill: fair point, I've found all 8 so I'll send them to you. Cheers Stoic for the "hints"

              • @samsteez: Thanks. Anyone else getting the links should try to be inconspicuous about how they approach them.

              • @samsteez: Hey uh can I also get the links by any chance

                • @dlliom: yip send me a message

                  • @samsteez: Oops, my account is less than a day old. I'll message you sometime after lol

    • +3

      "XXX = Music - kissing incident"
      Aren't they roman numerals?

      • Ah that makes more sense. I seemed to have got there in a more round about way haha.

  • Any clues for the Kiwi (board game) one I can't seem to figure it out despite it feeling like it should be easy!

    • Kiwi refers to an edition that would include NZ.

      • Hmmm I still can not for the life of me find it

        • Have you checked the best sellers? The top 15 should do it.

        • +2

          Think Oceania that NZ is part of

  • Took a bit of time but finally found them all haha!

  • Any clues for the nirvana one please? Just stuck on this one

    • +3

      Nirvana one is a book that was recently released by Dave

      • Thank you! Got it now

  • +1

    Hints as to what sort of spider I'm looking for, Spiderman???

    • +1


      • +1


        • you should be able to find it now. :D

  • Yeah I'm stuck on rally, assumed it was wrc

    • +1

      you're in the right category though. look at another franchise - on each console version.

      • +1

        Well that was rather grand! Would make a great anniversary present - now to find the office equipment

  • Stuck on ergonomic, clicked on so many pages with no luck. Been through Best Sellers. Wondering if I somehow missed it in my search…

    • +3

      Furniture & Appliances department.

      • Booyah, got it thanks

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