Tararua Salted Butter 500g Block $4 @ The Warehouse (Instore Only, Limit 6 Per Customer)


Tararua Salted Butter (Limit 6 Per Customer in-store only) 500g Block $4.00 at The Warehouse.

Countdown has the same priced at $7.30

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse


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      U beat me to posting this article ;)

    • It's like they're trying to tell us something…. via good deals lol!

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    came here to post this- just picked some up there was no limit on the signage. I'm liking this response from The Warehouse

  • I miss when fridges came with butter conditioners, that lil top shelf draw to keep your 500gm butter soft.

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      Probably lost to make fridges more efficient. It is literally a heater inside your fridge

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    Let’s go The Warehouse!
    Bring those prices down from the duopoly scum ✊

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      I can still remember that large supermarket test site at Sylvia Park a few years back, and it didn't work. But then again, Countdown Sylvia Park didn't worked too and it closed down as well (problem was traffic congestion at mall). Also another massive problem was lack of variety of grocery items for sale.

      • Pak N Save is on the out as well apparently.

        • whoa where did you hear that? Is the mall trying to get rid of "budget brands" like they did to them $2 shops?

          • @The Hound: I don't think PaknSave will be leaving, they're at the quieter end of the mall and I can't think of any other anchor tenant that could fill the void if it leaves.

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              @Avantime: I've heard they're moving as well - up Mt Wellington Highway to the large site before you get to the Rebel Sport/Briscoes/Harvey Norman complex (currently under demolition).

              • @nzerkiwi: Thanks for the info.

              • @nzerkiwi: the old masport factory, i heard the old Moyes car lot is owned by Woolworths. the battles of duopoly and strategic locations, just like at highland park.

            • @Avantime: PnS is definitely on its way out. It's been in the pipeline for about two years now.

              • @wowbigdeal: Thats pretty massive, anyone seen any articles about the move?
                Be interesting to see what would take over the space in Slyvia park,
                Or they could look at splitting the space into multiple smaller stores?

                • @rkl: Sorry no, this was from a family member who was in commercial cleaning. PnS Sylvia Park was one of their clients. They would often be told inside details.

                • @rkl: Another Briscoes? <shudders> And if PnS moves out, that would mean no supermarket at Sylvia Park mall and that feels kinda strange.

                • @rkl: Ikea is supposed to be opened in sylvia park. Not sure if this space would be taken up or it has other bigger space already allocated?

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                    @ace310: IKEA bought a spot behind the VINZ, to the left as you go up the ramp to the carpark from Carbine Road

            • @Avantime: Ikea?

      • was there a countdown in sylvia park mall?

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          Kmart now was CD before.

      • the warehouse extra was not so good

      • I never really understood why they had a Countdown there when 5mins down the road there was another Countdown? Not sure if it’s still the same but that store on Mt Wellington Highway definitely needed a refresh.

        Also remember going there as a kid when it was a Big Fresh. We didn’t even live in the area but have fond memories of going there!

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          Same for Westgate/Northwest, and PnS/NW at Albany. AFAIK it could be a blocking tactic, so as to prevent rival overseas chains like Aldi from setting up shop in prime locations. The inability to find good locations is a major factor why we don't have more overseas entrants in the grocery sector.

          Sylvia park definitely has more foot traffic, but Countdown can't compete on price with PnS so close by.

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          Just Countdown buying out a rival and taking over the place. If you think that's ridiculous, just look at Highland Park. One CD next to another CD (one was Foodtown before).

  • Limit 6! How much stock are their stores carrying?

    • Apprently lots. My local store, had boxes of butter.

  • I got the last 2 blocks at Lincoln Road Henderson WH. :D hopefully, this isn't a sale price and is going to be the standard price.

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      That's the problem with "smaller" players, their prices are great, but they can't keep up with the demand…haha

      • As expected, their chillers are tiny.

        • i saw the butterstand at lunn ave and it was just a small part in the drinks chiller at chekout, but i saw contractors planning the groceries area.

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        Hopefully with all the exposure TWH gets from this it will encourage them to double/triple down on their grocery efforts. They might be able to move towards a similar model to Target in the US (big box retail with groceries also)

        • Yes, there was an article written in Stuff yesterday and it looks like they are wanting to move into groceries again now that their are likely to be changes to break up the Duopoly. NZ consumers have been overcharged for food for too long. Think how much money the NZ economy has lost as a result of this Duopoly much heading overseas. Supermarket owners are also often some of the most wealthy people.

        • They need to be careful they have adequate stock. I have never seen any milk , and I have been in at least a dozen times. Only seen butter once at $4. I am however going to support TWH for bringing in more competition and as they are a listed NZ company, it means that the public can also own part of it and benefit.

  • Anyone seen any stores in Wellington in stock?

    • Lyall Bay, Wellington, Porirua, Upper Hutt

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    I dunno how anyone could still shop at countdown, the quality is worse than paknsave but the prices are nearly twice as high sometimes.

    • countdowns good for reduced to clear items, items past there best before date

  • Even though your local store may not be showing stock of this butter online there is every chance they have it for sale in store. I noticed this twice today in two different stores.
    YMMV, phone your local before heading in.

  • The new retail price at Countdown of this Tararua Butter 500g is now $8.30 which means it's gone up $1.00 in exactly one month:

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      That's an insane price.
      Maybe they're priming it for a 'price freeze'?

    • The cheapest 2L milk at my supermarket has just gone up from $3.89, to $4.79 in one day. This is despite it saying on the tag the previous day that the price was valid until 1/1/2023, luckily I took a photo, so they price matched it. Never seen anything like this in NZ before with supermarket pricing. It is crazy.

      I do wonder if they are trying to make as much profit now before the government does something. There is no doubt IMO that the government is going to do something, but they need to act quickly.

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