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Free Shipping @ The Warehouse


Order was cancelled and offered free delivery code.

Use FDREF-CZPM-GZ3P-R6 at the checkout online. This coupon expires on 21st August 2022,

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  • I've never had an order cancelled from them - what are all you guys buying that they can't fulfill?

    • Typically pricing errors they can’t fulfill.
      Or when buying products that are on clearance or low stock.

      Probably a lot of those codes just going out now with the 2 for 1 clearance sales this week

    • Purchased some perfume on clearance after a choice cheapies heads up.

      Delivery never came so contacted online chat and they resubmitted the order. Got the Cancelled and Refunded email a few days later.

      No goods received.

      • +1

        I'm in the same boat but only messaged about missing order today. No doubt will get a refund.

        • Yeah I'd fully forgotten and then chased it up.

          You'd think they'd be all over this internally anyway. Orders placed not shipped 2 weeks after expected delivery time etc.

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    OP - Might pay to check that this coupon can be used by more than one person.
    This is a new code format for The Warehouse and the fact it is valid until August means it might be similar to the birthday codes on The Market now.
    These are codes that anyone can use but once used by one person they are removed.

    Don't know for sure, but don't want you to miss out on your own code in case it is one use only.
    Hoping I'm wrong.

    See comment from Wakrak earlier when he received a similar code.

    • Yeah, that makes sense why it looks different with other code.
      I guess they are handing out single use code for cancelled order now..

  • I just used the code for an order so if theres any single use tied to it then it should no longer work

    • +1

      Yep - single use.
      No longer available.

      Suggest anyone that gets one of these codes doesn't publish it unless you're happy to forfeit.

      • +1

        So I guess with the personalised codes, there will be no more free shipping codes for everyone to use?

        • +2

          It looks like the end of an era for multiple free shipping uses.
          I've seen another one of these free shipping codes and it looks completely random - not something you could guess as every letter/number is different apart from the FDREF at the beginning.

  • FYI, the current use as many times as you want codes expire on the 14th and 28th of April.

  • +1

    Just try my luck using the FDREF-CZPM-GZ3P-R8 and FDREF-CZPM-GZ3P-R9.
    Those are still free. Someone might able to crack the code?

    • r9 still valid

      • FDREF-CZPM-GZ3P-R9 is a valid code here…

        • It will remain valid until the first person uses it.

  • I just went through and changed the end number until I found one that worked (R7)
    Attempt number 2 at the clearance Turkish delights!

    • Why not just use the normal codes? Do they work differently?

      • That would be a lot easier, at least until the 28th April when the last of the current codes expires.

  • Now we need to crack this code as the generic one is all gone..

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