Side by Side Fridge Freezer

Hey guys,

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for side by side fridge freezers? Which brands you'd recommend and if there are any good deals around at the moment.

Thank you


  • Facebook marketplace should offer good deal,
    Samsung was for 1400 French door refrigerator on boxing day .
    French doors are not as efficient as top mount standard fridge freezer , I got 220 liter x 3 Haier for around 120 nzd each about year old 3 star cant beat this value they have noise which I don't mind .
    Lg liner dc inverter motor is very quiet and efficient others also have liner dc inverter motors they are ok beko samsung etc

    • Thank you so much for this info. I'm ultimately wanting a fridge with decent freezer space.

    • Hi umakant,

      Why is a 'french door' not as efficient as a top mount (I am guessing that latter means a fridge over the top of a freezer?)

      The Haiers sounds like a good deal - where did you get those? I am looking for something that would go in our garage, so noise is not a concern for us either.



      • Haier ones are easily available from market place it's mostly suppliednby work and income if you need them´╝î so they sale very cheap on market place , French door and bottom mounted freezer are less efficient just the thermal design and other factors into mind

        • Sorry - I am not at all sure what you are trying to saying here.

          You say that 'french door' and 'bottom mounted' freezer(s) are less efficient.

          What is a 'bottom mount' rather than a 'top mount'? Are you comparing both of the former with the latter, or separately / independently? Are you just meaning whether the freezer is above or below the fridge, and that it is somehow better to have the freezer above?



          • @Alan6984: Top mount is where the freezer is at the top of the fridge freezer , bottom mount is where the freezer is at the bottom of the fridge freezer .

            French door is one side freezer and one side is fridge some i think you can change this configuration.

            Then you have four door fridge freezer they are like French door but thebdoors are divided into half

            In NZ we don't have extremely efficient fridge / freezers . In General but not always bottom freezer with top fridge are less efficient at at least most NZ models are .
            French doors lose cold air easily so they are also less efficient but not all.

            You will have to study energy lables carefully

            Old fridge are less efficient then new . But this depends on may factors as well .

            In my personal opinion Haier though makes noise there basic frost free options which is top freezer and bottom fridge are very cheap to get hold on fb market place if you keep an eye

            • @umakant: I once asked the salesman what's the point of having a bottom mount, he told me it's more "ergonomic" since we use the fridge more than the freezer, less bending down to retrieve stuff.

  • +1

    We got an LG668L side by side with ice and water in 2018 from Appliance Outlet. It was $1k cheaper than any other store because it had a dent in the door.
    Absolutely no issues with it.

    We stuck a fridge magnet on the dent, so you couldn't see it anyway.
    Kids have added additional dents since…

    • Yes appliance out let has lg deals some are great price it's ok only if your in Auckland as they give there own warranty ie return to base + they charge good amount for shipping to other places

    • Aww awesome thank you, I will definitely check it out

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