How Do I Post a Deal?

Sorry to ask the obvious, but although I'm logged in, I can't see what click to enter a new deal post!


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    Click 'Deals' and then '+Submit Deal'.
    Worthwhile having a read of the deal posting guidelines and/or copy some of the formatting of regular deal posters.

  • Great. So where is the link to this on the "Deals" page. Just for future reference

    • I should have said hover over 'Deals' rather than click! - then you will see '+Submit Deal' as the very first option.

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    I haven't got time to do a listing right now, but was going to say that a big 900g tin of Milo at the Warehouse is usually only $10, but now 30% off with the current coupon (30% off hot beverages). So I have ordered 3 for $22.50 (+ free delivery code).
    Currently this would be $42.60 at Countdown without delivery!

    • Worth posting when you get a chance if no-one else does.
      Looks like a good price and it's good practice so you know how to post a deal in the future.
      The first post is always the hardest!

      EDIT: Should be 25% off hot beverages not 30%?

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      PacnSave has it for $9.99 (change store to Te Awamutu if needed), so I did a price beat. Price came down to $6.74 (or 3 for $20.22) after the 25% Hot Beverages discount. And of course free shipping.

      • I want to price beat but it's weird Te Awamutu store showing $10.99 for me..

    • Thanks man I need to stock up my Milo now, I bought like 10+ last time with price beat, almost run out now

  • Oh well I got $7.50 discount after spending $30, whatever % that is!

  • I posted for the first time last week! I think you have to be in full site (go down to very bottom of page) as opposed to mobile site? The guidelines post was really helpful too! I am not very tech-savvy!

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      If on mobile:

      1. click the three horizontal lines top-left of screen
      2. click the arrow to the left of Deals
      3. click Submit Deal.
      • That's helpful! Wouldn't have thought to do that! Thank you!

    • You can most definitely post from the mobile site - it's just a bit trickier.
      See @Wakraks comments above.
      I will always post from the full site if I can as it is a lot easier. Mobile just takes a bit more practice.

  • Good that you asked! I was having the same issue, couldn't figure out how to submit a deal 😅

  • Some features and restrictions (when posting) on here are indeed not very intuitive, especially for newbies…haha

  • I find it helpful to read the deal posting guidelines as well. Quite a few people go straight past it and publish a deal that then requires a lot of fixing. Unfortunately this guideline is not as easy to find on mobile.

    Most people tend to get it right after a few posts though. That's how I learned. Trial and error.

  • I've even done a google search for 'Cheapies deal posting' because I couldn't find it in the past.
    Like anything, the more times you post the easier it becomes.

    Other useful things I have found:

    • Use the 'Formating Help' and 'Preview' options that become visible when you type a comment or enter the description of a deal.
      It's really useful to see what it will look like when posted.
    • A deal always ends at midnight on your expiry date. If the time needs to change then you can just type it next to the date. eg 2022-02-19 3pm will end your deal at 3pm on the 19th Feb. You can do the same thing for the start time. Took me a while to find this out!
  • Thanks everyone for your help! Wonderful!

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