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Free Vodafone Sim Delivered


No need to enter credit card, shows $0. Requires email, name, number, address
Need I even say it can be useful for Waitomo, signups, etc

Once you receive the sim, activate it on the My Vodafone app and you can redeem free MarketClub+

another link to try if the other one doesn't work

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    • I hope they don't remove it, they shouldn't notice too much of an increase since they are so large

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    Website still shows $5 as it has been forever, not sure if they did this on purpose. Everyone just order sensibly please


  • It doesn't let u click next

    • I just tried it, and it worked ok for me.

  • the also give their sims free on the flex plan page for the past few years now. though it takes weeks for it to arrive so wouldn't use it if you need one asap.

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    • I tried ordering the 2degrees one multiple times and never received, don't think they are sending them out due to covid

      also the market is kind of strange, my vodafone account is no longer active but I still have market+ until 2031

      • oh true I didn't even test it 😃
        I had another Vodafone link here earlier but couldn't get it to work so removed it.



        • yea i get that error too, quite strange how poor the vodafone website is

          This means they have been intending on sending out free sims for a while

      • 2031?

        • Mine is also 2031 for some reason.

    • Mobil - Free car wash, drink, 10c discount

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    "Need I even say it can be useful for Waitomo, signups"
    No you don't need to say it.The more we mention it the higher the chance of something good ending ☹️

    • not enough words to post, sorry

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    Just tried and it worked as mentioned.
    Thank you.

    • When I click on 'Place my order' it says 'Processing', then comes back with, 'Sorry, we're unable to submit order at this moment try again later'.

      If I click, 'Try again' it goes in a circle with the same error.

      I'll leave it for a bit and try again later.


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    Thanks, worked a treat. That’s the first time I’ve ordered something using the browser on my Fire TV.

    • Where did you get fire tv from?

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        I had to search my emails :o) Amazon Fire TV Stick - Basic Edition from Harvey Norman. $64 back in December 2019.

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    Getting server error message unable to send the request for new SIM :(

    • try the other link and in incognito

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        Worked tried different link

        • great

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    Do you have top up the sim card to activate it?

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      I don't think so. Atleast not the last time I activated vodafone sim few months back for Themarket membership.

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      no, how would you be able to top up if it's not activated yet?

  • Can't get this to work no matter what I try - normal browser, nor incognito, logged in with a new account, starting as a guest - nothing seems to work for me.

    Ah well :-)


    • At what stage are you getting the blockage. Have you tried the second link?

      • Hi Bill,

        Tried both links and get the same on each:

        When I click on 'Place my order' it says 'Processing', then comes back with, 'Sorry, we're unable to submit order at this moment try again later'.

        If I click, 'Try again' it goes in a circle with the same error.

        I tried normal browser window and incognito. I tried logging in (with a new account) first, before adding to cart etc, and also going as far as I could as a guest before entering any details. I tried with both FireFox and Edge.

        Not too concerned - it was just a Vodafone SIM to add to my collection :-)

        Thanks for posting!


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          Curiouser and curiouser - I also tried from Linux (Ubuntu) and still get the same issue.

          It must be personal!

          • @Alan6984: Vodaphone is onto you Alan! :D

            • @Dutch: Darn - I thought that, not having dealt with them for about eight years, I might have been off their 'list' by now.

              • @Alan6984: I gave both fake email and fake number. Only correct address. Don't need to end up on their spam list. Not to worry much in case I don't receive a sim.

          • @Alan6984: What would they black list it with? Name, number, or address? Try changing single digit in all fields? Obfuscate. A human has to read it eventually and by then it's too late to block.

        • Would a VPN connected to NZ work?

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            @Wakrak: Won't work. Apparently Vodafone have a department - well, a chap called Stanley actually - who is employed to watch out specifically for me trying to get free SIMs. He waits until I hit 'go' and then immediately blocks the purchase.

            I'm going to wait until 4am - he might have nodded off, and I'll sneak past.


            • @Alan6984: Looks like Stanley’s doing a good job.
              I’ll look forward to your update after 4am (I won’t see it until after 6am though as I’ll be nodding off too)

              • @bigcheese: Hmmm… Now I am wondering what your REAL name is Mr BigCheese… or should I say…. STANLEY!!!

                • @Alan6984: I also kept getting the same message you were via laptop but is working fine on cellphone i even cleared cache and all.

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      I just tried, it's working fine for me.

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    Thank you Bill. Worked for me perfectly

  • The link still works fine. I will keep this prepay account if I happen to get easy to remember number.

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    Thanks Bill, works for me!

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    Successfully ordered as of 11.34am, cheers Bill.

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    thanks got one

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    Cheers, still working @ 1:30pm

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    No issues here, went through fine. Thanks!

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    My sim has been shipped. Interestingly they are delivered by courier and not by envelope as I had expected. Has tracking and signature, the whole package for a single sim

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      And they tell the consumer to reduce reuse and recycle 🤦‍♂️

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        Vodafone do reduce - but that's just through staff redundancy.

      • Faster, more reliable and easier to trace orders this way I guess. I've never seen any large business rely on traditional post, they all have deals with couriers.

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    got mine today thanks again for posting

  • Cost $2 now

  • How do I activate a Vodafone SIM card without topping up?

    • read the instructions to use the sim, once you put it in it will either automatically send you a text or you will have to call a number. Then you can use the number to create a my vodafone account

  • Just arrived, delivered by NZ Post courier

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    Mine hasn't came. Prob bc I ordered 5 sims

    • 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Have they sent you a dispatched email yet? They send you 3 in total, summary, tax-invoice and dispatched. All my orders have been dispatched quite quickly.

  • All the have sent me is a confirmation email early in the week

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      same i have only received confirmation email nothing else yet.

  • Got my sim within a week

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    Mine just arrived, thanks for posting!

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    Mine arrived! Thanks!

  • Now you're all making me feel really depressed - crudding Stanley!

    • I heard Stanley got promoted for breaking the record for 'most free SIM applications successfully blocked'.
      He now has an assistant to cover the nightshift so now only needs to work days.

      • Spectacular! Just what I need for my once-a-decade attempt to get a free Vodafone SIM.

        What's his assistant's name? Maybe I can 'sweet talk' them behind Stanley's back?

        • I don't know their real name but heard they go by the nickname 'grand fromage'.
          Sounds like a pretty reasonable person to me.

          • @bigcheese: Nooooo!

            I have had dealings with the 'Grand Fromage' before - almost every time I contact Noel Leeming to ask for a price match, they intercept my call, laugh at me, and say, 'Non'.

            Do you mean to tell me that the stinky one has moved over to Vodafone?

            • @Alan6984: It looks like it.
              At least you might have more luck with your Noel Leeming price matches now!

              • +1

                @bigcheese: I smell a rat - although that might be coming over from the Chemist Warehouse thread.

  • they cancelled my order!

  • If anyone wants a cheap phone to use this simcard with, Smiths City is currently selling the Vodafone Smart A9 Locked for $7. Out of stock most places (including Smiths City, kinda), but available in-store at The Warehouse:

    Albany, Glenfiled mall, Lincoln Rd, Milford, WestCity, Taupo, Te Kuiti, Fraser Cove, Timaru.

    Might get lucky with a pricematch.


    • +1

      Thanks Wakrak :-)

      I got TWL to price-match with Smiths City.

      Looks like a good phone for a child, and for $7 including a SIM, hard to go wrong.


      • tried to pricematch at TWL and they said it's on clearance and can't pricematch.
        Did you do it online or at store?

        • Online - via their chat.

          Other threads have previously indicated that it can make a difference as to who you talk to.

  • No sight of the 2 sims I ordered.

    • check tracking or for a cancellation email.

      • Didn't receive the Sims yet

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