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Samsung 980 Pro Series 2TB with Heatsink NVMe (MZ-V8P2T0CW) $261.43 Delivered @ Ascent NZ


Most likely a pricing error.

Currently $678.99 at PB Tech


Samsung 980 Pro 2TB with Heatsink NVMe
PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD
Read up to 7000MB/s
Write Up to 5000MB/s
5 Years Warranty
Works with PlayStation 5

Was $253 at PP before going out of stock

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    Yes, probably a price error

  • Will it work with PC as well?

    • "Play confidently on PlayStation®5 gaming consoles and PC systems without worries of sudden performance drops from overheating."

  • I'll give it a crack

  • Ive ordered, will update on progress. Question is, wrong price, or wrong product. I guess I will find out. Looks like I might have got the last one..

  • Paradigm is OOS

    • Thanks. Changed websites around.

  • No stock now haha

  • +1

    Now $650 on PP page, looks to be pricing error. Waits for the cancellation email.

  • Ordered 1 from Ascent

    • Same, not got my hopes up but we'll see what happens

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    Looks like Ascent doesn't have a stock system in place? I'm able to add 500 to my cart and go through to checkout.

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      Palpatine: Do it!

  • I also ordered from ascent. Good luck everyone!

    • +1

      They cancelled the order.

  • Cool, hope it goes through, this'll be great for my PS5!

    • +1

      Also cancelled, guess I'll have a to wait a couple of days now for my refund.

  • They've taken the item page down.

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    My order has been cancelled - they found the pricing error.

  • Ordered one from Paradigm but probably they would cancel it like last time (Dell UltraSharp UP3221Q).

    Ascent probably the same, cancelled and refunded last time (Canon Selphy Square QX1)

    Will see.

  • +1

    My item was cancelled :(

    • +1

      Sadly being a drop shipper they would have noticed when their ordering team went to place it

      • I sort of assume when suppliers make a pricing error they have way of informing their customers of the error anyway especially as some orders may be placed with the supplier while they still have the wrong price but the supplier are bound to cancel these orders too.

  • Well annoying as they have done this quiet often! They cancelled my 3-4 orders due to pricing error.

  • +10

    From Ascent.. Unfortunately, due to a pricing error, we are unable to supply the Samsung 980 PRO MZ-V8P2T0CW you ordered at the advertised price of $261.43 incl GST. The error occurred due to a data entry error at our supplier’s end on the pricelist they send to us. This error was then regrettably transferred to our website listing for the product. We have since corrected the error, and sincerely regret any inconvenience this will cause you.

    If you still wish to order the product, we are able to offer this at our cost price, which is $671.55 incl GST.

    Or my translation

    We are just drop shippers and bulk list items with an automatic markup. We dont have the item actually ever in stock, and once we placed the order and received the true cost we realised we stuffed up.

    However to make it up to you we will still add our margin and allow you to purchase it at $671.55 incl GST. You are not actually getting a deal, however we still maintain our margin.

    • +1

      Email from PP, they have shipped my order with them. Glad I ordered one each from both. Looks like PP are honouring and Ascent are running for the hills. I was actually expecting both to be cancelled.

      If it arrives, my PS5 thanks PP.

      • Good to hear. Hopefully they come through with the goods.

  • +1

    I just got a notification from Paradigm "According to our internal system your order has shipped." Going to be very surprised if it actually shows up.

    • 🤞 Just like the Kogan laptop stands, perhaps some orders slipped through!

      • At least one did, it arrived this morning.

        • How many did you order? Wouldn't be surprised if they limited it to one per customer with the orders that were approved.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: I only ordered one, assumed it would be cancelled. It came direct from ingram micro so it's possible the wholesaler processed the orders before Paradigm was aware.

            • @taeken: Sounds like on paradigm's email that they actually pushed the wholesaler to honor it. But they only honoured a certain amount.

              • @parlane: Yeah although a bit difficult to know what happened behind the scenes. Easily possible majority of orders or even all orders, for both Ascent and Paradigm came from here. Since PP were first here, and possibly also the first to update the price or end up on Pricespy or whatever (not sure how the OP found them) I think fair chance most early orders were place with PP. PP and Ascent may also have different turnaround times from when you order with them and when they place the order with the supplier.

                We don't know how long before Ingram Micro corrected it, but it's possible that PP did place some or even all orders before it was corrected but most or all of the Ascent orders were after. I'm sure their contracts means Ingram Micro is allowed to cancel all the orders, but PP may have had more leverage to negotiate something than Ascent. if they placed orders with IM before they correct the price but Ascent didn't.

                In fact, it's possible Ascent couldn't place any orders or at least not live orders. When it went out of stock at PP, this may have been out of stock at IM since people ordering at the low price from whatever website (we only know PP & Ascent, but could be others), or maybe even retailers themselves? could easily have ordered up all stock in NZ.

    • +1

      I did too

      • Damn, mine is still stuck on yellow circle "Ordered"

  • +3

    Congrats you lucky guys…

    Unfortunately due to a supplier pricing error, the Samsung 980 PRO 2TB SSDs were listed on our website with the wrong price meaning we are unable to supply your order.

    We did manage to negotiate with the supplier who agreed to honour the pricing for a set number of our orders, but we weren’t sure what orders they would honour, hence the delays in letting you know.

    Normally in situations like this we would wear the loss and ship the order. However, the price difference is so far off the mark and with so many orders received for this item, we simply can not do it.

    I trust you understand the situation, and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    • I wonder how many orders they honoured. This deal has 400+ clicks…

    • Not that i ordered one, but i'm jealous of the people that got one

    • Cancelled too but at least they honored few orders, congratulations guys.

    • +3

      Thats a far better response than Ascent, and a really decent thing to do. We knew that it was an "outstanding deal", and my appreciation of PP has gone up significantly.

      Well done PP.. and I will be sure to give them more business in the future.

  • +1

    Paradigm have delivered. Sitting in my hand is a brand new 2TB 980 pro with heat sink

    Wow, was not expecting this..

    I feel kind of bad..

    • If you're feeling bad i can take it off your hands 😅 - I am sure we can come to an arrangment

  • So Something strange just happened!!! Ultimate Tech had a pricing error too 2tb 980ro for $261. got notified thru pricespy. immediately ordered one. now lets wait & watch! Any1 else have similar experience or any experience with this company???

    • Seems to have been fixed already. Maybe they have some sort of manual review system for large price changes and someone messed up and quickly fixed it. I mean it should have already taken the new price but who knows what their back end is set up like.

      Probably a fair chance it will just be cancelled especially since it's such a long time since the supplier error, however depending on number of people who ordered I guess there's a slight chance UT will just eat the cost.

      Edit: Actually thinking about it more, more likely scenario is something like this. They don't refresh prices from supplier that often but they happened to catch the wrong price. (Maybe it's not just unlucky but related to when the supplier normally updates prices etc. Maybe there's also some sort of signal of price update which their back end understands but a special signal for pricing error which it doesn't.) So they've had the wrong price on their website since the error happened on Thursday (or maybe Wednesday) and haven't corrected it despite the supplier having done so on Thursday. Pricespy also doesn't refresh Ultimate Tech's prices very often and they're not a very popular store so no one noticed they had the wrong price. Pricespy finally refreshed their website finds the wrong price. You order, their back end tries to order with the supplier finds the new price and corrects their price. So potentially you could be only one who ordered, open question whether they'll eat the cost or just cancel.

      • Sweet… Thanks for that Nil…

        I will update if I receive my order or if they cancel!!! Fingers Crossed!!

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