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Vanish Napisan Gold Pro OxiAction 900g $5.50 @ The Warehouse


Similar to this deal from November 2021 but with an extra $2.02 added to the price.

Online Only - Another 50% Off Selected Clearance Products.

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$8.99 PNS
$10.99 1-day
$11 Countdown
$12.49 New World

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  • in for a few. Thanks!

  • Thanks, pretty amazing to get these at that price with free delivery

    • Stu bought the lot :-)

  • $5.98 each delivered from 1-day if you use the shipping21 coupon code

    • How? I am seeing $10.99 each or 3 for $29.99 - even with free shipping, it is still $10 each?



      • $10.99 - your $10 off code + shipping.

        • +2

          Doh! My own post too :-)



    • Awesome mate. Missed out on the warehouse stock but this is almost as good

  • Still available for me? Got a couple, thanks!

  • 3 left…

    • Leave me alone :-P

      PS: Someone reported your post! Can't believe it :-(

      • Hope you got some.

        The report is all good. It's from when it sold out the first time, 38 minutes ago.

  • well that's strange….. I just ordered 2 with free shipping at 1.02am, 27 Jan after you guys posted it as sold out?

    • Might be people adding it to their cart and not checking out. That’s my guess anyway.

  • What do you use it for? For stain removal 1 kg lasts me a few years.

    • +1

      It's actually brilliant as a cleaner for timber surfaces like a deck.
      So much cheaper than using some of the commercial cleaning products.
      Used it myself just prior to Christmas and it works brilliantly.
      Check out this link - deck cleaning with Napisan

      • Thanks. What's the size of your deck and how many kgs of Napisan did you use?

        • Deck is probably about 35m2 incl the steps that I did as well.
          I only used the one bucket - so roughly 10L bucket with 2 cups of Napisan for the whole lot.
          Probably could have used a bit more as I don't think I was liberal enough.
          I did need to use a stiff brush as well but end result came up good.

          The more grime on the deck and older/more porous the surface the more you will need but easy enough to mix up more if you need it.

          • @bigcheese: There is also Oxalic Acid for cleaning decks, avaliable on trademe for much cheaper than bunnings.

            • @icekayak: Yeah there are a few products you can use.
              I just like the idea of Napisan as I've already got it at home so saves buying anything new.

          • @bigcheese: Thanks. So mop with solution, brush with solution, then hose, and oil if desired?

            • @sunshinenz: Yes that’s exactly it.
              Just make sure the timber is dry before applying any oil/stain.

              • @bigcheese: Great, thanks for your advice. Will hopefully try this before summer ends!!

  • Does this help bring back whites or is it purely for stains?

    • for both…. amazing if you have kids clothes to wash!

      just watch for kids of they are sensitive to some cleaners/detergents.

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