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3M P2 Mask 5/Pack $13.98 @ Bunnings Warehouse


I went to Bunnings Manukau to buy some P2 masks given the outbreaks of omicron is imminent, I saw they have some 3M 9123 P2 masks at $13.98 per pack, each pack has 5 masks instead 3 at most other places.

Chemist Warehouse has this mask at $5.99 each.

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Bunnings Warehouse
Bunnings Warehouse

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    If anyone has the Bunnings app, search for I/N: 0349719. Available in a lot of stores.

    • Is that on the Bunnings Product Finder App? I tried entering the code but it shows that it couldn't find the product

      • Via power pass app

      • I just guessed that it would be on there too so my bad. I have the PowerPass app.

    • All gone now, What is the next best mask ?

      • You really care about protection? Then the half face mask respirator. I will wear it when numbers go up. It’s P2 level with correct cartridge and sterilisable. It does look like a gas mask though

  • I can't see this deal on their website or on the bunnings app. Can you post a website link please.

    • There isn’t one. What’s your local store?

      • Mt Maunganui.

        • Reckons there's stock at Mt. Maunganui & Te Puke Trade Centre.
          Mt. Maunganui aisle 17, 18.

      • Would you please help me to check if Palmerston North store has stock? Thanks

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          Yes - aisle 14

      • Any in The Tron mate?

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          Yep both stores. Aisle 54, 15 Te Rapa. Out in the specials area at Bunnings South.

          • @Wakrak: Any in New Lynn, Auckland ?

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              @BDS: Showing out of stock at New Lynn.
              Available at Avondale Trade Centre in Rosebank Rd.

              • @bigcheese: Thanks, Avondale trade Centre - Closed on weekends. Any in Mt Roskill or Grey Lynn?

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                  @BDS: Yes to both.
                  Aisle 16 at Mt Roskill.
                  Location not shown for Grey Lynn.

                  • @bigcheese: No stock - Mt roskill

                    • @BDS: Sorry - App still shows in stock.
                      Inventory must be out.

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                    @bigcheese: I got one pack today in Grey Lynn, there was a box in the 'trade centre' otherwise the staff kept saying to 'have a look'. Seems the inventory system is not in real time…

          • @Wakrak: Legend, thanks mate, I’ll have a drive out tomorrow and grab some. Cheers!

            • @JedEnzed: If it's a long drive then call up the store beforehand, and have the I/N number.

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        Any chance you know if there’s any in the north shore? Either Silverdale, constellation or glenfield? Thanks

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          Yes to all 3
          Silverdale - Aisles 25,14
          Constellation -Aisles 12,8
          Glenfield - Aisles 13,14

          Might be worth ringing first as the stock may not be accurate.

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            @bigcheese: Any other stores in Auckland?

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              @Plug: Showing in stock at the following:

              Botany -Aisle 15
              Mt Wellington - No aisle listed
              Manukau - Aisle 45
              Takanini - Aisles 36,10
              Westgate - Aisle 12
              Pukekohe - No aisle listed

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            @bigcheese: Thanks bigcheese. Glenfield had about 15 packs left 30 mins ago, by the Trade Desk.

            • @FireWhenReady: Thanks, don't think I would have found them without this tip. 5 or 6 packets left at Glenfield / Wairau about 30 minutes ago.

          • @bigcheese: Hey, thanks for looking up the app for us haha. Are there any showing in Whanganui or Palmerston North?

      • Could you please check if there are any in Christchurch?

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          Yes in all 3
          Riccarton -Aisle 15,19
          Shirley - Aisle 54
          Airport - Aisle 16

          However I would check first.
          Many of the stores that Cheapies on this thread have said are out of stock are still showing available in the App so can’t guarantee.

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          All Christchurch stores apparently have stock

          The 20 pack is $45.98 if you can find stock anywhere (none in chch)

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    An article that maybe useful for some people

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    Just beware that with a highly transmissible, high viral load variant like Omicron, There will be much more virus everywhere, especially in packed places like public transport (Auckland Transport, I'm looking at you here). Also many will be asymptomatic and don't know they're sick (or lightly symptomatic but kept working because of pressure from the boss) and shedding the virus. Many infected will be wearing cloth/surgical masks which are now deemed ineffective barriers against Omicron. We've also seen other nations heavily reduce isolation requirements as civilisation grinds to a halt with everyone getting sick, and so I don't expect NZ to be any different, even with 90% vaccinated. The purpose of the vaccines now (& boosters for the vulnerable) are to stop hospitalisations and deaths, and as such it won't stop you from being punched in the face by COVID as it become endemic - still you want to face Omicron boosted to the hilt for maximum protection, so delaying the infection until you're boosted is a wise choice.

    So if you don't want to get infected in the next 8-12 weeks of the Omicron wave, don't just wear N95/KN95 masks, be careful with good hand hygiene as well with doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, stop buttons on buses, supermarket trolleys, mail, or even your outdoor cat. Avoid packed places like public transport and crowded events, and choose to visit retail/supermarkets at quieter hours (Google has a chart showing what time a store is busiest). When cases are up to the eyeballs with the highly infectious, high viral load Omicron variant everywhere, seemingly impossible routes of transmission previously in the pandemic will start to become possible.

    I would very much prefer to face Omicron boosted, but unfortunately I won't be eligible for my booster until March. Before that I'll have to be careful. Methinks it's going to be a pretty wild ride once Omicron comes in force.

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    Supplies are already getting low unfortunately https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/300499980/covid19-un...

    No one has imported cheap questionable quality Chinese stuff in NZ? Seems even Bunnings are doing it in Australia supposedly still easily available a week or so ago




    For clarity I'm not saying all KN95 masks poor quality but if you look at the OzBargain discussion those Craftright ones seem to be, considering they supposedly don't even require which basic labelling requirements of the standard.

  • I have filled up my fridge, freezer and storage bins, hoping to not go out for as long as they last. Bought 2x 20kg flour from PnS Albany today…haha

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      i keep my masks in a cupboard, but frozen masks do sound good for summer

  • these are supposed to be disposable… because what's the point of them filtering out infectious particles then you just keep them and reuse them…

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      If you use once per week the virus would have died on its own without a host?

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        That's the advice given, yeah. Keep it in a paper bag.

  • These masks might get cheapied soon

  • got a couple of packs at Bunnings Botany this morning

  • Westgate still have a few boxes up by the counter near isle 12 but none left in the isle itself

  • Mt Roskill and Grey Lynn out of stock

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    Petone has a few left near trade desk, that was an hour ago.
    None on normal shelf

    • Still a few scattered around on the end of random aisles, but none at the trade counter or aisle 13 or 42. Saw probably a dozen or so around the place.

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    As Avantime said, you could also just call the store you’re enquiring about and ask them if they have this item in stock.

  • Still a bunch below the Westgate trade counter

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    Still around a 100 packs at Whangarei store about an hour ago, filled them up before i left work.

    • Damn, out of stock there this morning now

      • Wow that was quick, there was a stand in front of the service desk.

  • How often do we need to replace this? A few hours or daily? It could become quite costly in a long run.

    • Probably not meant to be worn all the time. Maybe when you need to go grocery shopping, etc. After each use, you can either throw it away or like some suggested, store it in a paper bag for a week then reuse (at your own risk)…haha

      • Thanks. Only plan to wear this during work when I am very close to the clients face.

    • They are recommended to be used up to 5 times. Place them in a paper bag after use and leave it for a week before reusing.

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      I'll use a new one per day, but these masks can be repeatedly reused. Get like 50 of them, place them in brown paper bags ($2 stores sell them), label them 1 to 50, use one per day, go back to mask #1 on the 51st day.

      More info here:

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        Also recommend you expose it to sunlight to dry out moisture (from breathing in it the whole day) and also the UV/sun/heat can kill viruses.

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          Yeah I hang mine out on the washing line

  • nothing left in north shore

    • Looks like the panic buying has started since last night (moving to RED light @ 2359 today).

    • 5 or 6 packets left at Wairau / Glenfield half an hour ago. Near the trade desk.

      • lol I just went there 1h ago and no one could find it for me

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          It's quite typical of Bunnings, it's easier to just walk around and search for them yourself. Don't target specific areas, just look every corner of the store.

          • @akrotohur: Could you describe what isle they would normally be in (like what else in the Isle) I found like 3 different places at my local (Mt Wellington) that had masks but couldn't find it

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              @TSUKE: Try looking for them at the trade desk if you're not finding them in any isles. Check out the other comments in this entire thread and like the one above by @manofham, "NEAR THE TRADE DESK". Also see comment below this by @HmmYepNah mentioning the same thing.

              Go to the trade desk, which is usually located near an exit where tradies would pickup & load building supplies etc. A lot of Bunnings are putting them here for some reason. Usually in a large box in front of the trade desk/counter.

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              @TSUKE: I was talking about generally that's what happens in Bunnings, you have to look for the items yourself. As for these masks, like the others have mentioned, the trade desk area is your best bet. I'd also try the paint department, and in Mt Wellington, I believe you must have looked at the aisles close to the tool shop? The trade app is showing many stores having them in stock, I'm guessing it's either a glitch in their system or that they did not expect this surge in sales, so some of them have stored the masks away at the stock area, and couldn't get them out at the moment…haha

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              @TSUKE: As mentioned by a few others here, the masks could be in several places in Bunnings.
              I have worked for them (previously) for a number of years so I can tell you that the masks could be in a number of different locations.
              The best way to try and find them is to think - who would find use for a mask?
              They can be used by painters (check the paint department), for spraying garden chemicals (check the chemical and sprayer aisles), by builders from sanding,sawing etc (check the tool department and trade desk).

        • I was there yesterday and no one could find them too lol

  • Was heaps at Riccaton this morning, not on shelves but on stands nearby.

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    Big bin with lots of stock directly in front of the trade counter at the Bunnings in Dunedin.

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    I got two packs from new Lynn store. Staff just restocked the shelf.

  • Any chance theres any in the Queenstown store. Cannot use the powerpass app

    • The app shows it is in stock still - but don't trust it.
      I would ring first to check.

      Most stores are showing in stock round the country via the App, but I doubt it is accurate judging by the comments above saying it is out of stock.

      • Cheers! - Does it mention an isle?

  • Just bought 3 packs at Porirua store. There were a few just hanging at the end of the aisle at the front door, so didn't need to hunt around.

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