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Brother PTH110 Label Printer $26.91 ($6.91 after Cashback) @ Warehouse Stationery


The cashback deals are back!

This Label Printer is currently on special at Warehouse Stationery for $29.90.
Use the WELCOME10 code to take another 10% off and it's down to $26.91 (Needs to be a new account for this code to work)
Combine with the $20 cashback available until the 30th Jan 2022 and you end up paying $6.91
No free shipping until you spend $46 at Warehouse Stationery, but you could use one of the free shipping codes from The Warehouse if you got it there.

Cashback link here
Cashback terms & conditions: Must be purchased between 17-30 Jan 2022 and redeemed by 13 Feb 2022. Full terms & Conditions
Also available in other colours and at:

The Warehouse
Noel Leeming
PB Tech - $28.99 although doesn't look like any stock in stores; online only.
Harvey Norman - $29 (thanks @Elvino)
Nanobyte Solutions - $23.93 so possible PriceMatch (thanks @Whats The Dealio)
Heathcote's - $24 for PriceMatch (thanks @ognsoign)

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  • Pricematch Harvey Norman @ $29.00, if you want to save that extra 91cents :)…

  • anyone know of a good label printer that can prink at parcel tracking QR codes and addresses at the same time ?

  • Could buy the pink one here for $23.93 or pricematch with another retailer…

  • +8

    Just did a dummy run for kicks.

    Got Angel to pricematch NanoByte Solutions

    Down to $23.93
    x2 = $47.86
    + 1H5 x2
    = $50.04
    - $5 off $50 spend = $45.04
    / 2 & cashback = $2.52 ea.

    • +26

      If i could i would like to nominate Wakrak to be our finance minister. NZ housing deals be like buy one get one free and price match with Harcourts… lol

    • Just be aware that T&Cs state "Only one (1) claim may be made per Eligible Product purchased".

    • Lucky, got Angel and she refused mine under 'dodgy website' and 'unable to price match due to T&Cs' then disconnected my chat immediately…..

      • Maybe it's a different "Angel"? LOL

        • Hahahaha she no longer an Angel lol.

          But just got Sheena and she hooked me up!

          • @dealhunters: I got matched with Erica three times - She said her "Price Promise Tool" was not working. Then matched her again (under a different name/email), she said she could not match the price (did a copy and paste) and disconnected straight away…

            I got Sheena in the end, and she matched the price with no problem (and fast).

          • @dealhunters: Sheena said no to me haha

    • can 2 be claimed for cash back?

      • +1

        Yes it can, I have emailed them and asked, you have to do it as 2 seperate claim backs and use the same receipt. Each claim back you are required to put the serial number of the label maker in when you apply.

    • Price is $23.93 now.

      • Ignore^

        Sorry, misread thought nanobyte were pricematching /facepalm

    • +1

      If they reject Nanobyte there's also Heathcote Appliances which has the same models at $24…

  • +3

    For all the new label maker owners;

    For cheaper tape, search 'TZe laminated' on Aliexpress.
    For power, you can either run it off batteries or buy a power cable.

    Plenty of helpful information in the many PTH110 threads on Cheapies.

    • +1

      I did this on the last deal (thanks to your recommendations) and can confirm the tapes work great - I think I ended up with 4-5 different tapes for about $10.

    • Also of note, the power supply this takes is the reverse polarity of most..but you could hack one of the correct voltage

    • 100% this. I bought one of these years ago and was shocked at the price of tapes - so never bought them here. Just ordered from Aliexpress and still have heaps left. I use it so rarely that I never needed a power supply but I should work out buying one sometime!!!

      • Probably easier the buy rechargeable AAs and stuck then in when needed. I just have a stash of them we circulate between Xbox controllers, remotes and anything that needs them.

    • I'm hesitant to buy anything that plugs into mains voltage from aliexpress. Even if it's the exact same model as a name-brand one we don't know if it's been through the same QA and testing

      • Totally fair and up to you - for our household, we only plug it in when we're using it so the power supply is never used unattended, and we've never had a problem with it using it that way.

      • I totally agree with this - many people will have had no bad experiences, and infer from this that there are no issues at all, but the problem is that you are spinning a roulette wheel, and the one in a hundred or whatever it might be means someone might be seriously injured the moment they plug the item in.

        I would only purchase items with a mains connection from NZ or Aus (same regulations and same requirements).

        Separately, I believe that the importer is liable for penalties if electrical items that are subject to the legislation are brought into NZ without a valid SDoC. Again, they will likely get away with it, until someone is injured, then the find that they are being prosecuted while simultaneously grieving.


      • +2

        If anyone is reluctant to use an Ali-Express power supply then this is the official one from Brother
        Retails at $29.99 at most places (ie. as much as the Label Maker itself before cashback!)

        The Warehouse - online only
        Warehouse Stationery - online + click & collect. Can use WELCOME10 code to bring it down to $26.99

        • I've never used a PS with my label printers - just rechargeable batteries.

          However, I am generally a light user - probably never done more than a hundred labels in one day, and that would be exceptional, mostly more like one or two :-)


        • Cheers. I mean even though I don't trust aliexpress you can still use a cheaper third party adapter so long as it provides 9v and sufficient amps.

          It's alright if it supplies more amps than required, not ok if it supplies less amps than required.

          • +1

            @ognsoign: If it is sold in NZ or Aus, then legally it must comply with the quality standards, and you can, if you want, request a copy of the SDoC. If you get one of those, and it is legit, then you should be okay, and they don't need to be expensive. If they fail to supply it, then you should really report them to trading standards from an ethical perspective.


    • Ours just arrived from this Ali store

      took a week on Aliexpress standard shipping

  • Will Brother approve cashbacks for those who have made claims in the last year?

    • What do you mean?

      • It's for "personal use" only. If you have made a few claims they can argue that you won't need to buy more for person use??

        • +1

          Depending on how much the tape costs, you might argue it was cheaper to buy a new one!

  • +2

    Really good for putting passive aggressive notes on letterbox would buy again

    • Examples please

      • So I already have a "No Real Estate Material" sticker on my letterbox, but it still get ignores.
        I used the label maker and created a label that says:
        "If you put real estate marketing material in here I will not sell with you"
        Worked a charm

  • +1

    Angel said:I am sorry as we cannot price match the competitor's item. The site does not meet our terms and conditions. The address does not show correct information. An old National bank icon is displayed at the bottom of the web page which is very weird as the site shows updated on 2021. The website looks very out dated and not safe.

  • +1

    Claim approved.. too easy

    • That was fast!

    • Have you previously made claims in the last year?

      • +1

        None… First one

  • We finally opened ours from the last deal over Christmas, think it's just been in the box for over 6 months. Now it's cracked open there's labels everywhere and more tape on the way from China.

    • You could always double down and get another one (or two for $2.52 each if Wakrak's method works!)

      • Nah not for this might as well get the tape. Our $9 inkjet however might get replaced if they sell them again, cartridges are hella exoent.

  • +1

    thanks this will be the third printer I've bought the past few years. they're still in their packaging but will come in handy someday…

  • +1

    Amazing got one, under $1 total!

    $23.94 pricematch from Nanobyte,
    $21.54 paid after coupon code WELCOME10
    $20.90 after $0.64 cashback using card
    $0.90 grand total after brother $20 cashback!

    • Nice.
      Well done.

  • Ben hooked me up this morning - got 2 @ nanatech price.

    WELCOME10 didn't work - assuming this was for new accounts?

    Cheers for the deal!

    • +1

      Well done.
      Yes WELCOME10 only works on new accounts.
      I'll update the description to reflect that.

      • Cheers, yeah that was my fault. The code worked yesterday before i logged in but the chat was offline. Ah well! still a really great deal!

  • Ashleigh just sorted me out.
    Got her to match Nanotech but she gave me 2 for $43.05.

  • Hi, anyone has problem with the tax invoice for cashback?
    If you are doing this online order + click & Collect from Warehouse stationary, is the tax invoice basically the email that you received? Do you just print that out for submission?

    • +1

      Yes, it’s just the order confirmation email. It should say tax invoice and have Warehouse stationarys GST number at the top

  • Why PTP300BT never have discount

    • 2 and a bit years too late

    • That actually had a cashback for the past month from 1st Dec- 5th Jan for $30.
      It's still visible on the Brother site now here

      Right now it's at PB Tech for $86.08 here
      If you really want it now:

      • Go to Warehouse Stationery here, put it in your cart and ask them to match in the chat (they won't beat Tech product) - you will need to do tomorrow when they are back online.

      • When that's done add the WELCOME10 code to take another 10% off.

      • Then stack with this code: DRS-7K4-CNL-4RLV

      • That will give another $10 off and you can also get it delivered for free.

      PM me if you get stuck.

      EDIT: It's not as good as the link Wakrak posted but still gives you something.

  • +1

    Heathcote's now have it for $24 if anyone wants to try a pricematch with them.
    Link here

    • +1

      The man - cheers bigcheese…got 6 more for the family.

      First chat this morning with Jules she said no to nanotech price, I then gave her Heathcotes and she ended the chat lol.

      I then got Louie who matched Heathcotes!

    • -1

      Thanks, Got through to Sheena on chat and she price matched 2.
      "Thanks for waiting. These items are eligible for price match. Price have been adjusted. You may now refresh your cart and proceed to check out." :-)

      • Well done.
        Please vote on the deal if you got something out of it.

        • +2

          I just can't believe some people negged this comment. The OP has spent a bit of time helping people get this deal, is pressing a button too much work for you to thank him in return? Some people just like taking but never think of giving.

          • +1

            @sunshinenz: I actually say that to anyone that uses a deal - not necessarily mine!

  • Anyone having difficulty redeeming cashback where the operator asks for proof that they are for personal use?

    • Not at all how many did u try and get

  • Thanks op 👍👍

  • thanks OP got a price match with the warehouse with nanobyte, purchased 2 and used a free shipping code as well. Got delivered in 2 days and applied for my cash back with screen shots of the full order on my pc as my cellphone couldn't zoom out to show the full length of receipt showing where it was purchased. Just waiting for the cash back now ^_^ will also mention this is not the 1st time I've done these cashback deals

  • Got Angel to pricematch NanoByte Solutions but failed.
    Then try Heathcotes and laterly got approved.
    But Angel said cannot found the products in my cart thus could not change the price for me. End with asking to phone 0800 733 665 to solve.
    Anyone know why warehouse could not find the label makers in my cart?

  • +1

    Purchased two on tuesday, cashback was approved wednesday,cashback received today..

  • Thanks op just got confirmation I would get credit soon 👍

    • 👍
      Must remember to do my claim!

  • -1

    This is the most hilarious joke of a product, one of those utter headscratchers.

    Why the hell does it print every label 25mm too long? Who on earth signed this design? How does it still exist?

    Also the interface is so shitty that you get better response from the old click tape labellers

    • +1

      Not sure about this model, but mine you can choose how long the 'margins' are on each end.

      Maybe try reading the manual?

  • Am finding it really handy to mark my cheap storage containers to store all my cheapies finds

  • Paid $18 for this today, not sure if i still could claim $20 cash back

    • It doesn't say minimum purchase price so worth a go!

      How did you get it for that price?

      • +1

        That was a mistake. I ask them to price match Heathcotes, then they adjust my price to $20, after i used code WELCOME10, price droped down to $18.

        • Outstanding!
          Well done.

    • Yes, they will still pay you $20.

      • Just had my cashback approved now.
        Not quite as good as your deal @greenshift but certainly a pretty cheap label maker all up.

    • As akrotohur said, you'll still get $20 cashback. I made money when I bought these back in July 2021.

  • Has anyone had any issue with getting another cashback for their 2nd label printer?

  • They rejected my claim

    • Gave them a call, and i've been told my cash back still on hold because the price i bought was really cheap ( cheaper than $20), so they need higher level manager review and approve it. He don't know the reason why it shows rejected, but it's not.

      • +1

        It was cheap but there isn't anything in the T's & C's that said 'excludes really good deals!'

      • Have they approved your cashback yet?

        • Yeah, it has been approved at the end.

  • Ordered - using the Welcome10 discount.
    Was told twice that they didn't have access to that part of the Warehouse Stationery system to be able to pricematch. eyeroll and then got Ben on live chat who did it immediately for me :)

  • I got price match to $24, with the $5 off $50 at the Warehouse (I bought other things to add up to $50) it's effectively $21.6. My cashback was approved, so net price $1.6. I claimed two in July 2021, one this time. I don't need one anymore so set aside for my extended family.

    Pitty Heathcotes doesn't have Pink. Would really love a pink one! So much more fun than a boring black!

  • Cashback has just arrived in my account.
    Feeling rich now with my $20!

  • This deal never gets old as you can on sell them 😁

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