Try Ultraboost 21 Running Shoes for 30 Days & Return For a Full Refund (in Any Condition) @ Adidas NZ (Online Only)

I posted this over at OzBargain but didn't realise that it was against the rules. Can only be posted in the forums section.


You can now try Ultraboost 21 running shoes for 30 days. You can return them for free for a full refund, in any condition - no matter how many miles you've run. Visit our returns portal to begin our normal return process here. 


*Offer applies only to Ultraboost 21 and excludes all other Ultraboost footwear, such as but not limited to Ultraboost 20, Ultraboost DNA, Ultra4D, Ultraboost Uncaged.

There's not much information on the Adidas NZ website so I did a bit of digging.

The USA site states:

You can now try the new Ultraboost 21 for 30 days. If you don't agree that it's the most comfortable shoe you've ever worn, you can return free for a full refund, in any condition - no matter how many miles you've run. Visit our returns portal to begin our normal return process

These are the answers I got out of live chat:

What is day 1 of 30?

Return policy for this is you have 30 days to return the item starting from the day you received it

What is day 30 of 30?

The day you made the return already counts within the 30 days. Even if you book return on the last day for 30 day return period you are still eligible for a refund

Can I do this in-store?

Currently this offer is only available on our website, but you can ask your nearest Adidas store if they have applied this return policy as well.

How long is this offer available for?

This offer will last within a year/ changes may vary within the website. you just need to check before you order :)


  • Anyone tried these shoes?

  • seems to be quite a random thing to do. What are they going to do with the returned worn ones? They are $200+ shoes up to $370. Those that buy them are absorbing the cost of the returns. They must think that no one is going to return them or something.

    I found the link which might be useful to include in the description

    At least it is advertised on the NZ website which provided some sense of security that they are actually advertising it although this is the first time I've heard of it.

    I can't find any Ts&Cs. I would assume they allow all members of a household to do this so you might be ordering several pairs. Also, no stating how many times you can try a different pair.

    A bit comical that they are doing this, no telling how long it will last when they receive a bunch of returns although it's worldwide, but does this mean I have to take up running now?

    Also when you book the return they will have to ship you the bag so you will be able to use them for a bit longer.

    • Thanks for the link. I forgot to put it back in after deleting the deal version of this post.

    • What are they going to do with the returned worn ones?

      That's what I wondered too, obviously they can't sell them as new. Do they donate them to charity like those mattress companies? Doubt it.

      • Think they'll get recycled as raw materials for the next $300 shoe… they can't lose!

    • +2

      A lot of companies offer a no questions asked money back guarantee return period (just watch any infomercial ad).

      I guess they are counting on a low number of returns which is more than made up by the number of extra sales they get.

      A bit like the cash rebate schemes or via redemption offer which there's always a handful that intend to claim but never do

      • Or the 15% Price Guarantee from Mitre 10 / Bunnings.
        The number of people that do this is small and even if the item goes below cost the overall impact is negligible to total profit in the grand scheme of things.

      • Most of those have a cost associated with them so they aren't completely free. Something like $19.95 for 30 days risk free trial.

    • Ultraboosts aren't even very good running shoes. There are much better options at that price range.

      Knowing how slow their online site takes to ship orders here, which is likely the same for processing returns, I think you'll be hard pressed to manage to abuse this and get new shoes every month anyway.

    • Running shoe stores in America have been doing trials for a while now. The shoes themselves cost so little for adidas/nike/other manufacturers to make that they just send them to landfill if returned. Usually the store has to return to the manufacturer and sometimes they'll ask the store to slash them with a knife too. I've heard that some lightly used ones are donated but Ultraboosts are so expensive that they probably destroy all the returned ones to make sure the prices stay high.

      • Yep, a lot of American companies require the destruction of unsold goods. Company policy states if you donate them it's counted as theft. The dumpster diving content on youtube is quite informative about this.

  • "buy" one for the next cheapies meetup?

  • I used to work there and can confirm this isn’t the first time they have done this. It probably wasn’t as actively promoted, from what I remember it was a sticker that was put onto the shoe boxes to mention the offer. I’m not sure what happens to them after they get returned though as it was only offered at full priced stores which isn’t the store I worked at.

  • Is the only way to return by calling them?

    Their normal return policy is

    "If a return older than 30 days reaches our warehouse, adidas cannot accept the returned items and cannot give a refund under our change of mind returns policy."

    so I guess they are doing it differently by counting the return date as the day requested.
    "Even if you book return on the last day for 30 day return period you are still eligible for a refund"

    I was unable to connect to live chat without downloading the app. Did you connect on the website or app?

    • Website.

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