Please recommend a garment steamer

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a steamer, mainly to use for curtains. Should I get a brand one or just a Kmart one? Which brands are good for these? Thanks.


  • I have the Sunbeam SG1000. It has been working well for dress shirts, t-shirts, and dresses.
    No experience with using it on curtains, but I have found that with thicker fabrics, its effectiveness is reduced and it can take quite a bit longer to steam.
    It might work for thinner curtains, but if you have thick curtains you may not get the result your looking for from Garment steamers.

    • Thanks. The SG1000 has good reviews and is quite reasonably priced, I'll definitely keep it in mind. Where do you hang your shirt for steaming? It's good to know it's good for shirts because I have to iron on average 3 work shirts a week :). The curtains I want to steam are layered, I can iron them layer by layer, but very time consuming.

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        I use a coathanger on a clothes rack. The steaming works better if you pull the shirt, so the fabric is taut.

  • My Kmart one has been going strong for years. However, I only did the curtains once as it was for personal use. If you plan to use it often I would consider a more commercial-grade one.

    • Would you recommend steamer over iron find for general use?

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        For general use, I would highly recommend it! Takes about 20 seconds to turn on and be ready, then less than a minute to steam a t-shirt. Maybe 2 minutes to do a shirt.

        The only disadvantage it has against the iron is that it doesn't quite get the collars (on polo or shirts) flat very well. But otherwise my wife and I use it all the time

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      Thanks. I plan to use for home curtains, about once a year.

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