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Stasher Snack 0.3L Silicone Storage Bags $8.00 (RRP $24.99) + $6.99 Shipping @ Onceit


I've been looking for silicone food storage bags for awhile at a discounted price to use for freezing as I find ziplock bag seals tend to degrade after a few times through the freezer. This brand seems to get pretty good reviews online.

They also have a couple of other sizes at a good discount:

Stasher Half Gallon Bag - Clear 1.9Litres @ $19.00 (RRP $44.99)
Stasher Sandwich Bag - Clear 0.5Litre @ $19.00 (RRP 29.99)

They have a few other colours as well, if you search for Stasher on their site.

Product Description:
Stashers are amazing! They are made from premium platinum silicone, so you can bake, microwave, sous vide, boil and freeze in a Stasher but that’s not all. Stasher bags are ideal for pantry organisation or for bulk shopping. Stasher bags are the perfect travel companion. Ideal for storing your toiletries for easy packing! Be careful with sharp objects though as they may puncture bag. Use soap + water or upper rack of dishwasher. Do not turn the bag inside out, as this can compromise the bag's sealed edges.

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  • For the freezer, we use the plastic bags that bread comes in - we would be throwing them out if we didn't re-use them for freezer bags, so there is no additional waste from them, and they are free :-)

    I find that we tend to accumulate the empty bags most weeks, and then when we make something or buy in bulk, we deplete the stock (they squash into almost nothing so no real space required).

    I don't recall us having to purchase any bags just to use in the freezer in the recent past (last couple of years at least)..


    • That's a good idea to reuse. However for us we use a bread maker so don't tend to get any bread bags.

      These are pretty versatile as you can microwave, boil and put them in the oven too. But will probably be food storage for us in the fridge/freezer or pantry.

      I was definitely not willing to pay full price for them though.

    • +1

      We do the same for any plastic bag we get…. bread bags, toilet paper bags, greengrocer bags, etc - we use them as bin liners.

      • Yes - better than Jacinda's plan that we all buy dedicated single-use bin liners.

        Plastic bags from the supermarket got, at an absolute minimum, three uses with us (shopping, freezer, bins), and in most cases they would last maybe a dozen uses in the freezer. No we buy plastic just to line the bins. Genius.

      • Ahh first time I've heard of someone else doing the toilet paper bag bin liner trick!

        I still have a hoard of plastic bags from before the ban - they get used until they get holes in em

  • I have some stashers silicone bags and stopped buying them since Kmart got this in stock:

    I find the quality is 99% identical to the stashers that you mentioned here, and with almost the same price, you got bigger size and a pack of 2 bags as well (so always a win!)

    • Interesting, thanks. Hopefully they make some of the stand up versions soon.

  • Got mine from Ali express. Awesome re seal ability that keeps even fluids secure.

  • +1

    Got mine from AliExpress : Silicone Food Storage Bag Reusable Stand Up Zip Shut Bag Leakproof Containers Fresh Bag Food Storage Bag Fresh Wrap Ziplock Bag


  • Speaking of containers, Sistema is 50% off again at Spotlight
    - Good for pricematching.

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