Has Anyone Tried a Standing Desk Converter?

I've got a pretty nice corner desk in the home office but I'd like the option to stand-up every once in a while. Has anyone got any experience with standing desk converters like this one https://www.amazon.com.au/FITUEYES-Workstation-Ergonomic-Adj... and can provide some guidance or recommendations please?

Thanks :-)


  • Didn't know these existed, interesting. My only concern would be how hard is it to raise when it has a laptop and monitor on it. The video doesn't show any raising, only showed lowering. Might be okay, but if not would need to take things off it and put them back on

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    I have a ridiculous one I got cheap from work. They aren't bad, they definitely get the job done but are really bulky. Just make sure it fits as we also got a huge office desk at the same time and it barely fitted in there depth wise.

    Weight wise I had a laptop, 29 inch ultrawide and 24 inch both in arms along with things like my audio interface and usb dock and it was heavy but doable. Obviously the less on it the easier it is to lift up. Now I know I used it I picked up an electric one and this is on our spare desk for occasional use.

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    I had one at an old work place, was pretty decent,

    Advise, don't get a super cheap one especially if you're monitor is heavy/ultrawide last thing you want is it to collapse
    check the mechanics of how it raises/lowers & the locking system

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    At $200 for that, you might as well get a proper standing desk for another $200 more.

    My standing desk is 1800x1200. It's pretty big and so I can have up to 6 monitors on it, with room for some other things as well. I got mine for $600 and it has memory settings for different height adjustments. You can of course go for smaller desks that are cheaper. I never go cheap on office equipment. If I want a proper standing desk, then I get a proper standing desk, instead of paying $200 for a fake-pretend raise-up sorta desk which doesn't even have room for your arms or wrist to rest on. You wanna be sitting at a good distance from your monitors and you can only do that if the desk is wide/deep enough.

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