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50% off Kogan Mobile 365 Day SIM Plans (Small $80, Medium $125, Large $165) @ KoganMobileNZ


This is a repeat of their earlier deal …. https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30699
Credit for this post goes to @EPA who pointed it out in the comments of my last post but didn't post it themselves.

  • Voucher must be purchased by 5/1/22 in order to get the 50% off pricing.
  • Once purchased the vouchers need to be 'activated' by the 5/2/22 for all plans.
  • Free SIM card included

Offer is valid for new and existing Kogan Mobile customers. Personal use only. Offer available on Kogan Mobile Prepaid SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE 365 day plans, purchased before 11:59pm NZDT 5/1/2022 unless sold out prior or extended. Offer does not apply to subsequent recharges. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash. The unique Kogan Mobile voucher must be redeemed by 11:59pm NZDT on 5/2/2022.

EDIT: Kogan are shocking mixing up the expiry dates of their promos. They did it last time an have done it again this time.
There are references to the vouchers needing to be activated by the 5/2/22 on the individual plan pages but the main page says the 6/2/22.
To be safe make sure you activate your voucher by 11.59pm on the 5/2/22.

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  • Can you port your existing number to these?

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      You get a free SIM card when you join.
      This gives the option to go with the allocated Kogan number or port your own across.

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    Did this promo a while back, just be weary the Vodafone network isn't as good recption as the Spark one in some areas if youre switching from their network.

    • yes, happened to me as well… quiet often I ended up hello away… and saw "no signal"

    • That's true but it also goes the other way in some areas as well.
      This is the coverage map for Kogan (Vodafone network)


      • I have question, would it get absolutely the SAME amount of reception for 4g network as you would if you were on a vodafone sim? (except 5g because kogan doesnt support that)

        • I would expect so, being that it is the Vodafone 4g network Kogan uses but I can't tell you for sure as I don't know.

          This is the Vodafone coverage map: https://www.vodafone.co.nz/network/coverage/
          Looks pretty similar?

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            @bigcheese: they can use voda 5g

            • @tonykwok: I didn’t realise that.
              All their literature on the website still refers to 4g from what I could see.

        • Yep, it’s essentially the Voda network. I’m on Kogan and I’ve got 5G at malls, city centre etc . Who said Kogan doesn’t support 5G?

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    Just a heads up, 2% cashback @cashrewards.

    • Sorry, just read the T&C, that's for new Kogan customers only.

  • https://www.kogan.com/nz/buy/kogan-mobile-prepay-mobile-star...

    If I want to buy the deal, Should I buy this one(Kogan Mobile Prepay Mobile Starter Pack) as well? I am new to use Kogan mobile

    • Yes you could buy both.
      You would need to activate the 30 day starter pack first (as this needs to be redeemed by the 15th Feb 2022).
      Then activate the 365 Day Pack no later than the 5th Feb 2022. Any remaining credit on the starter pack would be forfeited at that point.
      Remember you need to wait for the SIM to arrive first but it should give you a few more days value and the SIMs are included in the price.

      • Highly recommend to get the SIMs with express shipping, if you don't mind spending a few more dollars. Mine arrived in 3 days (and that was mid december), compared to over a week last time through standard shipping.

    • no you get a sim with these deals anyways, unless you need that data, but fyi they dont stack

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    A big disadvantage with the Kogan deal is the data does not roll over. What ever you don't use disappears. In saying that I still switched last time the deal was on.

    • That’s right. You need to make sure you can manage with the data allocation of your Kogan pack because the additional data packs are expensive.
      As long as you can do that they are good value.

      Additional data pack costs: https://www.koganmobile.co.nz/add-ons/

    • I always go for the 15gb plan, more data than I can use.

      • Same.
        My kids have the 15Gb plan. At 50% off it’s only a few dollars more than the 4Gb plan and they have never run out of data.

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    Great deal, but just note with Kogan you can't reply to appointment confirmation texts, and other texts from short codes - https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30923

    Savings could be worth it though. Could get the 12 month deal now, and they run the same deal every Black Friday (so far anyway), so you can probably keep paying the 50% price every year, since they seem to always allow existing customers to get it too

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    Purchased two one year plan last time. Got email with one voucher code. Activated one account and can't do with the 2nd one. Wrote several emails and no reply. No phone numbers to call. Very poor customer service. Very disappointed.

    • Have you tried the Chat option?
      Not available right now but is 8am to 8pm everyday (option comes up at the bottom of the screen during these times).

      Also, I have ordered two voucher codes in the past and had one go to my junkmail - I'm sure you've checked already but just in case.

      They do have a complaint handling page which includes links to the TDR (Telecommunications Disputes Resolution) for external assistance.
      Link here: https://www.koganmobile.co.nz/legal/complaints/
      These still cost a lot of money and you definitely shouldn't be out of pocket.

      • Kogan.com and Koganmobile.co.nz are different. Koganmobile has chat options and they are quite good.

        The culprit is Kogan.com where email is the only option.

        I bought last month and wrote several emails and still no reply.

        Lost $125 money. I am not going to leave that easily.

        • That's what happened to me this week. I ordered a voucher but received nothing after 4 days. Keep me posted if you get reply from Kogan.

          • @hhan7: Got a reply and voucher code. SIM activated and happy customer!!!!!.

            I think they got quite a bit of backlog and doing the work bit slowly.

  • it can use vodafone 5g network, worth it

    • You sure you get 5g through Kogan? Never heard this from anyone

      • yes, i use this card in iphone 12, it is working 5g at auckland city

  • Also worth noting that call forwarding (i.e if you would like to automatically forward your calls to another number for whatever reasons) won’t work with Kogan Mobile. As it’s essentially a prepaid plan…

      Diverting calls to another number is possible, but only via your handset, not the network.

      Not all handsets have this functionality, so be sure to check your handset user manual for instructions on enabling this, if applicable.

      • I've tried it on a Samsung S7 and on an iPhone 13 - couldn't do it, I take it that it needs to be done on the network (which Kogan won't do).

  • I'm confused. Are the listed prices in the title before or after the 50% discount?

  • Anyone have any idea how long it takes them to send through the voucher top-up code via email?

    • It usually doesn’t take that long.
      From memory last time I bought one of the Kogan packs the code came within a couple of hours.
      Check your spam box as that is where one of mine ended up.

    • I am waiting for the voucher too. Placed the order yesterday, not receiving the code after 24 hours.

  • Anyone got their voucher code?

    • Still waiting for mine. I emailed them yesterday for an update but am yet to hear back :(

      • Same here

  • is the extra large plan no longer?

    • It's been gone a while.
      Was around when they launched in NZ but has not been an option for over a year now.

      • oh dam, ive used that plan for 2 years, must have just got the last one.. due to expire in feb

  • one of my friends wants to upgrade to the larger plan but they have medium atm,

    if anyone wants a sim & plan for 8 months (medium plan price adjusted accordingly (248 days remaining/expires 28/08/2022)) instead of 1yr pm me.

  • I’m currently on a Vodafone open term plan, paying off a phone 36 months interest free. Am I able to pay the entirety of my phone off in one payment and then swap over to this Kogan deal? It should be fine as long as its before 5th Feb 2022 right?

    • That should be fine, though you would have to check with Voda on that. I'm in a somewhat similar situation, but with Spark (i.e on an Endless mobile plan and paying off a device). Spark told me that I could terminate the plan and then pay off the remaining balance for the device in the next/final bill, easy as. Would save me heaps on mobile phone bill by being on Kogan Mobile!

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    Dick Smith is sending me promotional spam emails because I purchased one of these mobile packs "Because you purchased the Kogan Mobile Prepay Voucher Code we also recommend these", but after 2 days they still haven't sent me the voucher code, they haven't even generated an invoice for my purchase yet I just get this message "Sorry, your invoice(s) for this order are not ready yet. Invoices for each item will be available after dispatch". I don't understand why it would take so long for them to send a digital code. Bloody ridiculous.

    • +1

      Same here, it is in deed ridiculous.

      • +1

        Same here. This is what they said to me

        Our team is dealing with a considerable backlog which we're working around the clock to clear.

        I have raised this issue with our team, I will keep you posted as soon as I get updates regarding this concern.

        Please be informed that we are currently having issues acquiring voucher codes purchased by our New Zealand customers.

        Rest assured, that we are thoroughly looking into this and as soon as we have received updates, we will get back to you right away.”

        • Wow. I guess there is no ETA.

        • +1

          There having issues acquiring voucher codes, oh well and what an excuse. How about they making sure they are having no issues fulfilling orders, BEFORE running a huge promotion. It seems very silly, it's an electronic voucher code, it should not be that hard, and they have there telecommunications provider Vodafone NZ providing support and experience at a wholesale level.

          I have been waiting since the 24/12 for my voucher, but I realise we have had quite a number of stat days after that time, but seriously it's an electronic voucher, it should not require huge human input to produce. Being an existing customer of Kogan Mobile, I know how long they can take to do things, so I allowed extra time, but a lot of other people really relpy on there mobile phone and telecommunications these days, and it shows very bad form for Kogan to be making people wait that long.


          • @CheapiesNZ: What is your story for "Being an existing customer of Kogan Mobile, I know how long they can take to do things"? Would you like to share before I port my number?

            • @hhan7: Because the price is so good, its worth slightly a bit of annoyance. Also I never had an expectation that I would have this amazing Customer Service, we don't pay for it in our mobile rate, so I don't expect much of it. I expect things to NOT get sorted quickly over the phone, to have to use instant chat or email if issues come up instead.

              I know if I loose my phone, it's not going to be easy to get a new replacement SIM card, I can't just go into the thousands of retailers that sells Vodafone/Spark/Skinny/2 degrees, and grab one. I have accepted it may take a week or more to get a new SIM even.

              I have accepted all this, and so should anyone taking this deal, or they should be informed of it anyway. To me it's still worth the only 1/3rd of the cost I now pay for my mobile. I know if issues come up, it's going to be harder with Kogan though, I'm accepting of that. I think there are some people, that would be better with a full service provider though, because they need or like more support.

              Edit: when I compared Vodafone prepaid rates with Kogan, Vodafone was $55 with less data(10MB), but kogan is only $13.57 (15MB). That's a huge difference in price, with Vodafone $660 PA, and Kogan $165 PA.

              Also as an added bonus with Kogan you get free Voicemail and PIX.

        • Finally got my code! Hopefully no issues when it comes to porting and activation

          • @rav4000: That's cool. I just got an automated email, explaining they are experiencing issues and are trying to resolve it.

            This is the email text:

            Dear xxxxx xxxxxx,

            Thank you for your recent order.

            Please accept our most sincere apologies for this delay in getting Kogan Mobile Prepay Voucher Code: LARGE (365 Days | 15GB Per 30 Days) to you and for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

            Rest assured that your voucher code will be sent to you shortly.

            Thank you for your patience.

            Kindest Regards,
            The Kogan.com Team

          • @rav4000: I got my code yesterday as well, shortly after the automated "we are working on it" email.

            Porting is usually quite easy, It was at least in my experience porting to Kogan.

  • The 365 day plans are excellent value, and with an additional 50% off with this promotion it is truly amazing. But did you know as an added bonus, you can pay the plan off over 4 payments with ZIP. Makes getting a great deal even easier.

    Obviously beware about taking on additional debt, especially this time of year if your stretched. But it does make it more assessable to take advantage of a good deal, if you just have temporary "cash flow" issues lol.

  • Tempting. Skinny isn't as good as it was.

  • Nightmare with Kogan Mobile….

    I have been a Customer of Kogan Mobile for a while now. I had another Kogan SIM card in a draw, and as I was moving I decided to activate it in my duel SIM card phone. I bought one of the 365 Day Large Plans ($165), in this promotion. I did not want the voucher code applied to the new number. I did not enter in any voucher code, I did not get confirmation or asked if I wanted my voucher applied to this new phone number. The system must of picked up the email addresses were the same, and applied the voucher automatically. On top of that the new SIM card/number, was surposed to have a 30 days Large Plan preloaded on it, so I lost that as well.

    I did a live chat with Kogan (within minutes of noticing what had happened), I told them all of above, and they refused to either change the plan to the right number, OR to change my number to the correct one, apparently can't do number transfers Kogan to Kogan, even if the details are all the same.

    All of this was because Kogan Mobile made a choice to apply a voucher themselves, as mentioned above I did not enter in any code, or follow a link.

    I did warn people that Kogan is a bit risky (on this thread) , but maybe it's worth a punt for the cost savings. But I guess in my case I did loose out.

    I am going to try there internal complaints process, and then if no lucky proceed to the Telecommunications Dispute Service (Kogan is a member, probably through there partnership with Vodafone).

  • last day today… ends tonight!

    • Yes - good reminder to get this in the next few hours if you want to take up this deal.
      For those that already have you still have one month to redeem your voucher code.

  • Anyone received their physical SIM card?

    • Not yet. Can you buy them from shops?

      • No.

    • I ordered 31 December, it was shipped 5 January and arrived sometime last week. The Kogan site still says it's in transit though.

  • Should there be GST on these plans? The invoice I got from kogan for the vouchers says $0 GST and is from "kogan mobile Australia pty ltd" (no GST number just an ABN)
    The invoice for the free sim cards is from "kogan Australia pty ltd" and has an nz GST number and nzbn listed

    Seems dodgy

  • Hi - I bought this deal and just saw they released the 32gb a month plan I would like to get this one.

    I want to sell my unused code for existing Kogan Sims - would anyone want to buy it for 15% off ? expires in 2 days for the 12 month 15gb a month. Please PM me as I would like to get this larger plan. - I am located in Wellington if you want to meet up

    I think the price will be around $125 ish ?


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