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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (Home & Personal Model) - i7 16GB 256GB Win 10 $1698 (Was $2499) @ PBTECH


Great one, more available at

Better than usual 20% off we used to get….

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    I paid about the same for the newer version (surface 8).

  • How does this compare with the MacBook Air M1?

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      M1 performs much better, but you're not really comparing apples to apples. Different operating systems, one is a laptop and the other is a hybrid, etc. You should really just Google for reviews, there are dedicated sites out there that does in-depth reviews.

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      The M1 would be much faster but the selling point of the Surface is the form factor. I'm not sure how this would go as a dedicated 'laptop' as I've never owned on before. Also bear in mind you would have to buy a keyboard for this which would push it closer to $1900

    • The M1 looks like a brick compared to a Surface Pro.

      I believe the M1 weighs about 1300g - 1400g whereas the Surface Pros are less than 800g - without the (somewhat) optional keyboard.

      However, for most people, that is not a significant factor most of the time, so I would not generally place much… weight (sorry!) on that.

      If you don't care about the form factor / OS, then you are likely much better off with an HP / Lenovo / Asus / Acer etc etc.

      Regardless, I would hold off now, and look at the deals starting on Boxing Day.


    • Question is how it compares to Surface 8 (since this one is over 2 years old)

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        Surface Pro 8 is looking like a very nice option right now, but I am not travelling much (if at all) currently, and who knows when that will actually change. The form-factor is the big draw of course.

        I am sorely tempted to upgrade my Surface Pro 3 (i7 / 8GB RAM / 512 GB SSD) which is now over seven years old and running sweet as anything still, but it only really makes sense if I go top end (i7 / 16GB RAM / 512 SSD).

        The processor if faster, and I would be able to run multiple VMs more easily (4GB x 3, plus 4GB for Win11 - say), but its not compelling which is really saying something.

        The Surface Pro 3 in Aug 2014 was easily the best laptop purchase I ever made in twenty-five years.


        • Imagine me with my Surface Pro 4 with only an i3 with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD! Sigh lol

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    Or just buy a 2nd hand one at a much cheaper price. They're going for around $500~$900 on TM. Got a Surface Book 2 for $900 a while ago for the wife with maxed out specs (16GB, 512GB SSD and the built-in keyboard comes with a Nvidia GTX card (can't remember what it was). Also came with a Surface Pen. At $1698, I could almost buy 2 of these.

    Of course, buying 2nd hand can be tricky sometimes, but just pick up and check in person and 99% of the time you're gonna get good condition ones that are as good as new.

  • I got surface 8 (256gb) from market for $1999.49 after 10%off. Use code: TheMarket10.

  • I bought a surface a few years back and didn't like it.

    I've decided that I definitely prefer the laptop form factor for traditional OS type systems.

    eg, using it literally as a laptop it was uncomfortable to use.

    Only my opinion based on my use case though. Others will find it OK.

  • I got a surface 8. I think it’s much better than surface 7. Better pay a bit more to get the latest stuff. M1 can’t do gaming so it’s basically useless even though I m a big Mac user/fan. So I had to get a surface 8 for casual gaming and emulation, so that my kids can enjoy some Nintendo switch games on Pc. Much Better cpu and gpu than surface 7 because of its 11th gen processor. Bigger screen.
    When cpu and gpu get hot while gaming, I just use a USB fan to cool it down from the back, so in that way , I think it’s better than a laptop.
    If you just use it for school, then surface 7 is fine.

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