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Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook 14 $475, Eneloop Charger Pack (4X AA) $47.86, Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10.1" $168.99 @ Pb Tech


This is not on the website, seems like a friends and family promotion. Worth checking out if you can’t wait for Boxing Day,

PB Tech is running a special promo code offer to thank our customers for their loyalty and continuous support this year.

For a limited and while stocks last, use promo code PBTECHVIP on the checkout page to access special pricing on selected products.

Promotion is valid from December 17, 2021, to December 23, 2021, only on the PB Tech website. Terms and conditions apply.

*Terms and Conditions
Each product has a buy limit of 2 units per person.

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  • cheers, last minute christmas gifts sorted

  • Any laptop deals?

  • Thanks, no discount on cpu, mobo or ram I have saved :(

  • Good price for the Belkin 8-port power board with 2xUSB $48.30

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    Hey guys, how do you guys have so much money?

    I go out to Chemist Warehouse and buy like 4 items, it's $50 then I go to SCA and buy 2 things and it's another $50 gone. I'm getting getting close to my $3K monthly credit card limit and going to cut into my planned savings. ><
    To be fair, for most in Xmas, there ain't no savings just a huge HUGE credit card bill to pay back over Jan/ Feb.

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      we eat rice and canned beans everyday and splurge twice a year black friday and xmas

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        you get to have canned beans??? I eat rice and supplement it with my words..

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          you can save more money by buying dried beans and rehydrating that instead

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        Still got all that free uncle bens rice from last year…

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      Pro cheapies tip: you don't have to partake in every deal that is posted on this site (as tempting as it may be)

      • Amen to that.

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      Buying needs instead of wants makes a big difference, it's hard to change that mindset if you are stuck one way already.

      Preemptively buying is a good way to save money, things like stocking up on toothpaste or toilet paper when there is a deal on.

      Making sure you have the best deal for utilities helps. I used to check monthly to see if there was a better offer than we had.

      It might sound condescending, but changing job/company will get you a hell of a payrise in the current market in certain industries too. For what I do I can get between $120k - $150k contracting compared to half of that as full time/permenant, so that's also worth looking into if you have certain skills or experience.

      Biggest one for credit cards is to set a goal of not getting any interest charges, that way you get the benefits yourself without your fees paying for someone elses benefits. Transferring to a 0% balance transfer wouldn't be a bad idea if you are swamped and have a plan to pay it off. Lowering the limit can be beneficial too.

      At the end of the day you can make it work with any amount incoming, if it's less than the outgoings and you are diciplined, might mean having to eat rice and beans sometimes though.

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        Making sure you have the best deal for utilities helps. I used to check monthly to see if there was a better offer than we had.

        Yep, Kogan 50%-off 365-day plans + bouncing between ISPs offering free stretches is the way. Paying $100 to terminate your old contract means nothing when you're going to be getting 6 months free

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      Just echoing some points others have mentioned already, to put things simply, you have X amount of money coming in and Y amount of money going out. Ideally you want what is coming in to be more than what is going out so you can save. That means you either have to increase your money coming in or reduce your money going out.

      May help to create a spreadsheet or write down all your weekly/monthly expenses and compare it to your net income, because you'd be surprised where your money is going, especially if you feel you're losing control financially. Having it written down in front of you will let you know where you are financially, you may not like what you see but at least you see it before it gets out of hand.

      The biggest savings I find is hunting for the best deal each year for insurance, power, mobile, internet and other utilities. For car insurance, my company always randomly increases premiums so I cancel at the end of my term and resign online with them (they normally have a promo). Insurance fatigue is a thing.

      And like other have said, buy things you need on sale or in bulk.

      Have a good Xmas :)

      PS: You don't have to partake in every Cheapie (unless it's a steal, then go town!!!)

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      Work from home, no commute cost. No kids, brew beer at home 23L for ~$30.
      Single car household.
      Play free games on PC for entertainment.

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        Please get health insurance.

        • I do, but why?

        • strange comment?

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            @fatesjester: Perhaps they think I drink 23L of beer a week..

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      Don’t buy what you don’t need - I grew up in a relatively poor, single income household which I guess taught me to be frugal with money. I’ve never had a credit card, never financed anything, if I don’t have the money for it, I can’t afford it so I wait until I can afford it.

      I also shop up bargains on Facebook Marketplace, you find some absolute bargains - the other week I picked up a free Delonghi semi-automatic coffee machine because the guy said it plays up occasionally so he went to HN and bought their most expensive machine - I haven’t had an issue with it yet

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      Make use of finance deals to your advantage and don't spend more than you can pay off.

      With the zip deals recently, use the deal to get the discount then just pay it off straight away, or if you manage money really well then spread it out over the 4 weeks and make sure you never get penalized. (they're great especially with stacking warehouse group deals)

      I always make sure I have enough funds to pay off the cc (having a low limit helps, I stuck with a $500 limit CC for many years as it meant I would always pay it off or was forced to pay it to make new purchases) meant could also reap the CC reward benefits while kinda using it like a visa debit card.

      As people say buy what you need mainly, stock up on essential household consumables when there is deals, sell off your old gear/tech if you've upgraded them.

      Being a cheapie is min/max your purchases and lifestyle.

      • Hi, may I ask what kind of CC are you using? I see that those CCs with points or rewards are the Platinum or Business ones, which usually require you to have a high limit (8k and above). I’m on ASB’s visa light with 1k limit but no reward whatsoever, keen to know what else is out there. TIA.

        • Bnz Visa Classic with Flybuys, Platinum's better if you spend more (https://www.bnz.co.nz/personal-banking/credit-cards/compare-…)
          As it stacks ontop of regular Flybuys (so you double dip at places like new world)

          Got my fam on it too, so we're pooling points into 1 Flybuys account.
          Works better for us since we don't really use Airpoints

        • WestPac hotpoints is also a good one to consider if you are looking between $1k-$3k

        • There are a few NZ websites out there for comparing credit cards - you could check out MoneyHub. The "best" card for you depends on your annual spend on the card. If it's roughly <$12000 then your best is probably the AMEX Airpoints card because it is the only rewards card with no annual fee at all. Above that it becomes worth it to get "platinum" cards.

        • I use ANZ Visa Platinum, i do all my monthly spending from this card to earn airpoints for travel and i pay off my card closing balance each month so i dont pay single cent in interest. You Get 1 Airpoints Dollar™ for every $85 spend. I have travelled free to oz and also Queenstown so many times by earning airpoints.

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      Do I buy more than I need due to these deals? Yes. No doubt. But I also build a war chest of supplies as a result that can be used later (toys, clothing items, not technology). I usually only partake in tech specials if needed to be replaced (those which come to mind are hard drives, headphones, TV, PS5). My wife also controls the purse strings so is my final check and balance.

      I think the question I'd like to hear people's feedback on is what deals have people regretted buying through here? Nothing immediately comes to mind for me. Some I didn't partake in and wish I did, or some that I did partake and wish I held back for a better deal… But maybe that's where lessons are learned for when the next deal comes up and not to rush, to do your research and rely on others here for their peer advice. Just my thoughts…

      • Great question - regret nothing here, but if I were to guess, I bet there's some people out there regret the oat cream? Loved it personally though as my family is all plant-based

        • Same here - can’t think of anything I’ve regretted buying off cheapies. Not even the oat cream! We managed to go through it all; using it in oatmeal and I used it for a few creamy dishes in place of actual cream and it was surprisingly really nice. I purchased a carton of the barista oat milk as well and hubby liked using that in his coffee.

      • Regrets of mine would be a CookieTime mystery box (not enough inside to be worth the asking price) and a Fix & Fogg sampler box (I didn't like the stuff). Nothing major

    • PB Tech seems to be selling higher priced "premium" products, it's never a shop I pay attention to, except the occasional 10c SIM cards, etc that I'll get some. My other IT needs, like mice, keyboards, headsets, etc are those costing a few dollars ones from Kmart and TWH…haha. I'm cheap ;)

    • Short answer = Gem Visa - 6 months interest free on anything over $250. Can pay off pretty much anything over 6 months unless its a TV or something crazy

    • Start listening to some personal finance podcasts. Or books - Barefoot Investor is a common start. Somethings gotta change cos that credit use isn't sustainable.
      I just use Cheapies for things I already wanted to buy.

    • +1

      I see so many people sharing tips on how to save money, but if the money you're saving is insignificant, then you're not making a good use of your time.

      I would recommend to find something to invest in, whether it's stock or crypto or whatever. You need to use money to make money. For example, I got into real estate early on and the money I've made is just ridiculous. No way I could make that with my salary and I have a 6 figure salary, living comfortably.

      • "but if the money you're saving is insignificant, then you're not making a good use of your time"
        Sounds a bit like Grant Robinson fobbing off spending 51 mill to look at building a cycling bridge.

        Saving $100 off something is still worth it if you earn 3 figures.

        • Well, it depends and it's relative.

          Like, how long does it take to save $100? How much effort and time have you put in just to save $100? I used to think saving $100~$300 is a big deal, until I started making more money and realized that I could earn that amount easily within 30 mins ~ 1 hour.

          I see a lot of comments about buying canned beans etc and saving like what, $10~30? In my opinion, that's not really how true savings work. Put it simply - if you were Bill Gates and you make $1,300 per second and you see $500 on the street. Would you spare a few seconds to pick it up and therefore sacrificing those seconds on doing something else? Most people would answer yes. But, if Bill Gates were to instead use those few seconds to sign a new business deal (or invest in something), he would most likely make way more money than $500 within those few seconds. Time is valuable and the weathier you are, the more you look at numbers differently.

          Perhaps a better example is this. A job that pays $1000 per 8 hours day is pretty damn good. However, a job that pays $1000 per 30 mins is even better. When you start to make $1000 per 30 mins, you wouldn't really be interested in jobs that pay $1000 per day and you would hold onto your time a lot more closely. Most people spend a large amount of time to save a few $ here and there and they think that's something worthwhile.

          • @Chaoscreater: You don't understand everyone's situation though? It's extremely easy to say, just make more money, when you are yourself.

            If I'm in no urgency to replace my TV, but its on my radar, then I check cheapies and its the cheapest it's ever been, I'm not going to say, I'll wait till next week when its not on sale to buy it.

            If you're making $1000 per day after tax, I'm sure you are on cheapies sharing deals because you enjoy doing so.

            Good for you if you make $100 in 30 minutes, but not everyone is in that situation.

          • @Chaoscreater: mate you're "I have a 6 figure salary, living comfortably", and probably got into the property market back when houses were reasonable none of this 2 bdrm town house for $750k-1 million crap.

            Try earning near minimum wage in the current market with paying rent, utilities and all other weekly/monthly expenses that's 3/4 of you income gone, while for you $10-$30 saved is like nothing, $10-$30 for someone is a whole lot of food, or being able to splash out on something they want or want to do (such as maybe using those savings to get into investment or start a business) to them that money is like having a $1000 to you

            Also if you're here, you're either here to laugh at us or are also taking part in deals?

    • Investing is a good way to make lots of money

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    Ask for advice on Cheapies. There is a lot of knowledge in this forum.
    I'm self employed in food manufacturing. My little business is growing which is increasing my income.
    I'm constantly using Cheapies for deals on groceries, fuel, coffee, car washes, tech, toys, cash backs, SIM cards and hobbies. I basically run my business on a Xiaomi Redmi ($300) phone.
    Internet gets updated every 12 months as does mobile contracts (currently with Kogan). Coffee beans wholesale (because of business) $18 per kg.
    I'm currently doing my kitchen and found Trade Depot haves exactly the same (very nice btw) appliances as Mitre10 for half the price delivered.
    I'm no financial genius, but I spend what I know I can. Even if a deal is absolutely incredible, but I have no real need for it I simply won't buy it. Cheapies is a wonderful place to be, but don't buy it if you don't need it or have use for it.

    • Thanks for that tip! I am currently doing my kitchen too. Any other tips for renovation?

      • +1

        Not really tips as such…but Cheapies me:
        I purchased my appliances from Trade Depot online. No issues at all, everything arrived to my front door in a week.

        Cabinetry from M10. I found the finish was equal and in most cases higher quality than kitchen stores.

        With my above savings I decided to splash out and go for a stone bench top.

        I guess these are the tips:
        Shop around (I did that's for sure).
        Knock the old kitchen out yourself.
        If you have DIY skills, install the kitchen yourself. I do(ish) have DIY skills, but I'm still employing a professional to help out with the finer niggly details.
        Expect delays with cabinetry, sparkies and plumbers, so try and pull them all in as close as possible.

        • Stone benchtops are a fantastic investment. Amount of times I've accidently cut the surface, spilled stuff on it that would normally stain and put hot pots on there with no ill-effect.
          Even defrosting a glad bag that had vivid written on the bag transferred onto it while defrosting, just gave it 20 seconds of elbow grease and it came off.

        • +1

          Beware there's quite a few horror stories with Trade Depot. I would strongly suggest viewing first at their showrooms, and pickup whenever possible.

      • Consider flat packed units. This store is worth looking at, and the products are good quality. We got an entertainment unit from them https://www.cheapcabinets.co.nz/

      • +1

        Shop around for Kitchen companies and appliances.
        I got some epic deals from the Noel Leeming and Harvey norman outlets, make sure you ask for a better deal.
        We used a smaller kitchen company that makes their own (based out of Henderson) wayyy cheaper than all the big companies along Carr Road in Mt Roskill and M10.
        PM me for the name in interested. He super busy from what I hear though

    • +2

      thanks for sharing your story and happy to hear that you have a growing business. My partner recently started a small business. She thinks about registering the business (sole trader/ private company). We did a research on that and realized that doing financial documents by our own is a bit tricky because there are ways to reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay. (Eg: sharing some of household bills with the business) . We couldn't find any information on how much you have to pay for the fanancial services if you plan to get the support of an accounting firm. I'm sure a lot of other people have similar questions on starting a small business. That would be amazing if there is a forum for that so our cheapies here can not only get bargains but also increase their income at the same time.thanks

    • Wow $18 per kg wholesale coffee beans, yet I'm still waiting for PnS to do specials on Aurora beans for $10 a kg…haha

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    Thank you all for your comments, I wasn't expected a friends and family deal turns out to be saving tips sharing forum, but enjoy bargain hunting all

    • +3

      'Add value to others if you can' is a pretty good mantra to live our lives by, so I am glad to see many here willing to share without asking what is in it for themselves.

  • +10

    How disgraceful! I have always considered myself a "VIP" member of sorts. Having double checked my Inbox, they seem to have forgotten to pass on the invitation to me. It appears I have misjudged the reality of the relationship I had once perceived to be much closer than what it really is. I have been made a fool, clinging on to a company that doesn't love me the same way I had loved it. I will never be able to feel the same way about you anymore.

    • +1

      Same bro. I've spent 10K with PB this year (bought a full gaming PC set up) and no VIP email. Damn them.

    • +4

      Same here. They also shafted me on a defective monitor that stopped working during warranty. PB are great… until you need to interact with their service dept

      • +1


    • I think the friends and family deal are for coporate customers so they can share to their staff. Just like the Noel Leeming or Brisco. No matter how much you buy for your household, you can't compare to coporate with thousands of staff. So there's no love or hate here, just keep checking cheapies and sharing your deals :)

  • spend a bit more for i5 w10 laptop on amazon

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