This was posted 1 year 5 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2kg Box of Otago Cherries from Mr Henry $39 (Was $66) Free delivery @ GrabOne


2Kg box of cherries for $39 for January delivery only from Mr Henry (usually $66 for a 2kg box) free delivery as well

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    If the images are correct, these cherries are from NZ Cherry Corp.

    • I'm new to cherries. Is there any significance that they are from NZ Cherry Corp?

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        Don't think so. Just good to put a name to the product. + The variety of cherry in the box might differ from company to company. Different flavors and riping periods.

  • We buy them every year it's pretty good.

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    Nice - thanks. Grabbed some. Just be aware that delivery is already no earlier than 12th Jan so the timeslots are pretty restricted. Still looking forward to them though.

    • Hopefully that means you get more of the post-Christmas varieties in your box; lapins, sweetheart, stella etc.

    • yes, do read the available dates on the website.

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    Usually soon after xmas, the price for cherries at supermarket & fruit shops are around $10/kg.
    Since the delivery is going to be in Jan, is this not expensive or is this different quality?

    • Yeah thats exactly what I thought. Would be a (profanity) steal to get them now at that price, not mid jan.

    • I've ordered them for the last few years, and would say the quality is definitely better than the ones in the supermarket.

      I've also noticed the price drop as summer progresses too, but to the $12-$15 per kg mark, personally haven't seen it go to $10/kg. But that's just my local Pak n Save and Countdown.

      • Problem with picking cherries from supermarkets is that many people did the same before you - get the best, leave the less. What you see is what others already left behind. So unless you get the NITB when the staff take them out from storage, the quality would always be less than those you order directly from Mr. Henry.

        • On top of that, cherries in the supermarkets are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality.

          • @Wakrak: There is definitely a variety based on where they've come from in nz.
            Central cherries in Dunedin super markets are way better then the crap that show up in North Island super markets.

        • Supermarkets will also have the 1kg & 2kg boxed ones. Not sure what company it is but the price will be around $10 per kg after xmas.

    • I totally agree, this "sale" is a trick! Don't fall into it!

  • I'm worried about them spoiling. Is 2kg too much for an average small family to get through? Without forcing yourself to eat them all and getting the trots lol

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      24-34mm are decent-sized cherries. Don't know how long they'll last though sorry.

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      They'll be gone in 3 days just dont keep them out if the weather is hot. Also if you do get the trots, it will all be a distant memory in 12 months time when you remember the most delicious cherries you had the previous year, and your funny tummy was probably the chicken.

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      2kg is never enough.

      Also if you like cooking, using half of them to make cherry pie is an option.

      They keep well in the fridge, too.

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    Last year we got these ones and they were watery and on their last legs. The original price is an utter scam evident of the quality of this company and their produce

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    Sorry but I look away when I see this promo every year. I got these like 2 or 3 years ago and about a third were already gone or going bad (not fresh) thus sent them an email twice but no response. I could've just been unlucky but it was a pretty disappointing experience. I was prepared to have a couple of off ones in the box but not that much… Even the good ones tasted average and found it not worth it at all. I just get my cherries from the local supermarkets - in a box or loose. If any problems just get back to them easily. But usually no issues as you get to physically check them before you buy them anyway.

    • The risk of pre-ordering I guess.

      • Haha yes. But at least they could respond. I thought it was a bit cheeky and unprofessional to ignore "negative correspondence" :(

  • Are any of you able to select the delivery date on mrhenry website?

  • I've ordered from them at this price for last few years - always thought they were worth it.
    The quality I received were definitely premium - larger, juicer, sweeter, even fresher than supermarket ones. Well worth $20/kg delivered to your door.
    I have received them myself and have also gifted them to family.
    Customer service was also satisfactory.

  • Yeah my experience was also top quality cherries, have ordered several years running.

  • Yeah, if you're lucky, you'll be able to find good and cheap cherries in some supermarkets, just like the avocados.

  • Mrs just paid $66 yesterday. She’s pissed

    • Yeah she just paid salmon price for fruit ….

      • Lucky she pays fruit prices for salmon I guess…

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