This was posted 5 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$5 off Individual Products $5.01 & Over (Requires Click & Collect, Exclusions Apply) @ The Warehouse


Can't figure out the specifics, but there's a bonus $5 off for what seems to be most of the store. Worked on a variety of $6, $7, $20, $50 items I tested.

"Click & Collect $5 Incentive -$5.00"
Has to be 1 item. Can't be multiple that add up to $5.

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      True mate, their online stats will be 200% up. Profit down 200%.

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      Sounds just like Afterpay, did 900M revenue and lost 150M but managed to sell the company at a ~40B valuation!(AUD)

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      Hoping this is the case haha

  • I got four - will see what comes through. The bog of Nivea (that autocorrect is actually better imo!) is still pretty good anyway!

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    Everyone enjoyed quick boxing day mid night sale

  • Always man always late

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      First thing when you wake up, check Cheapies, not Facebook ;)

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        I do that in the middle of the night when my baby wakes up lol. forget everything else only Cheapies…:)

      • Big brain, true facts.

      • I have Cheapies send me an Email every time a deal is posted to a Gmail account specifically created for that purpose, and I enable push notifications on the Gmail app for that account.

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    wether it will work or not..thanks for hosting the party wakrak! it has been fun haha

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    116 orders, spent around 70dlrs. Finally I can go back to sleep now. Thanks OP.

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    I have added the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Bites Berry 500g in my cart which is for $5.79 and choose Click & Collect as the Delivery method but there is no Discount.
    Does it automatically apply a discount or there is a coupon?
    Or is it gone and I'm late.

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      Gone sorry. Ended at 8:55ish

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    So this is what they mean when they say early bird gets the worm.
    Slept in and just managed to get one order in before it ended.

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      The early bird get the worm, but the early worm dies.

      • of diabetes in this case

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    Thanks OP!! Managed to get 4 orders…hope they don't get cancelled 🀞

    • All honoured and can be picked up now - yay!

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    Which stores ya'll collecting from?

    I'm South City. If there's a long line when I collect I'll know why. I'll scream out choice cheapies and the crowd will go wild.

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      New Lynn πŸ˜†

    • Belfast. I should've gone South City so I can pick up at lunchtime. Hope they don't cancel all my pickups before I finish work today.

      • I also ordered from belfast, got 15 orders in between seeing this post at 8.45 and it being stopped..

    • Westgate

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    Thanks Wakrak. That was fun πŸ˜‚

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    Thanks Wakrak, even though if this doesn't go through at least it gave me some hope lol

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    Aaand that's why you check cheapies as soon as you wake up :D

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      and before you go to bed

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        NO!!!! Never before you go to bed. My work day is wrecked. Still, can bribe fellow workers with chocolate for my lack luster work effort today.

        • there have been times where I'm already tucked in bed… and had to get up to purchase a deal.

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      And right before you go to bed (though this may cause loss of sleep)

  • Thank OP …

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    Amazing thanks op! Got 5 in before the cut off

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    Nice find.
    @Wakrak you will be looking forward to January when you can start winning prizes again for a top post?

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      Oh yes. Got one lined up already.

  • I had something in my cart but I was 1 minute too late! I saw the discount disappear from one page to the next. Oh well!

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    should we write some code in our mask during the pick up so we can recognise the owl cheapies who've been busy this morning? πŸ˜‚

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      It should be easy to guess.
      Just look for the people holding up the service counter collecting armfuls of individual orders!

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      Great idea. I'll stick a red carnation on my mask so feel free to say hello.

      I'll be chuffed if this deal goes through. Even if it doesn't was a blast ordering all that stuff. This is what rich people do right?

      • Yeah it was fun. I'm fine if mine all get cancelled

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    Wow, big deal… No, seriously. Thanks Wakrak.

  • I tried an hr ago but it didn't work. Seems like they fixed it. Was looking for coffee. Might have bagged some chocolates too. Honestly I feel like I avoided type 2 diabetes. Sometimes luck comes in handy in strange ways, even if it is not really satisfying at the moment!

  • Did anyone actually collect items from this?

    • Not me yet, my store says after 6pm ( Te Awamutu)

  • Thanks for posting this. I got 7 orders in - didn't want to be an inconvenience to the staff who have to deal with my orders. Hopefully we get our orders honoured!

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      Not all heroes wear capes! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰

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        Unless the capes cost $5.01, then we're in!

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            @Rubenite: If you get 10 capes for $50 then you can use the $5 off Market code though.
            Brings it down to $4.50 each.

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              @bigcheese: πŸ˜‚ This is easily the most entertaining cheapies thread I can remember! Despite seeing it in plenty of time this morning, I didn’t have the time to commit to utilising it, but I’ve been enjoying checking in on the comments! Well played everyone! πŸ‘πŸ»

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    OMG my phones going nuts with texts that orders are ready for collection. I got a busy lunchtime.

    • Which store?

      • This is now dead in the water. Was South City Chch.

  • Thank you for sharing! Managed to get 4 orders in before they cut it.
    Already had 2 messages that my order is ready to collect so I guess they’ve honoured at least those two.

  • 10 orders and two collection emails so far.

  • Nivea deal Buy one get on free with this deal is awesome.

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    Cheapies at the click & collect counter:

    Leaving the Warehouse like:

    • +1

      That Simpsons clip was me from 1-3AM scrolling through every category trying to convince myself I need 'this' I need 'that' πŸ˜„. My Xiaomi auto liquid soap dispenser arrived yesterday so I bought a good 6 or so bottles of foaming liquid.

  • 13 orders and 6 items ready for collection. Thanks op

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    Assuming their order numbers are sequential, in the 70 minute window I placed 10 orders they received a total of 2380 orders. I wonder how much that is up compared to any other 70 minutes on a standard Wednesday morning?

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    OK boys and girls since I'm practically next door to the Warehouse I popped in and got my first batch of items. 12 items. Took 1/2 a bloody hour. They take each order separately then write the no. down on a piece of paper then go to the magic place where its stored. Come back, scan each item, then give to you.

    These were items I ordered last night, and each one was shipped in from another store, they were in post paid bags. Hell thats a big cost for 50c items.

    So, anyone with huge orders, be prepared to wait a very very long time. I think I possibly was the first to order last night and first to go collect. Woot to me gold medal performance.

    • Damn, that was fast. You must have lost couple of pounds though lol… hopefully didn't order too much sugar haha.

    • 😰

    • Surely a more efficient way to click and collect πŸ˜‚??

      • +4

        This is the warehouse.. I don't think they have someone optimizing the click and collect process in store..

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          If anything it's worse now. In my local store, the customer service desk no longer does the C&C (they used to be able to collect multiple packages at once).

          They have a small stand next to the door now staffed by young/new/temp? employees who literally scan one code with their device, then go and collect the item from the other end of the store, come back, then scan the next code, etc etc.

          • +1

            @NeM2k2: I hope they use a step counter, because 116 trips is going to be a marathon

        • This generally tells you that they have bad inventory control (and/or shrinkage, i.e. shoplifting) in individual stores, to the point where they have to rely on the distribution centre to send them C&C items. SCA & Repco are generally better in this regard.

          Still Kmart is worse. Probably the worst.

    • Go for gold!

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    Going to prepare a list of order number, quantity and product name hope it helps in saving my time. May try sharing with them to get all order in one trip.

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    i have collected 13 out of the 14 order from south city, the service lady say there was a glitch in the syterm, so the other 37 order will be voided…still a win imao

    • dam about your other 37 orders.. hoping all mine get the text (50) saying their ready to be picked up

      • None of my ordered have been processed so far. Placed around 25 orders

        • Which store?

          • @bench: 10 orders for Takanini have no updates yet

          • @bench: New Lynn (placed order between 0545 AM - 0800 AM)

            • @BDS: Hmm same. Seems New Lynn is just radio silent on all their orders in that case

      • hopefully you get all your and pick it up quickly incase they change their mind

    • Sorry to hear you got some orders voided - I wonder how they will differentiate, surely in the 8 hours the deal was live they surely got 100s or 1000s of 'regular' c&c orders from people not trying to make the most of the deal, who may not have even noticed the discount apply? Doubtful they will void all c&c orders from such a large window of time.

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    I made several delivery orders for stuff I and family needed around 3AM, and 10 pickup orders between 3AM and 4AM for things I wanted to try.

    So far I haven't received any update email/notification about any of the orders, and the ones I placed on my account are showing as 'IN_PROGRESS'.

    • Which store?

    • Mine have been coming through throughout the day. It'll depend on the store, some may not have stock on hand

      • I've had one update email (a delivery order "we are packing your items") and one of the pickup orders is "ON_HOLD". Around half of the pickup orders said pickup today after 6PM, and the items still show as in stock at the store.

    • All pickup orders cancelled now. Haven't heard anything new about the delivery ones.

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    Thanks, I suspect it was meant to be a christmas type one use per account gone wrong, i got 3 items and felt guilty with that many, gotta feel for the warehouse and there staff.

  • Made 46 orders and 40 says they are ready to collect in wellington. I guess I will try tonight or some time tomorrow.

    • +1

      Might want to take a snack as you might be there for a couple hours while they collect them individually for you

      • +2

        Didn't you order some of that. Just give that order number first so that you can enjoy lol..

        • +3

          "Yes my first order is number 25 the Whittaker's chocolate, the rest you can bring in any order after that thanks"

    • Better collect them ASAP, someone just said their "ready to collect" orders got cancelled.

  • +1

    All my orders are cancelled. 😭

    • Says who ….you did notthing wrong

      • Says the order status on the website/app, presumably. Most of mine have been cancelled now, too.

        • How many orders were u all making

          • @geardropper: Just 10 for me, from 3am.

            • @Avantime: I didn't see the post in time to make some so missed out but I still questioned what was going on in store as I know people who have gotten some,some that are processing and others that refunded

      • No Emails from them yet, but the order history page shows that they've all been cancelled.

        • I just went in and questioned it and got told that they still might honour them.They got told that they had to stop processing them

  • +1

    Yep. Just checked my bank. 14 orders refunded.

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