Torpedo 7 Hospitality Code - Updated 29/11/21

The Torpedo 7 Hospitality Code seems to have a short shelf life at the moment.
The most recent code I posted as a deal (less than three weeks ago) has already been expired so I thought I would post here.

I have worked out the newest code, so in the interests of keeping this less public you can PM me and I will send it to you.

Please note: I will only send to Cheapies who have been a member for at least a month and have made at least a post or comment since being a member.

Sorry if this excludes some people but this is my attempt to make this last a bit longer.

Remember, make sure you are logged in for discounted club $5.99 shipping or free shipping over $99.

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  • Can someone send me the code?

  • I just signed up.. Too bad i need to wait for a month 🙁 I hope there still sale in torpedo so i can still buy the sleeping bag for my kids as saving few more bucks means a lot for us.. Thank you anyway bigcheese 😌

    • +1

      Get some comments and upvotes on posts and you'll be there in no time. Good on you for signing up 😁👍

    • Not quite the same quality, but The Warehouse has buy 1 get 1 half-price sleeping bags at the moment.

      • Yeh i just went there yesterday.. Only few option and quality is not that good. Finger cross hope there will be another sale on january 😉

        • The Hospitality discount doesn’t make much difference if it’s on sale or not

  • Hi OP,
    Can I please get the link?

  • Hey, looking to buy a life jacket. Could I please have to code to compare prices. Ty 😊

  • Hi, could I please get the code? I have now change settings to allow private messages. Thank you 😊

  • -2

    Someone send me a code please, thanks.

  • +3

    I feel sorry for your inbox OP when HNZ decides to change the code again 😄

    How many direct messages? 250?

  • Can I get the code too please?

  • Hi OP, can someone send me a code? It will be much appreciated. Trying to get a pull up bar and you know, new year new you.

  • +1

    Send OP a private message as mentioned in the post. Leaving a comment won't get you the code.

  • +1

    I suggest that @bigcheese post a deal on this. Given that the code starts with 2021 I suspect it will be expired very soon. And everyone who has benefited from this code please vote on the deal so bigcheese can win a prize as a partial compensation for his hard work.

  • +1

    Maybe next time we can make it a bit of riddle to save the OP. Or post it to pastebin and have the link it somewhere in the thread.i have a method to generate the code with minimal input if anyone's interested and isn't shy of using autohotkeys

  • anyone able to dm/pm the code please? thanks!

  • Hi there,

    Would I please be able to get a copy of the code please?

  • New member. Will try to remember to hit you up in a month!

  • Hi bigcheese, can you please send me the code? Looking at some things from T7.

    Appreciate your commitment

  • -2

    Hey there. Is someone able to PM the code please? Hoping to pick something up for the long weekend coming up. Cheers.

  • -1

    Could I please get the code?

  • +3

    I find this thread quite hilarious. Good on Bigcheese for not only offering the code but doing so in a way to help grow the community as well, but some of you people on here are acting like damn seagulls about it. I especially like the ones who sign up, then leave the site for 30 days then come back and go "can I have the code now please it's been a month?" priceless.

    • I’ve been getting quite a few messages asking for this code and ways to get $5 off $5.01 spend at The Warehouse.

      • -1

        I felt mean so I removed my original message before too many seagulls saw it and blew up your inbox.

      • hah i just resort to the old manual way :P

    • +4

      ‘Hi - you’ve reached Bigcheese. I can’t answer your message right now as I am busy replying to the other 265 messages in regards to the code. The rest I’m leaving because people can’t follow simple instructions’.
      Nek minnit disables private messaging….🤔

      • That was my next move 😄. But then I might not be able to continue the other conversations I have in there.

        • Yeah - I won’t actually disable the messaging for the same reason but sometimes it’s soooooo tempting….

      • Thank you bigcheese for doing this! Surely there must be a better way to do it, so you don't have to spend all your time trying to pm everyone the code. Can't we have a member only access section on the website?

        • +2

          In all seriousness, I don't actually mind sending the code to any Cheapie that simply makes an effort to contribute to the site.
          If doing it this way has increased involvement in the site and forced some new signups then it's all good.
          I know the member only section has been asked about before but I don't see that as something that's going to happen anytime soon.
          I've got pretty quick at responding now.

        • +1

          Requires too much effort for the mods I think and may not be what they want to do. Same thought has been brought up manyatimes on OzBargain.

          • @Wakrak: Yeah and then you see stuff pop up all over on Facebook Marketplace where people have bought discounted items (from Cheapies) and resell at below rrp but above what they bought for

            • @saxasianguy: To be fair I do that too 😄. Though it's typically just an item or two every couple of months.

              Sony speaker
              Brother P-Touch label maker
              Briscoes Karcher WV2 window vacuum $50 (I only mentioned this deal in the forums section)

              • @Wakrak: The guys I'm talking about pretty much sell every deal I see posted on Cheapies….

              • @Wakrak: That Sony speaker was hands down the best deal i've ever got. I didnt get the first deal but managed to get a Price Match from Sony (and posted the result). We use it every other day as well

      • you'll get an influx of message just before every long weekend now

    • Rather enjoying the chat, some good lols.
      bigcheese, good effort.
      Wakrak, same as per.

  • I just received message then also 😐not mine to hand out so I won't be passing it on

    • Yeah same here. Not mine to give.

  • Hi @bigcheese I sent you a PM :)

  • -2

    Code please bigcheese? Thx

  • -1

    Hi bigcheese, can you PM me the code please? :) Cheers

  • Hey bigcheese sent you a pm ☺️ Thanks

  • Hi @bigcheese buddy, have PM'd you. Been a member for a few years now. Thanks.

  • -1

    Hi Bigcheese, could I please have the code too? Thanks

  • I haven't been a member long enough to qualify for asking for the HNZ code, but would someone with the code be able to check the price of these products please, so I know what the potential savings are if I'm able to get the code in the future?

    • +1

      Link 1: $363.42
      Link 2: $369.37

      • Thank you for that!

  • Looking to get some new snow pants. Would appreciate it if someone could please DM me the code. Thanks!

    • As per the post - send me a PM

      • I thought I did (using start conversation, unless that's something different)

        • Yes your PM came through - I have replied.


    This cycling jacket comes down to $45.45 (from $179.99).

  • could I please have the code too? Thanks

  • +2

    Got this code awhile ago from you. Wanted to say thanks again. got $552 worth of new ski gear for $239… saved $313! Googles x3 , mittens x2, socks x1and thermals x2 👌

    • No problem.
      Looks like a good saving.

  • +1

    I've just noticed there are a few messages on this thread with people asking for the T7 code in a comment.
    Please send me a private message as per the post and I will respond - it's much easier for me than having to scroll through the thread to find the individual comments.
    Also, make sure your messaging is turned on.

    • Hi Bigcheese

      Just wondering if you received my message earlier today

      Thank you

      • +1

        Yes I did - sorry.
        Check your messages now.

  • -3

    Hey Cheese, do you happen to have the latest code for this month?

  • +5

    Just an update on the T7 Hospo code.
    As of today it has not changed since this forum post on the 29th Nov ‘21.

    Please check your messages and try the code first if you have messaged me previously.
    I have received a number of messages in the last few days from people who have assumed that it no longer works due to the length of time - I can assure you it still does!


    • lol at people not testing the code before messaging you.

      • +2

        Surely it’s faster and easier to test the code vs asking someone else to check if it’s working?? I clearly don’t understand people haha.

      • I guess they’re just assuming because it’s been so long that it no longer works.
        Can’t really explain it - but there have been a number of messages. 🤷‍♂️

  • Juat curious .. Has anyone tried using the code in store? Or will they only accept the code online?

    • I’ve always just down click and collect orders online as it’s easier for me knowing the code and pricing is sorted and I can check pricing ahead of time

    • They will most likely ask you for proof of membership.

  • Hi, can I please get the code?

  • -1

    Hey could I get a code please? Thanks!

  • Has the code been updated?

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