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WD Elements Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Shipped: 18TB from US$321.50 (~NZ$472) @ B&H Photo, 2x14TB $738.30 @Newegg


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B&H Photo
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Fast & Easy Prepay:

Subtotal:USD $339.99
Shipping starting from USD $42.13
Coupon discount -$40.00
Duties & Taxes USD $51.32
Total USD $393.44
Est. NZD $576.43

I'll Handle Myself:

Subtotal:USD $339.99
Shipping starting from USD $21.51
Coupon discount -$40.00
Duties & Taxes:Due Upon Delivery
Total USD $321.50
Est. NZD $471.03

14TB @USD $199 + Shipping & Taxes
16TB @USD $299 + Shipping & Taxes


Also @ Amazon USD$339.99 / NZD ~$631.89
Order Summary
Items: USD 339.99
Shipping & handling: USD 27.69

Total before GST: USD 367.68
Estimated GST to be collected: USD 55.15
Order total: USD 422.83
Payment Total: NZD 631.89


Also @NewEgg
Order Summary

Item(s):    NZ $544.00
Delivery:    NZ $0.00
Est. Duty & GST:     NZ $86.33

Total: NZ $630.33

2x 14 TB
Item(s): NZ $642.00
Est. Delivery: NZ $0.00
Est. GST: NZ $96.30
Est. Total: NZ $738.30

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  • When you pay taxes in nz is it applied to the total value you paid?

    So USD321.50 -> NZD = $471.81*15% = $70.68 for GST?

    • +1

      There are also fees to factor in, I know DHL tack some on for handling it.

      Others have reported not being charged GST/duty when selecting that handle yourself option, but own risk obviously.

      • What fees would that be? admin fees?

        Worst case would be ~$570 then

        Considering 18TB starts at $840 here, its not bad.

        • Something like that. They're DHL fees on top of any tax/government fees.

          • @Detruire: Wait so on top of the shipping fees that you're paying for there's additional fees DHL charges again?

            (I've never used B&H usually just wait for Amazon deals)

            • @Huntakillaz: Yes, they charge additional fees if you get them to collect duties and handle the associated paperwork for you. Some carriers allow you to deal with customs yourself, in which case you don't pay the extra (non-government) fees, but I don't know whether DHL will let you do this.

              Edit: I've never had to deal with this myself, but was told about it by a colleague who did.

    • Unless you spend more than NZ$1000 you won't be paying GST at the border. That's what the new regime is like. https://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=48&topicid=274… and some previous Cheapies threads I can't be bothered digging up.

      I think it's widely believed that B&H do meet the threshold for the stuff they sell to NZ and they almost definitely do in Australia but they're not collecting GST in either location. Both government have limited ability to do anything about it so they just seem to be letting it be for now. B&H were known as one of the companies who tried the hardest to avoid paying any sales taxes to US states too so it's not particularly surprisingly. Personally I avoid B&H because of it, in the past their shipping was worse than Amazon anyway so while their prices were still a bit lower they weren't as low as you'd think going just by the fact your avoiding paying GST. Now they seem to have the lowest shipping too :-(

      Edit: Actually for 14TB the shipping is about the same between Amazon and B&H. Well B&H is US$26, Amazon is US$27.69 so slightly more but not the 21 the OP reported for 18TB. So yeah I can stick with Amazon and continue to avoid B&H. If you get 2 Amazon continues to be better USD 46.53 vs US$54.16

      P.S. If you're comfortable avoiding GST by buying from B&H despite their apparent refusal to participate in the GST regime, that's up to you. I'm not trying to say people should feel or do the same as me, just expressing how I feel about it.

  • OP mate, it's available on Amazon US for $339.99 USD and looking at $28 USD for shipping…

    I hope you haven't bought one from B&H yet.

    • B&H works out cheaper still though, I've seen posts here before but not many over the past year so wondering if things have changed or something

      • I totally skimmed your totals without seeing the addition of tax & duties hah.

    • Too high for me, was getting my 10tbs for $270- 320nzd.

      NZD 508.09
      Shipping & handling: NZD 41.38
      Estimated GST to be collected: NZD 82.42
      Payment Total: NZD 631.89

      Applicable Exchange Rate
      1 USD = 1.4944246499 NZD

      • The 14TB are the best price /TB at the moment. Also AFAIK ~NZ$280 was without GST and was also before COVID-19 so Amazon shipping was cheaper. That said exchange rates are better than then so it all comes out a bit of a wash. Of course you could use B&H if your comfortable being part of them not participating in the GST regime. That said even at Amazon 14TB works out to be NZD 391.29 all up so it's no cheaper but no more expensive than 10TB were

        • Looks like the 14 tb is our if stock. Let's of chatter online a out best buys easystore 14tb for 200usd, unfortunately they don't seem to ship overseas.

          • @cutcutcut: Pity about Amazon. Sometimes stuff comes back into stock on and off as a back order so might be worth checking regularly. I think the sale ends at midnight PT which 2100.

            Also still on sale at B&H 1 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1550572-REG/wd_wdbwlg… s as a back order shipping in mid December. Sale ends in about 3 days assuming they don't end it sooner. I had a bad experience when I tried buying an 750GB MX300 from B&H on back order but I assume it won't be repeated since they aren't getting rid of the 14TB. 2

            And on NewEgg https://www.newegg.com/global/nz-en/wd-elements-14tb-black/p…
            NewEgg charges more for the drive than Amazon + B&H Photo but if you spend NZ$490 e.g. 2 drives or add something else for your order you get free shipping. So it ends up cheaper for 2 drives. I don't know when their sale is ending.

            And yeah BestBuy doesn't ship overseas. Sucks since Easystores tend to have more sales & also go on sale before Amazon etc. E.g. the 14TB was actually $190 at least one last year, and $200 several times last year and I think it the latter part of this year. It's also available for $200 direct at WD but again US only.

            Edit: Sorry missed the dates, no rush for B&H sale.

            1. As I mentioned above I don't like B&H's GST practices but if Amazon is out of stock can't be helped. Note you can use B&H's option to pay GST but I'd be reluctant to do that since I really have no idea what they do. Unless they're GST registered and only paying it some of the time the only way they can collect and pay GST is via the shipping company. But AFAIK there's no way for them to pay GST via the shipping company if it's under $1000. So if they're not refunding it like Amazon use to do, I wonder if they're actually just stealing your money. 

            2. B&H kept selling the MX300 750GB on back order even though it was basically a clearance deal, Crucial were getting rid of it. So of course there was not enough stock and they had to cancel all their back orders. They did offer a discount on other drives but was no where near as good as the 750GB. However the only reason I got the drive from B&H was because it was out of stock everywhere else and there wasn't really any other deal I missed so wasn't really that angry at them, 

            • @Nil Einne: Actually I think B&H finally stopped accepting back orders. It's a bit confusing since they also shut down their website for Shabbat at they always do but you should be able to add to cart (try a different capacity) but can't anymore. Unless I'm very confused you could still add to cart 2 hours ago. Not sure whether they'll open it up again, they might not.

              BTW I checked the file I save from yesterday and confirmed Amazon sale is ending at 2100. So if you haven't got it from them by then, will need to try somewhere else.

        • the last 10tb drive i got was NZD $267 in Nov 2020 - this was the cheapest drive with the added GST.
          Im hoping there will be another sale like this since i want to reduce how many drives on 24/7

          Order Summary
          Item(s) Subtotal:USD 149.99
          Shipping & Handling:USD 15.56
          NZ $10 off: -USD 10.00
          Total before GST:USD 155.55
          Estimated GST:USD 23.33
          Grand Total:USD 178.88
          Payment Grand Total: NZD 267.19

          • @coffeee: That USD price for the base drive is more expensive for the drive than the 14TB per TB though. (Buying a 14TB at this price would be US$210 or buying a 10TB at the 14TB $200 price would be US$142.86.) Only reason the 10TB was cheaper in NZD is because you had the NZ$10 off and shipping was cheaper because it was before it got too expensive to ship here.

            Even so, the 14TB is close enough that I don't see it worth waiting unless you want a 10TB to match your other drive/s. Non BestBuy sales on these drives seem rare enough. And seems unlikely shipping price will recover until mid February at a minimum when all Kiwis can skip MIQ, or more likely May when things open up to international travellers. And with Omicron, who knows if things will actually proceed as planned. Looking at Geekzone it sounds like they increased prices last year then reduced them in ~June 2020 so perhaps it could be similar.

            • @Nil Einne: Sorry got confused by dates guess they increased them in March or whatever last year then back down in June. Not sure when Amazon increased shipping prices again I suspect in August or September but as said IMO could be a while before they're back down again.

              Last drive I got was 12TB in mid July last year think it was prime day sale. Was US$175.49 so would be US$146.24 for a 10TB at that price. But spent NZ$337.27 so a little more expensive per TB than yours because although shipping was low, no $10 discount.

              Order Summary
              Item(s) Subtotal:USD 175.49
              Shipping & Handling:USD 13.51
              Total before GST:USD 189.00
              Estimated GST:USD 28.35
              Grand Total:USD 217.35
              Payment Grand Total:NZD 337.27

  • Shuck that boy

  • +2

    if anyone gets this, share the tax stories with us please for future reference buying from BH

  • So many Linux isos

  • Thanks, been waiting for ages.. having never used this site before, i took the plunge.

    • Mine showed up today, will verify after work to ensure its all good.
      Just to confirm, i paid on B&H selecting i'd sort my own duties/taxes & didn't have to pay anything additional.
      I was charged $489.79

      • I have two quick questions if you dont mind:
        1) your paid amount ($489.79) is NZD correct?
        2) Drive size and quantity?

        • +1

          That is correct $489.79 NZD
          16.3TB - hopefully this answers your questions

  • 14tb drive @199 is better value.

  • I bought a 14tb from b&h, arrived this month for 225usd landed.

    • So you didn't have to pay dhl fees or gst?

      • +3

        No, if the vendor doesn't collect gst, then if the values of goods plus shipping is less than 1000 nzd total then gst is exempt. Item delivered by DHL.

  • I managed to get the the flash deal for the 18TB last night for $299.99 + $21.50 shipping USD

    Its been shipped already.

    Have bought from here before and never had to pay gst once it gets here

    • Oh what about extra dhl fees or so?

      • Nothing charged

        • ok good to know thanks 👌

      • That's only if Customs decide to charge the GST/Duty and DHL handle it, if they don't there aren't any costs, it just gets delivered.

    • I managed to get the the flash deal for the 18TB last night for $299.99 + $21.50 shipping USD

      Is this a onetime event? Do you know if it is happening again / when to look out for it??

      • +2

        It's still on, Select " I'll Handle Myself " at checkout

        $339.99-$40 = $299.99+$21.51= USD $321.50
        Est. NZD $471.54

        • Aha, thank you - sorry got confused the -$40 off as I didnt see that until it was in the cart.

          Order has been placed - $730.65 USD for 2x 18TB's (I'll handle it myself)

          Edit: On that note, it appears the $40 discount is gone now.

      • i would say it will be a one time.

        Newegg has them for 299 using promo code BFFRDY47 if you don't mine using a forwarder, will cost a little more but still not the cost of the drive here.

        EDIT: or 630 NZD delived here

  • +1

    Not as cheap as this which is NZD$660 but Newegg is including GST

    2x 14 TB Shipped
    Item(s): NZ $642.00
    Est. Delivery: NZ $0.00
    Est. GST: NZ $96.30
    Est. Total: NZ $738.30

  • Currently on "Back-Ordered" now

  • BTW - my 14TB from b&hphoto has 385 bad sectors, so we will see how their return process goes.

    • Oh bummer, what porgams do you use to scan?

      • linux: badblocks or e2mkfs -c -c -t ext4 /dev/sdX (format ext4 using badblocks)

        bc I ordered in April and it only arrived in November, I couldn't request a return directly via the website because it said it was outside the 30 days, so I've emailed CSR.

        • April? Wow I thought my estimated January 28 - February 4 for an order this morning from Amazon was bad. And your Chia plans are shot j/k

          • @Nil Einne: Was on backorder for a loooonnnggggg time

            • @kiwijunglist: Wonder if it was partly Chia and supply chain disruptions or just that B&H Photo couldn't handle their order numbers? Looks like they shut off back orders quite quickly this time if the mid December time frame is to be believe. One advantage with Amazon is they're probably better at handling massive spikes and also better at knowing when to cut off backorders. In fact my estimated delivery has changed from January 28-February 4 to December 30-January 12 this morning. (B&H is quite a big operation but they still pale in comparison to Amazon. I wouldn't be surprised if even in terms of specialised photographic equipment Amazon sells more to New York or the US than B&H does to either place.)

              • @Nil Einne: I imagine it would be both, good special so they probably sold a lot and then chia causing some shortages.

  • Would anyone who has bought these drives (16TB's) be willing to confirm what model HDD / specs of said HDD they received?

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