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Jabra Elite 85T True Wireless Earbuds (Titanium Black) - $136.37 (or 685pts) with Free Shipping @ Flybuys


It appears that Flybuys have applied a double discount to these in error. They appear on the store for 1105 points, but drop to 685 when you open the product page. You can buy them without points for $136.37 (and earn 13 points at the same time), solely with points (685 of them), or a mix of both.

The cheapest I can find these elsewhere is on The Market for $187.20 with the 10% off code (BFCM10).

There are other products available here that have also had a double discount applied (not all of them, but a lot).

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Fly Buys NZ


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    Thank you very much, bought one.

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    Wish they were active ones and not regular elite. Nice find though.

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      Funny you mention that - I took a look at your post earlier and went hunting for an active version, but there actually isn't one for the 85T.

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        Interesting, didn't knew there was only 1 option. Good to know

  • anything else worth to buy?

    • https://store.flybuys.co.nz/store/torpedo7-maxair-trampoline...

      With zero points, this comes in at $349 including 34 bonus flybuys points and (presumably) free delivery (I went as far as checkout and didn’t see any freight fees added). Torpedo 7’s own site have it at $399.99 for Black Friday (down 38% from $649.99) and subject to a $79/$119 shipping fee depending on NI vs SI.

      Potentially a pretty sweet buy if someone is in the market for such a Christmas purchase.

      • Link not working

        • Item has been removed from the site. I’m guessing it was an error since they do display out of stock products.

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    It’s a 38% discount on the usual which exceeds the stated top level of the 30% off Black Friday deals. Possibly a mistake alright, although it might just be clearance thing. A good deal either way, thanks for sharing!

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      With products like the Jabra Elite 7 Active and Jabra Elite 7 Pro at such good prices, a clearance wouldn't surprise me. Although, this product is relatively new too.

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    Looks like they're on to Choicecheapies and pulled some of the products.

    • yeah.. they haven't pulled this though

  • Thanks. Copped one. Looking to upgrade from my Buds 1. Had the Buds Pro but the fit just wasn't for me.

  • Tried to price match with Noel Leeming, but they wont say because its based on points. Even though they are technically a retail store where you can buy outright without using points.

  • How does warranty work if bought from flybuys? I can't see the store for this?

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      The full terms are here

      6 - Cancellations, Refunds and Returns, and Your Consumer Rights

      6.1. Once an Item has been purchased, it cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged because you have changed your mind. If the Item is defective or damaged, Loyalty NZ will comply with its obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act and will arrange for the Item to be repaired, replaced, or refunded in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act.

      6.2. If you wish to arrange a return, exchange or refund in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act, please call 0800 FLYBUYS (0800 359 2897) Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm (excluding public holidays).

  • Got one. Thanks

  • Awesome deal, and even better for those who got the disney+ flybuys points from a deal posted a few weeks ago. This one

    • Did you receive your flybuys from Disney deal?

      • I missed out :( I saw the deal too late.

        • +1

          I had enough to get this deal, but still waiting on my Disney Flybuys.

  • Bought one

  • Thanks, Ive been looking for some decent priced wireless earbuds for a while, so bought one. Fantastic price.

  • Bought some. Thanks

  • Joined flybuys so I can buy these. Pretty great value.

  • anyone got theirs shipped yet?

    • Still nothing. Anyone else?

      • I'm sensing cancellation :S

    • Nah nothing yet either. But do flybuys send shipping notifications? It did say could be 8 days to arrive

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    Mine turned up this morning via courier from noels

    • wow.. did they ever give you a tracking #?

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        Nope just got a text this morning that something was coming from noels via nzpost (text from nzpost).

        • thanks! looking forward to receiving mine in a few days then.

          • @huffboy: I ordered the first day it was on cheapies and based in Auckland. So only took about 5 days.

  • Only concerning thing is that NLG has removed the 85T from their stocklist, so it is indeed EOL then I suspect many cancellations…

    • It's also disappeared from the flybuys site, so I'm guessing if Noel Leeming is their sole supplier they both removed the listing when they ran out of stock. Fingers crossed they didn't over sell and we still get them.

      • Fingers crossed.

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    Got mine delivered today

    • Nice! Did you get a tracking at all?

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        Nope no tracking, same as @tripp said above I just got a text this morning from NZ Post saying my package from Noel Leeming will be delivered today.

        • Nice, fingers crossed I get something notified tomorrow..

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            @Sxeten: mine just came in 5 mins ago- no tracking email, got SMS after it was delivered

  • Grabbed some and fingers crossed they turn up with a text notification soon! Thanks for posting!

  • Received mine today. Same as reported. No emails or anything. Just a text in the morning from NZ Post and received them in few hours.

  • Mine arrived today, no tracking no nothing.. but its here! Yay

    • I own xiaomi air dots, galaxy buds, and buds pro and now this - I can say this Elite 85T is my favourite out of all of them.. Real happy with the set especially at the price point.

  • Mine arrived yesterday, no tracking no nothing as well

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    Still waiting, no message so far…

    • I'm still waiting too; no word yet :(

      • +1

        Also waiting. Ordered 25th November, outside of AKL. Courier already been today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
        Anyone order 26th or later and already received? Hoping just taking their time going down the country..

        • Ordered on 25th as well. Received on 3rd. Might as well check with flybuys.

  • One of my orders finally arrived yesterday.
    Interestingly the one ordered on the 26th Nov hasn't arrived, but the one ordered on the 28th has - and it came up from Queenstown. They must be trying to find stock from around the country.

  • Just called the flybuys and it seems nl is out of stock and will take 2 or 3 weeks to get the stock.

    • +1

      Got mine today, they've work very hard to find the stock.

      • Great on FB to source stock instead of cancelling orders!!

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