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Plex Pass Lifetime - $73 (TRY₺617.24)


I know 25% off has been posted here

But found cheaper way to get the lifetime subscription at Ozbargain. Thanks Stevenx.

No need for a VPN, simply apply two codes from previous deals and change the card country.

FYI: I haven't tried it as already have lifetime subscription.

Why Plex
Plex brings together all the media that matters to you. Your personal collection will look beautiful alongside stellar streaming content. Enjoy Live TV & DVR, a growing catalog of great web shows, news, and podcasts. It's finally possible to enjoy all the media you love in a single app, on any device, no matter where you are.

Lots more at https://www.plex.tv/

Edit: Looks like people are having mixed outcome with credit card & country. Try below method mentioned by @Iasc

you need to select turkey when subscribing first time using promo for one month(in case you use one you can try those AD-ONEMONTH / HDHR01MONTH / TECHWITHBRETT30) it will pass and store your CC. Then when you upgrade you use lifetime code and use saved CC and don't need to change county it will be Turkey already

Everyone with credit card issues

  • Go to https://plex.tv/subscription and purchase a monthly subscription for free by using a free month code "AD-ONEMONTH or HDHR01MONTH or TECHWITHBRETT30" - Make sure you put in your CC details with the country code of turkey.


  • Go to https://plex.tv/subscription, select upgrade subscription; Enter the code "LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT" and use the same credit card as step 1.

Worth trying the update method in private browser.

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    OK seen a few posts on this and heard the name bandied about, without doing a whole google search on it, what is plex?

    • +1

      In Short, Organize all your content in one place. Movies, tv shows, music, photos etc. Also, integrate live tv. Plex pass gives you access to free content as well.

      • what kind of live tv - the one's available locally like TVNZ On Demand and such? can you watch overseas channels with a VPN on Plex?

        • +1

          It has mostly overseas channels


        • Re: live TV channels.

          NZTV - yes can watch on Plex by setting up an IPTV tuner (free software) on the server. If you aren't good with computers then this might be too difficult to setup for some users.

          AUTV - yes as above, but some channels require au VPN to work.

          PlexTV - Plex includes a lot of overseas TV channels, this doesn't require a VPN or any additional software set up, it just works.

          • @kiwijunglist: Can you do the above with free version of plex?

            • +1

              @justaddwater: Plex server requires Plex pass for TV and DVR.

              Plex client free can access TV from a Plex pass server

          • @kiwijunglist: Is there an addon to be able to stream live tv? is that what IPTV tuner does? - Ill look it up when i get home

            • +1

              @wellydeal: Yes you can look at mathies guide on Freeview with Plex. From memory the software is called tellytv I think.

              The software creates a virtual DVR-TV tuner with the source being an internet TV stream.

              I run this in a docker container on my Linux server

    • It's really a media software package. Mostly you need to bring your own hardware and media to be worth using a lot.

      In my case I have an old PC with a couple of hard drives and a few TB of DVD/blu ray tips. The software on that pc is the server and builds a library. The app on my RV and phone can just see all of like and play it, formats don't matter as the server changes them to whatever the device can handle and based on my settings. It's pretty much make your own Netflix/Spotify service.

      I really highly recommend it for anyone with a locally stored digital library to centralise it and get the best experience. If you don't really have any files saved locally just try the free version to see if it's worth the time and money to set up.

  • Works like a charm, as advised by others, its only for those running servers, so although I know it is not for me, I am so tempted to go for it as a token of loyalty.

    • This has been the best investment I made in Software category by a long mile for me. Using plex daily since 5 years or so. Running the server as well. It has never crashed on me.

      • Okkkk, I gave my money too!!

  • I've done it after seeing the post on ozbargain, now it is a great deal.

  • Arg - I did this yesterday and paid $120 or whatever it was for it. I don't mind as it's a great price for something the family use every day and will be using for years to come.

    At this price it's a no brainer.

    • +2

      I never regretted it…. the niggling restrictions and disabled functions in the standard version eventually got to me.

      My only concern might be that lifetime doesn't mean a lot when it comes to software companies. I've had several 'lifetime' purchases were subsequently turned into annual subscriptions.

      • Don't say that I just bought this ha haa…that said, many companies take the ethical approach and offer a better deal for their loyal customers or leave them on, a perfect example I experienced is the app called Daylio, its a journaling app, they only had a lifetime to launch, later went monthly but left the lifetime members as such, so I get the best of both worlds, the constant improvements with nothing to pay, however, you are correct, I have heart many such stories too.

      • I think I read somewhere few years back that someone from Plex confirmed that lifetime subscription would truly be a lifetime one. But I agree with you many times this does turn into annual subscriptions or something similar.

        Fyi: Some companies marketing a lifetime deal has set a limit of 25 years or so in their T&C. Not sure on this one, haven't found any yet.

  • +1

    Been tossing up few years about signing up, this worked perfectly! thanks

  • +3

    I've had a lifetime pass for several years. It's a great product that gets better and better. The free version is also great, but worth supporting if you can afford it.

  • +1

    This is great - Turkey for the win! Same as Netflix as well haha :P
    Plex is great, have a lot of kids shows on our network that our cheap Amazon Fire tablet is able to play on Plex! Keeps the current episode data of where you were last up to for any device in the house to play next!

    • Hey mate how did you get Netflix to do the same? Im' paying like $21 or something for my Netflix/month!!

  • +1

    Never thought I'd thank Erdogan for anything https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/11/23/turkey-lira-…

    Thanks also to OP :D

  • Still a relative newbie with Plex, are there any benefits with transcoding with the Plex Pass when I am running a NAS server with an NUC loaded as the Plex server. I also regularly have subtitles in all the content I view as well.

    I had a server setup originally through a MyCloud which crapped out on me and have now started to invest into a proper server solution with a Synology 8 bay NAS and using an NUC to run Plex off.

    My NUC is Intel NUC 8th Gen i7, 16GB, 240GB NVMe with specs below:

    CPU: 8th Gen - Intel® Core™ i7-8559U Processor 4c 8t (8M Cache, up to 4.50 GHz)
    RAM: 16 GB
    SSD: 240 GB NVMe
    Includes Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps)
    USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps)
    DP 1.2 via USB-C
    microSDXC card slot
    dual microphones
    Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 + Bluetooth 5.0
    Windows 10 Pro

    • Please clarify your question. Is your Plex server (not Plex client), running on a Nas or on the nuc.

      • I'm using the NAS as a storage unit where my NUC would connect to retrieve the data from the network drives. The NUC itself would be the one that has the Plex media server installed on it. I have been hearing that using a Plex pass allows for better transcoding processes. But I am curious whether I would get any improvements with my user experience with transcoding improvements when my system setup is through a NUC which does not have a dedicated graphics card like a computer tower setup.
        Thanks for your help.

        • +1

          When streaming to device go into webui/ setting and see if its direct play (not transcoding), most likely when on the same network

          Transcoding may occur on unsupported formats and when you gotta reduce the bitrate (mobile network), also the nuc with its igpu would be overkill depending on how many users and resolution of video.
          I was using plex on a old sandybridge server, working fine for a few people.


        • +2


          Most clients can play video directly and don't need transcoding.

          If the client doesn't support the video format then the video is transcoded by the server.

          If you are streaming something over the internet to a client at a lower bitrate then the video will be transcoded.

          If you are playing a video with subtitles, then most devices running plex support subtitles directly, without needing to have them burnt in to the video by the server (ie no transcoding)

          If the plex client doesn't support subtitles, then transcoding will definitely occur.

          NUC Intel CPUs (I think 6th generation and up) supports both hardware video transcoding (on the integrated GPU) AND software video transcoding.

          Hardware transcoding requires paid version of plex on the server.

          Software transcoding is typically slightly better quality than hardware transcoding but the difference is minimal.

          Hardware transcoding uses less power and less CPU resources, so you might be able to get more people transcoding at the same time if multiple users.

          Audio transcoding is done by the CPU in the software and doesn't use much resources compared to video.

  • god damn it, I paid for the 25% off deal the other day zzz

  • I got this " Selected country (TUR) does not match Credit Card country (NZL)
    Please correct and try again." @ace310

    • I got the same error using a Wise card, ANZ worked for me in the end.

      • Tried 2 different cards… same error message as @brownie1

        • Same here. Tried my ANZ Visa and ANZ Visa debit, same issue :(

          • @itakestime: I just paid with ANZ Visa debit.

            • @danz: I guess Plex just hates me.
              Got my neighbour to try their ASB card, same country error. boooo

              • @itakestime: Interesting. Wonder how some are able to use it but others are not. Try using VPN in case you have it.

                • @ace310: Just gave that a try (VPN'd to Turkey) - same error.

      • ANZ didn't work for me

    • Worked, no idea why it didn't before.

      • how did you get it to work

        • Keen to know too!

    • Same tried
      ASB CC and debit
      BNZ CC
      warehouse money

  • THIS is an awesome deal. I paid full price for premium probably 5 years ago and despite the sadness at missing out on the deals that come up, honestly it was worth even paying full price. Great media serving software and recently they even have their own free library of old movies and series to stream too.

  • Works with my ASB card, cheers OP

  • After payment, has anyone received a confirmation email? I haven't but the subscription shows.

    • Same here, no confirmation email but the lifetime subscription status shows.

  • There was an error creating the subscription: Selected country does not match Credit Card country (ASB VISA)

  • I've got one lifetime account moons ago and decided to get 1 more anyway with this price!

    • Why would you need another?

      • Yea! I'm curious to know as well!

      • +1

        I dont know, family in Canada and AUS have been sharing media (family movies/pics) over the net for sometime, maybe they interested on this.

  • +1

    I paid just to show loyalty and support because been using Plex on and off for a while now. But if anyone is on the fence about the 'monitoring and stats' benefit of Plex Pass, I find that Tautulli is better than Plex Dash. Yes Tautulli is one more thing to install but I find it is ver lightweight and reports on more things that Plex Dash couldn't. For eg, I can see my mum 'tried' to watch couple of shows or 'started' watching but didn't finish. These stats aren't shown in Plex but only on Tautulli. Its good to know because then I can reach and see what is going on etc. According to Plex, mum hasn't been on for over a month lol.

  • Didn't work on my kiwibank or wise cards. Tried paypal but when you go to select country it doesn't list Turkey.

    • Worked on my wise card - I opened a Turkish account. Don't use Paypal. Select the country on the normal checkout page.

      • Sadly I have only anz and kiwi bank. No wise card

      • How did you open a Turkish account in Wise? Did you get a Turkish digital card in Wise?

        • I think you open a Turkish bank account and your wise card will use it. Don't think you need to have a different card. I can be wrong.

          • @ace310: Well, I did that, but the bank account is an IBAN number and not a credit card number. You can't use that for the Plex checkout page.

            My understanding is that techhit registered a brand new Wise account and selected his country as Turkey. The problem is, Wise doesn't seem to provide a debit card in Turkey yet (I've tried creating a new Wise account in Turkey). Also, Wise needs to verify your ID and address, so I don't see how this could have been possible.

            • @Chaoscreater: Aah. Well.

            • @Chaoscreater: I used my wise debit card deducting it from my turkish funds. It just saves on foreign currency conversion fees.

          • @ace310: That's right

            • @techhit: But your Wise card would still be a NZ based card though? Like, your Wise account was originally created as NZ account. The card you use at the checkout would still be detected as a NZ card.

              • @Chaoscreater: Yeah it would be. I don't use my NZ credit cards for any overseas transactions cos of the ripoff conversion fees they charge. Paypal are the worst, and all the NZ banks charge like 2.5%+

                • @techhit: So just to be clear, you used your NZ Wise card for Plex checkout and it accepted it. You didn't get the following message?

                  "Selected country (TUR) does not match Credit Card country (NZL)
                  Please correct and try again."

  • Hi, I haven't looked into media servers for years. How does plex compare to the old XBMC? Is XBMC still around?

    • XBMC is not around I believe. Plex is way better and mature now. Plex picked up lots of things from XBMC.

    • XBMC has renamed and now is called KODI, it is still really powerful; but its a different use case to plex. Kodi is a front end that you'd run on the client connected to the PC, it can run Plex client to consume the content. This deal is great for the benefit or running Plex back end server; where you host 'your' media on a PC and this content is then consume in your house/network or by others around the world..

  • +1

    worked, thanks guys You have a shiny Plex Pass
    Thanks for supporting Plex, we really appreciate it.
    You're a lifetime member. Life is good

    • It didn't work for you and then it did, what did you do? I tried VPN and doesn't work. ASB Visa CC and Debit

      • I updated the post check if that helps.

  • Ok the flow on a post is a bit incorrect, you need to select turkey when subscribing first time using promo for one month(in case you use one you can try those AD-ONEMONTH / HDHR01MONTH / TECHWITHBRETT30) it will pass and store your CC. Then when you upgrade you use lifetime code and use saved CC and don't need to change county it will be Turkey already

    • not sure if it helped but i still used vpn

      • works for me without VPN(asb CC)

    • +1

      Thank you!!! I just did this and it worked, wasn't working with the method first described and was banging my head against a wall trying to figure it out.

      • +1

        Still no joy for me. I still get the incorrect country error. Can’t see what (if anything) I’m doing wrong

  • Sorry for thr potentially stupid question but if I have tv shows saved to my laptop and a chromecast on my TV can I use plex to easily play the shows on my TV via the chromecast?

    • +1

      Depends which chromecast you have. Chromecast with google tv has plex app. For Original or ultra chromecast you will have to cast it from either phone or laptop.

      But in short, that's the reason to have plex so that you can access your content anywhere. Install the free version and give it a go. Setup won't take long.

    • +1

      Yep, it's a media organiser middleman basically.

  • +1

    Got syncler plus and real debrid that was suggested as an alternative on a previous plex deal and couldnt be happier.

  • Same issue as others, credit card does not match to country.

    • See above port from Iasc. It wasn't working for me earlier with the method described when first posted. Using Iasc method worked perfectly with my ANZ card.

  • Failing when trying to subscribe for first month for free:

    Selected country (TUR) does not match Credit Card country (NZL)
    Please correct and try again.

    • Same with kiwibank

      • they might have fixed the loop hole :(

  • Getting credit card doesn't match turkey

  • Any one tried virtual card for initial signup?


  • +1

    The new method didn't work as it rejects me from Turkey even at the 1 month free stage.
    Guys, next best alternative is use Paypal under Brazil which is about $102.

    • +1

      How did you get it working in Paypal though? I'm getting this:

      Selected country (BR) does not match PayPal country (NZ)
      Please correct and try again.

      And if I try to sign up for a Brazil Paypal account, it will ask to verify a Brazilian mobile number. Even one of those fake SMS generators don't receive the text, such as this one:

    • Try updated method

  • Seems like the LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT code doesn't work anymore either. Maybe they patched it.

    • Try the updated steps above in post

      • +2

        I just took a look and the new update doesn't address the new issue, which a lot of us have been complaining about (not against you obviously).

        "Selected country (TUR) does not match Credit Card country (NZL)
        Please correct and try again."

        I seem to somehow got it working though and this is what I did:

        1. Sign up for 1 month trial using any of the free 1 month trial codes. Just use NZ here, otherwise the checkout wouldn't complete.
        2. Cancel subscription.
        3. Browse to here - https://plex.tv/subscription and find the keyword "Upgrade". Then click the link to "Upgrade" to 1 month trial without using coupon code, change CC country to Turkey (You won't be charged, you're already on a free month). Your Credit Card should now select Turkey and the prices at the top of the page should show in TRY.
        4. Upgrade to lifetime using Coupon code "LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT".
        5. If you try to checkout using credit card and you get a message similar to "fraud" detected or something like that, then switch to the Paypal payment option. Just use your normal Paypal NZ account and make the payment. The end result is that you'll be paying around $110 NZD. Yes, it's not $73, but it's a lot cheaper than the $140 NZD if you use the lifetime coupon directly.

        I think their system is detecting your card country based on the card number. If you make a payment using a card that is based in "Turkey" but is actually a NZ card, then it thinks there's fraud activity or something. So the trick is to make the payment page display in TRY currency, then paying it legitimately as a proper NZ card.

  • +9

    These steps worked for me just now.

    1. Sign up for and purchase one month membership using the free code. I had my country set as NZ.
    2. Cancel the membership.
    3. Reactivate the membership (monthly option) and enter payment details and set country to Turkey. You won't get charged as you had the free one month code applied.
    4. From there, upgrade your membership to lifetime option and apply the LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT code. The site should also show the prices in Turkey.
    • After spending most of the afternoon trying to get it to work, this was the method that worked for me. Thanks a mil guys!

    • Bro thank you so much been trying all day to solve this puzzle this solution is working. Paid with anz debit card. Legend

    • Thank you so much @hellomellow, It took me almost 2 hours trying to solve the credit card issue until i start to use your approach!

      It works okay to me and directly charged $74.79 with my ANZ visa debit card!

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