Panasonic 75" JX600 4K LED 2021 $2098, Google Nest Hub $79, Sony WH-1000XM4 $358 + More @ Noel Leeming


black friday sale now on, some good deals, will post more as i find them.
remember once they appear in the market (hopefully) you can get a further 10% off.

$2098 - Panasonic 75" JX600 4K LED 2021 Television
Market Link

$79 - Google Nest Hub
Market link

$358 Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black (thanks offroad)
Market link

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming


    • More if you click on the categories.. Not sure why they've done it that way.


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        🤣 for a "tech" business their website just keep getting worse, really hate the new accounts/order side of things.

    • that list in incomplete, you can see the catergories and black friday icon which i assume is part of the sale but not on your link

    • now 796 items showing, just took them a while

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    $358 Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black

    Shows same price on the market too, so it will be $322.2 IMO this is a great price

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    • $322 cant go wrong lol

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    Lame gaming deals

    PlayStation 4 HITS Ratchet & Clank
    was $34.99 - 46% off

    PlayStation 4 Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut
    was $124.00 - 36% off

    PlayStation 5 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    was $119.00 - 34% off

    Xbox One Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition
    was $44.00 - 34% off

    Just Dance 2022
    was $89.00 - 22% off

    Immortals Fenyx Rising
    was $49.00 - 20% off

    PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs: Legion
    was $49.00 - 20% off

    Riders Republic
    was $99.00 - 10% off

    • awesome thanks!

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    All of these deals will likely be on the market where you can get another 10% off as well.

  • Race to the bottom for the Nest Hub it seems. Is there a new one on the way or something?

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    Logitech MX Master 3 for $105.29 using the 10% off code at The Market.

  • Sonos One not on sale or in stock 🙁

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    Logitech G915 is $234 - after 10% off on The Market
    Only 3 types available. The full length tactile + linear and white TKL tactile available.

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    I just want to share that jx600 is the worst tv from a major brand in the last few years. It’s 50hz, but the processor can barely keep up with that, android tv is excruciatingly slow on these ones.

    The panel itself is also pretty crap, bad contrast… even for an edge lit tv it’s sub par

    It’s not pana manufactured, aside from the retail epop demo stuff there’s no occurrence of the word ‘Panasonic’ anywhere in the software

    If it’s for a nana that only plug in an apple or voda tv it’s okay, but anyone else

    Disclaimer: I sell TVs for a living, you are significantly better off getting a jvc or veon from the warehouse and a smart box of some description

    • thanks for the advice! are there any tv's from the Noel Leeming sale you recommend?

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        Lg c1 is your go to but I don’t imagine it’s much cheaper than 3800, haven’t looked.

        For cheaper end au9000 from Samsung is solid, as is almost any Sony except for the (x8?) non android tv event model.

        I haven’t had a good look at what they’ve got yet

        • Just be aware Samsung TV's don't support Dolby Vision HDR.

        • Thanks thats very helpful. Would you consider $2,331.80 a good price for the LG 55 inch C1 4K OLED 2021 Television?

    • Just wanted to add the JX900Z is much better, gaming hz refresh rate, decent processor and has local dimming.

      Source: own the 2020 75" model (GX880) and its a beast for a non OLED TV.

  • Want to get the google speaker, but the ZIP code is for $100, what did other people get for ~$30 ?

    • Get 2 and flip one on TradeMe/FB.

      • Reckon it’s worth it? I could see lots of people doing this and being stuck with one

    • purchase something else worth $70 and make it $100

    • Eneloops via CSC

      • Are these eneloops good? I always bought big packs of panasonic AA and AAA from pbtech, they are cheap

        • I'm new to them but yes they seem to be well rated in the battery world. Big + is the ability to recharge and reuse.

        • I believe they are the best rechargeable batteries. I have few since 5 years and still going on. Thinking of buying another pack if I need a filler. Kids nowadays have so many electronics, can't keep track.

        • Very good. I've had a bunch for the best part of a decade and the only reason a few of them died was because of my shit charger, no issues since replacing it. The pro are good value using the CSC discount, never seen them that cheap in NZ. There is also a good set with a charger for ~$40 that's worth looking at if you don't already have one.

  • Thanks guys i will definitely give it a go, my daughter has so many robots and remote cars which drain the batteries so quick

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      Go for pro if using it in remote cars

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