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LG 65 inch C1 OLED TV 2021 $3562, 55 inch $2597, 48 inch $2099 @ Harvey Norman


Pretty good Black Friday prices from Harvey Norman, some slightly cheaper on pricespy but maybe not once you add delivery. You can try your luck with price matching.

$3562 - LG 65 Inch C1 4K OLED 2021 @Noel Leeming now cheaper

TheMarket link: https://themarket.com/nz/p/lg-65-inch-c1-4k-oled-2021-televi...
***As of 3pm, price has not yet been adjusted at TheMarket to match NL, but when it does, if you use code BFCM10, it should be $3205.80 + delivery

UPDATE 2 - Harvey Norman have also adjusted 65" price to match NL

$3562 - LG 65 Inch C1 4K OLED 2021

$2597 - LG 55 Inch C1 4K OLED 2021

$2099 - LG 48 Inch C1 4K OLED 2021 (in store only)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • +2

    55" and 65" are cheaper at Magness Benrow/100% Appliances

    Price match with Noel Leeming and if paying by Zip, use code ZIPBF21 for an additional $20 off.

    55": (​https://magnessbenrow.co.nz/lg-55-4k-oled-smart-tv-with-freesync-premium/)
    $2493 - $20 = $2473

    65": (https://magnessbenrow.co.nz/lg-65-4k-oled-smart-tv-with-free...)
    $3562 - $20 = $3542

    Delivery for Auckland was $89 at NL, C&C is free

    They price matched the 55" for me no problems

    • What the heck, Noel Leeming wouldn't price match the 55" for me!!! Stating the product numbers are different, I guess YMMV

      • +1

        If they say that, push back and say it is the same, Magness Benrow just didn't put the .ANR part on their page


    • What's C&C?

      • Click & Collect

    • +1

      I got the 55" over a month ago at Noel Leeming for 2499 and it is absolutely amazing. I love this tv.

  • How does this compare to the A1 and the Samsung Q70A?

    • Alot better. And it's worth the extra cost. I have the cx myself and the c1 should be extremely similar

  • +2

    I would hold off buying anything until Noel Leeming releases the rest of their deals tonight.

    • very wise

    • Noel Leeming would probably refund the difference if you purchased from them IF there is a better deal

      • +1

        Oh, I wouldn't buy it from Noel Leeming, I'd be buying it from themarket with 10% off.

        • Ah yep true

        • Do you get the 10% off every time you make a purchase from the market? Or is it only 1st time?

          • @brownie1: Only when they have a special code active, which is usually over public holidays and special events, but you can normally use the code as many times as you like during the period.

            e.g. the current code BFCM10 is for the event Black Friday, and can be used multiple times from now until 30 Nov

            They can be anything from 5%-11%

        • +2

          Buying from The Market you have to pay quite a lot for delivery, and even a bulky surcharge for Click and Collect, even if you're collecting from Noel Leeming!

          • @felixfurtak: That is one of the most bullshit part of the market. Charging to even collect? smh

          • @felixfurtak: I just checked on these TVs and they don't offer click & collect on themarket, but at 10% off it's way cheaper to buy the tv on themarket and get it delivered to your house than it is to buy on Noel Leeming and pick it up yourself… on a $3000 tv you're paying an extra $200 to be able to C&C from NL, makes no sense.

            • @foal: Normally they send the TV/items from their warehouse to the store rather that using existing store stock, hence the cost.

            • @foal: Question if I choose click collect from NL, what if there’s something wrong(crack?) on the TV. How NL know it is from the box or it caused by us?

          • @felixfurtak: Is that with the vodafone deal? I've had free shipping on everything over $45 so far buying off The Market. Just had to sign my vodafone number into my account and boom, years of free shipping. Never purchased a TV though to know if i'd pay shipping.

    • Do we know the time the NL deals will be released?

      • +2

        Looks like 7:30pm from the countdown on their front page

        • Ah yep, looks like the countdown didn't render on Mozilla with strict privacy mode on, thanks

  • Anyone thinking of buying this should check the reviews of this TV vs Sony A80J OLED model. Both are priced similar and have distinct advantages depending on the type of usage. Sony has a slightly upper hand though with its XR processor and newly added Google TV features.

    • Interesting thing is when it comes to 83 model, a90j having the same price with C1

    • +3

      Sorry I don't understand LG's flagship C1 isn't as good as Sony's entry level OLED? Yes Sony has 'Android TV' but in all seriousness that Android TV 'chip' is running off a cheap as chips 'chip' and honestly you'll get 10x better user experience if you just get Apple TV box or even better, Nvidia Shield Pro.

      • -1

        It's no flagship lg g1 is their flagship for lg secondly picture quality and motion is next level on sony and its Android google system is most preferred and liked among all smart TVs .

        • I'm very familiar with Sonys (also familiar with their markups) and I don't think A80J is a fair comparison to the C1. It looks as if C1 is 'miles' better than Sony. "Android google system" of Sony is running on a weak CPU (compared to the competition), it will struggle when playing lossless video/audio - trust me. There is a reason why Apple TV 4k and Nvidia Shield Pros been selling so much. If you are forking out close to $3.6k on a tv, its safe to assume you are not a regular user and would want to play high quality media content on them. If you want to compare C1 to a Sony OLED, at least compare it to a flagship.

          • +1

            @brownie1: So could you list them by how good they are? C1 better than sony ? etc etc

            • -1

              @Saint: Sony better picture quality and motion always don't take my words for it go look in store or reviews online .

            • +1

              @Saint: For what its worth, if they are both the same price, I'd get C1. It is more future proofed, arguably better built, personally the stand looks more premium, higher refresh rate, better(gruntier) processor, thinner than A80J, better resolution options for devices(xbox/ps5/shield), less input lag at high refresh rates with Nvidia certified variable refresh rate as well, slightly better viewing angle etc Sony's Android is system is OK, its not the best because of its underpowered homebrand CPU chip inside.

              I've worked in Sony stores before and my personal preference is get the cheapest OLED panel you can get at the time, and buy yourself an AppleTV or Nvidia Shield and invest rest of the money in good sound system. Don't get sucked into and pay the premium for Sony's 'acoustic sounds' and 'andoid tv built in' etc, they sound good on paper and arguably better than most other brand's offerings but no match for a proper dedicated audio and video system.

              Not bashing the brand but Sony is notorious for having the most number of internet fanbois out there so just had to come in here and level the playing field. If Panasonic didn't have the world's worst UI, I would even recommend that for movies (only) and put rest of the money into good sounds! There is a reason why Panasonic OLEDs are used by Hollywood studios and post-production companies as a large-format client reference monitors on for films and high profile tv content but due to 'brand bashing' Pana usually gets the worst number of mentions in consumer market.

              TLDR: If it cost the same, I'd get C1 over A80J. My personal advice if you only watch movies, get the cheapest OLED panel out there, invest the savings into good quality sound set up and a tv box such as Nvidia Shield/Apple TV 4k.

              • @brownie1: thanks for the write up. So i take it lg does not use android but their own proprietary OS?
                I am definitely leaning towards the C1 for the higher 120hz refresh rate and the sony tv seems stupidly expensive at the moment anyway.

                Also dolby atmos system is definitely what im leaning with for this tv.

          • -5

            @brownie1: lol Sony oled is arguably the best oled in the world you like lg if you find it cheaper go for it and you should know sony were the first one to make oled tv back in 2007.

            • +1

              @Mustapha Jaffery: arent LG the only OLED panel makers for consumer tvs?

              • @dirtymike: Yes, LG are the only manufacturer of consumer grade OLED panels. They sell them to Panasonic, Sony, etc. who then integrate them into their products. The picture quality differences that are seen are likely a function of the processing that is applied to them and how much they are derated for longevity. OLEDs still have a few issues with lifetime which is why they are typically lower brightness than QLED.

              • @dirtymike: Yes for tvs but they were not the first one . It was sony who made the first oled tv back in 2007 and doesn't matter who makes the panel now its all about that processor chip that's what differentiates sony from the rest . It's unmatched.

        • Looked at both C1 and A80J, C1 offers 4 HDMI 2.1 as opposed to 2 in Sony. I went with the LG C1 65. TBH, I couldnt find much difference in picture quality of motion handling between the 2. You cant go wrong with either.

    • +3

      I don't think the A80J has any advantages over the C1, though I do know some people prefer Google TV.

      My main issue is that, while the A80J technically supports all the same features as the C1, it can't use most at once. The C1 can run [email protected] with Dolby Vision and ALLM, while the A80J can run [email protected] OR Dolby Vision.

      The C1 is also usually cheaper, so the main disadvantage (sound) can easily be made up for by adding a SONOS Beam Gen 2.

  • +1

    Lowest price for the whole year, I got 48c1 at 2443 in the mid of year, so its a nice deal

    • +2

      Yep, I paid $4,300 for the 65C1 in August. Worth the extra $800 to have used it for almost four months.

      • +1

        Definitely, totally worth it.

      • $200 a month,~$50 a week for using the TV earlier :P

      • I'm with you. Got the C1 65 in Sep for 4150 with 300 dollar voucher from HN and free delivery.

  • +1

    Noel leeming has dropped the price to $3562


    Hopefully, it will update on themarket too.

    Should be $3205.8 on TheMarket after 10% off.

    • 55inch is $2188. If the price updates in the market another 10% off that would make it $1969…

      • Think you have looked at the price of the A1 mistakenly?

        • Oops, yep my mistake.

    • thanks have updated post - have to go out so won't be able to update further till very late

    • just checked and HN have also changed their listing to $3562. Updated post again. But when that Market price is updated that will definitely be the cheapest with code

    • Sold out at NL already, and looks like it's gone from TheMarket too.

  • -1

    Even though sony is using cheaper android chip or whatever, for my personal use, i love the android os because i can directly download free apps like redbox tv (for watching live tv) and PikaShow (for watching movies) to my sony tv KD-65X8500C

    I dont think apple tv 4k gives u much room of flexibility same like any other apple device (iphone, macbook, ipad)

    So i would prefer sony over lg. Also, even though i have ps5, im not a hardcore gamer, i use tv for bit of gaming and mostly youtube videos.

  • ShopRewards 2.0% Cashback for TheMarket still available?

  • For those comparing the highend OLED stuff have a watch of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCSAdW3Wejk

  • All of the HN links are dead, doing a search also dosen't bring them up, was it a price error? Only seeing A1

  • +1

    Noel Leeming just updated all their prices for all sizes to match, but 65" sold out online. If you're after the 55 or 48, get them through the market ASAP with that extra 10% off before they also sell out online.

    55" $2,331.80 delivered https://themarket.com/nz/search?sc=204820&itemmid=4&name=lg-...

    48" $1,977.20 delivered https://themarket.com/nz/search?sc=204829&itemmid=4&name=lg-...

    • +2

      Hah, glad I waited. 55" ordered from the Market. Delivery charge is a rip off, but the extra 10% makes it all good!. Thanks guys!

      • Congrats on your score, glad I could help. Very envious, one day I shall own one of these…

        • Ah so tempted to buy but I’m old fashioned and want to see it in person first before purchasing…

          • @cheeseballz: You could always return it, check the returns policy maybe?

  • +1

    Its just weird how lg c1 65” sold out at noel leeming and harvey norman at the same time and jbhifi bumped ip their price to $5998. Seems like LG asked all these stores to stop selling the tv at such an awesome price 😂

    • All 3 sizes mysteriously disappeared from HN website, could have sold out. Hot deals!

  • Anyone can walk into Sony store and request a discount. They have huge margins and depending on the staff member, you'll be easily getting 30-40% off. Unlike LG it was truly an amazing deal price as they don't go on huge discounts like that and as expected, LG C1 sold out like hot cakes.
    If they were selling the Sony flagship tv at the same price then that would have also sold out super quick.

  • +1
    • Ordered, this will be a good upgrade for my lounge. Thank you for the heads up .

  • Anyone who ordered from Noel Leeming/TheMarket gotten their TVs or have an ETA from them (in Auckland)? Asked Noel Leeming live chat and they said they are waiting for stock with no current ETA :/

    Looks like it's sold out everywhere else too, maybe waiting for a shipment from LG?

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