This was posted 8 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Plex Lifetime Pass, 25% off, US$89.99 / NZ$129.80


Received an email today…ends 29th Nov (US timezone, probably 30th Nov here). I think I bought lifetime for 75USD several years back, but this is still pretty good. Very much worthwhile in my view, plex is a very high quality product, works really well on all my devices.

Get all the warm and fuzzy features, for less.
'Tis the season to watch the snow fall—IRL or in your favorite holiday movie. When you upgrade to a Plex Pass, your personal entertainment collection will be wherever you are, whether you're visiting relatives in Adelaide or Anchorage. Experience the magic of Downloads, plus so many more lifetime extras, for only $89.99 USD*.
Redeem code LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT at checkout.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • Thank you. 90 United States Dollars equals 129.39 New Zealand Dollars but I am getting the final price as NZD$140. Is someone else having this issue?

    • Different conversion rates I'm guessing.


      I've tried just now and it clearly tells you this when you select the lifetime deal with the coupon code applied:
      25% off $186.99 NZD

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    Looking at past Plex deals on Cheapies, it usually comes out around this time of the year, although the last deal (20% off) was back in September. I think they are usually around 25% off and rarely 37% off like the one from a few years back. If you don't wanna gamble and wait till same time next year for another lifetime deal, I think this is good to get.

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    I am just wondering, I use Plex and have content sharing from friends, we use mobile apps which we already paid a one-time fee to unlock. How does this help me?

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      It only helps if you run the server. So, if you access someone elses, it does not give you any benefit.

      • so the trick is finding friends with plex who will do all the maintenance and uploading

      • Thank you for the clarity. I pay for a plexshare and it's quite amazing, in this case, this is not for me.

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    If anyone wants to try premium for a month free without jumping into paying the lifetime, I found a code AD-ONEMONTH I want to see how this is different in the next couple of days and make a decision. The coupon works.

  • I've been waiting for Plex liftime for a while now. Anyone know if they will do the 'half price' deal again? Apparently sometimes Plex send this out to some members but I haven't seen it ever!

    • They might do it again next month, or never. They won't tell you in advance though so it really is a lottery.

      • How often do they do this mate? To be honest I'm using "Tautulli" on my server as a work around for some of the 'premium' Plex features so I'm not super desperate to get it.

        • I used to use that, and about a year ago bought the lifetime pass. The way i see it, its a small donation to an otherwise free software to help with further developments. I run a small sever of about 15TB that a few friends/family have access to.
          The biggest feature i use from plex pass is the ability to watch off my phone

          • @wellydeal: Oh nice, yea i'm happy to contribute. I've bought all the other apps that I use on my server like radarr/sonarr/nzb360 apps on the phone etc. Just thought might be better to wait if there is a special deal. Yea i've got a small microserver gen8 with 9tb(3x3tb) in raid0 but I want to buy couple of cheap 4tb so I can make it 4 x 4tb instead because I have 2 x 4tb hdds lying around already.

            • @brownie1: I am waiting on HDD deals from amazon, looking at either an additional 14tb or 18tb.

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                @wellydeal: Woah nice! Edit: omg i literally just googled and found out that I can actually have 4 x 8TB as long as I use the existing array card which is awesoem!! Might keep an eye out for bigger hdds myself!

                • @brownie1: out of curiosity what are your set ups like? it’s a little overwhelming choosing between plex ready nas/pc/pc+basic nas…

                  • @eh: I have a hp microserver running windows (regular windows) and all the apps required installed on it. I chose windows for simplicity/familiarity and all my other machines at home are either apple or android so really wanted a windows machine at home.
                    Also, depends on how you get the content.. Don't know what the policy is like on this site talking about nzbs lol

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                    @eh: Before I left the UK I ran an old hp microserver, it was great for storage bays but too weak to transcode.

                    Now I'm just running an old Dell optiplex tower with the windows 10 key I got it it with. It's not perfect but has enough bays for what I use it for and I might stick more drives in it soon. I planned to use it to replace my Google photos backup now Google removed pixels unlimited backups but turns out Plex removed the photo sync feature which kind of sucks.

                    • @Everettpsycho: Thank you! Good to know about photo/video library, that’s a big part of what I’m after.

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                        @eh: so I've worked out a bodge to get around this issue, it's not perfect but seems to be functioning.

                        I've installed syncthing on my server and phone and set that to automatically sync my photos from my cameras folders both ways with my server whenever I'm at home on the wifi.

                        Then just wrote a very crude bat file and scheduled it to run daily to move the photos from this synched folder to my plex library folder that will pick them up overnight, once that happens syncthing deletes them from my phone as they no longer exist in that folder on the server.

                        Google is still synching them to photos as well as another back up but they won't be full quality come january when they remove the lifetime of full quality upload feature. I've just got it copying the photos at the moment not moving them to make sure it's working properly before I commit and find out it's not quite right and lose photos but it's promising. Might also stick a second backup folder on another drive somewhere to cover myself from losing them all. Might be about time to dust off the old raspberry pi and get my vpn working again along with a backup network store.

              • @wellydeal: Keep an eye on /r/datahoarder, they're always scouting the best price for HDD's. Bound to be a post or megathread on black friday

            • @brownie1: You can also check out Unraid

              • @Chaoscreater: Yea I've heard its the beesknees especially mixing and matching hdds. I just like having at least 1 machine running windows at home lol I sold my PC and laptop and moved to Mac Pro and since then I'm finding it hard to give up windows altogether! I'm sure unraid is much more efficient that windows in running the plex etc

        • Personally, I don't think they'll ever do another half price deal. The $75 deal is the best I've seen, and I haven't seen it for 3 years or so, but I'm not really looking either.

          This $89.99 deal does appear several times a year I think.

          I suppose the main benefit for me is hardware transcoding. Then, you get some nice stats and so on, but Tautulli might do that for you just fine.

          • @jedmeister: Yea thats true. Unfortunately my server doesnt have gfx card anyway, so transcoding is not an option. Plus I only share with family and couple of friends they all have at least 200mbps plans so direct play is working fine. I have the 950/450 so upload speeds are also not an issue.

            • @brownie1: I run mine off an old gaming laptop with a 1050ti.

              • @wellydeal: What do you do for storage? Also do you run the laptop 24/7?

                • @brownie1: A selection of external drives. with a back up drive included. with a multi USB C to USB 3 adapter. & yes, it runs 24/7 tucked away in a cupboard set up with windows rdp functionality to be able to monitor everything. + with plexpass you can see the cpu/ram usage from the dashboard.
                  CPU is a 8th gen i7

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                    @wellydeal: I'm running an i7-3770 with a p1000 GPU. Storage 4 6 8 8 8 8 10 10 14 HDDs

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    Hey Guys, I know this might be slightly off-topic but anyone possibly know a good premium plex server to join (paid one)? happy to pay for good service.

    • Wow, didn't know even if that was a thing, if it is?

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        Surely that's of dubious legality, depending on what's on the server of course.

        Like all these things if I share my videos I made its fine. If I share my dvd/blu ray tips with my family it's dubious but semi defendable, but paying a stranger to access their plex is basically unlicensed Netflix. Pretty sure you don't want to pay and only see videos someone made.

    • There was a reddit thread posted awhile ago - @Wakrak might remember it

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          Could be this one not a thread posted but information

        • Haha, that points to my comments as well. By the way, I am not getting paid for sharing my library and I am sharing only to someone I know of within close rank and trust absolutely.

          I won't share it to an outsider.

  • I remember this from last time and I was able to get it from Brazil, just looked at my statement and got it for just over $100NZ, so might be worth checking if that is still an option.

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      I've been waiting for this deal to come up again with the intention of making use of the Brazil trick at the same time to bring the price to around NZ$100. Sadly it looks like Plex have caught on to this and for myself at least I cant seem to select Brazil as the country when trying to pay via Paypal or Credit Card. A bit gutted as I'd been waiting a while to do this, now I'm trying to decide if I still want to get.

      • Oh that is a shame! More and more digital services are waking up to these methods sadly…

  • Excuse my noobness, I can't seem to figure out exactly what they're selling….

    Does this allow you stream to USA TV channels and record them with a premium account? If so, do you need a VPN to access it?

    • Never mind, just read Wikipedia, you have to connect other services to Plex to watch USA TV

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        There are some free channels you can watch and don't need any other services.

  • Still a relative newbie with Plex, are there any benefits with transcoding with the Plex Pass when I am running a NAS server with an NUC loaded as the Plex server. I also regularly have subtitles in all the content I view as well.

    I had a server setup originally through a MyCloud which crapped out on me and have now started to invest into a proper server solution with a Synology 8 bay NAS and using an NUC to run Plex off.

    My NUC is Intel NUC 8th Gen i7, 16GB, 240GB NVMe with specs below:

    CPU: 8th Gen - Intel® Core™ i7-8559U Processor 4c 8t (8M Cache, up to 4.50 GHz)
    RAM: 16 GB
    SSD: 240 GB NVMe
    Includes Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps)
    USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps)
    DP 1.2 via USB-C
    microSDXC card slot
    dual microphones
    Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 + Bluetooth 5.0
    Windows 10 Pro

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