Cheap Petrol Stations in Your Area?

Which petrol station in your area is consistently cheaper than the rest? Perhaps we could start a Wiki on this.

In my area (Central Auckland) it's BP Mt Roskill @ Carr Road, it's consistently 3c-5c cheaper than the rest and there's always a big queue of cars at rush hour. And it accepts AA Smartfuel.

I also noticed that Gull Atiamuri (On State Highway 1 between Tokoroa and Taupo) is about 10c cheaper. It was the cheapest by far while I was driving from Auckland to Palmy. However it's an unmanned station in the middle of nowhere so be wary of card skimmers.

And then of course there are the stations around Otara and East Tamaki Road, South Auckland.


  • A wiki page would be fine, feel free to make one.

    I recall Mobil Trentham is often a few cents cheaper, but haven't been down there in a long time.

    Gull seems to force the competitors to keep their prices down to compete, so in most locations where Gull is cheaper, the others will have to drop their prices by a bit to stay inline.

  • For me when I pump 98 it'll be Gull Botany Downs - only few station offering 98 at a cheap price. As for 91 or 95, I go to Pak N' Save fuel station at Botany and use the 4 cents off fuel voucher - comes out 2 cents cheaper than Gull.

  • In Hamilton its fairly consistent that the Mobil and Caltex by Avalon/Nawton are cheaper than most others.

  • Noticed on way to work Gull station corner of Albany Highway and start of Upper Harbour highway 91 petrol $176.99! Havent seen it at that price for a while

  • Just reviving old topic - What is the price of petrol in your area? I noticed recently all Petrol station in East Auckland (Pakuranga, Highland Park, Botany, Dannemora, Howick) are all cheaper than central Auckland. Usually with Gull NZ 10 cents off discount, ALL petrol station in my area drop their prices as well to match Gull's price. Just yesterday/today, there's the Gull 10 cents off, and all petrol station in East are $1.669 per litre!! While central Auckland with no Gull are $1.93. That's a massive difference!

    P.S. I know Otara Fuel Station are cheap, does anyone know how cheap? (Haven't been down south in a while)

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      Avoid Gull @ Greville Road, near Albany. I've never seen their prices to be competitive compared to places where I usually go.

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      I went past Otara yesterday. 91 at Caltex, Mobil and Gull at $1.769/l. 1c more expensive than BP Mt Roskill ($1.759/l)

      Gull @ Wiri was $1.859/l for some reason, which was 9c more expensive than BP Connect Cavendish at $1.769/l, just 2km away. BP and Caltex has Smartfuel, making them even cheaper.

  • If you're ever around the Manukau/Wiri area, don't go to Gull Wiri. Follow the road north and go to the BP instead.

    Gull Wiri was $1.729 yesterday, while Gull at East Tamaki is $1.649.

  • Allied in Levin have 91 for $1.649/L. On SH1 just through the town, on the north bound side, but you can turn across from the other side.

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