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2x Citronella Oil Classic 1L $3.60 @ The Warehouse


2x Citronella Oil Classic 1L $20.00
twl-Another70%OffClearanceMegaBargains-promotion -$14.00
Buy 1 get 1 HALF PRICE All Citronella Candles, Outdoor Lanterns & Bamboo Torches -$1.50
20% off Candles and Diffusers -$0.90 (Market Club Coupon)

TOTAL: $3.60

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The Warehouse

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  • Thanks. Just curious, does it actually work?

    • For insect repellent? It does but it can depend on wind direction and how many of them you have setup. If you are in AUS/warmer climates it can only do so much.

      Better off with a spray product that has DEET for mozzies

      • is that a way of saying YEET for mozzies?

      • DEET - The only good thing to come out of the Vietnam war.

  • Market Club Coupon?

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      It's actually the warehouse app coupon, for Market Club members.

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    Now that i bought it, i question whether i actually needed it

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      Isn't that the case with most cheapies deals!

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      Works well for deep frying chips /s

  • Ok, now where I can find oil lamp?

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    I generally use it to spray on outdoor items to prevent tom cats spraying. Just respray ounce per week or after each rain/shower.

  • Thanks I will lather this on my body.

  • Question is there an easy way to browse the clearance section at TWH
    Website seems like cancer to find stuff

    • This is a pricing error, this product is not even on clearance now…haha

      These will be on clearance at the end of summer for probably 97c each.

      • Still showing at same price for me?

        • You have to add 2 to your cart, you'll see $4.50 total for 2 bottles. For an additional 20% off, you need the Market Club coupon (TWH app?), making it $3.60.

        • I think he means that the "clearance" discount is incorrectly applied to the product.

          There's no "clearance" symbol any more on the product image, however when you go into the product page you can still see the description of the clearance discount on the page which is should only show to items with the symbol.

  • Lmao the app is so useless. The 20% off candles wasn't applying under my account, so I signed my partner up and bought it under her account.

    The order shows under her account, but sent the confirmation email to my email address. Not only that she didn't have delivery information set on her account, but it had my delivery information prefilled at the checkout screen. I've triple checked that we were signed in under her account (again the order only appears in her acc).


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