best mobile phone for around 350nzd?

my sister wants to buy my nephew a phone

ive looked online and all the phones i can find in this price rage really suck my phone phone i got last year was 320nzd and has much better specs then any phone in that price range i can find online in nz stores

i told her to wait till black Friday to get a phone there will be better deals but shes has no patience to wait a couple of days and wants to get one asap


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    she has no patience to wait a couple of days and wants to get one asap.

    Ah well then she's doomed to be hit with buyer's remorse.

    If budget is constrained (sounds like it is), and the outcome matters (ie. "best phone in that price range") then the smartest thing is to do your research, decide on a few phones that fit the bill at or slightly above that price, wait for sales (especially Black Friday) and get ready to hit "buy" on your top pick soon as it goes on sale. It's the Cheapies way.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any recommendations though.

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    Could use gsmarena phone finder to workout some options.

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    What phone did you buy and what phone were you looking at buying her?

  • She just missed out on Singles day sale that was last week now phones have gone up to max RRP till Black Friday.

    I would just wait, some of the sales will be starting in the few days no doubt.

    This inbetween period is literally the worst time to buy anything.

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    Yeah, wait for Black Friday, between now and then is probably the time retailers has to revert back to their RRP to avoid Comcom accusing them of always having "specials"…haha

    Chinese brands seem to be better value for $$, eg. Oppo and Vivo.

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    How about the Vodafone OPPO A53s currently on sale for $249 from WS with a further 11% off thru the Market? I considered this phone for my wife, but might wait for a budget 5G phone to go on sale.

  • I can tell you right now the best phone you are going to get is the Redmi note 9t for $300 on sale. Nothing will come close

    • Is it on sale for $300 at the moment?

      • 327 on the market if you create a new account using a referral to get $20 off.

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          327 is still a great price for this phone, blows a lot of other phones out of the water in terms of value for money but personally, I couldn't live with myself knowing it may go lower

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        nope, I've only seen it go that low twice at PB tech, the second time I stagged two for myself even though it was 1 per customer so I had to do it in 2 purchases but it only makes it more expensive for PB tech since I used the free shipping code. They kept on discounting it to like $350 or $320 but I'm glad I held out for my price. Exact price was actually $298

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    pb tech already had a sale on phones. you missed out

  • thanks guys for the help she decided just to get him a Samsung a21s with 32gb storage and 3gb ram used works fine but has broken fingerprint scanner for cheap

  • redmi note 10

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    Yeah, have a look around for the Redmi 10. You'd be surprised. I did some research on phones and Xiaomi is on their way up and likely to overtake Samsung. For that budget you can find the Redmi 10 for less than $350. Look at GSMarena - you won't regret it.

  • Hi, any more recommendations for phones around $350? Redmi Note 9T is just over $350 on The Market but from an overseas seller, I'd prefer NZ based (a shop in Dunedin would be best) incase there are any issues, it also might be a bit heavy for me. I got a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G today for $397 from Noel Leeming cos another customer had returned it cos they didn't want 5G. I opened it and straight away hated the chunkyness and weight of it so returned it.
    PbTech have the Redmi Note 10 for $398, it's a bit lighter so might be OK. I was originally looking at the Samsung A12 but just think it might be a bit too budget. Oppo A54s might be OK, anyone tried one?
    I currently have a Huawei Nova 2i but I dropped it and it landed on the rim of a glass and pushed in the power button, if the battery runs out I won't be able to turn it back on!

    • Hey,

      Like you, I'm looking for phones but I'm not keen on parallel import because of warranty issues for phones not officially sold in NZ.

      I was watching this recently and remembered that they mentioned the Redmi 10 Pro, have a look

      They also have a comprehensive look at it on this link.

      I've read very good reviews on this phone, so if you can afford it, might pay to check it out at PB Tech.

  • Supero sometimes has the Redmi Note 10 Pro I stock for around that. In terms of hardware, it's the best value for money. The software can be a bit annoying at times, but you get use to it after say 2 weeks.

    Alternatively if you don't like the software, as it's such a popular phone due to hardware value there's heaps of custom ROM's available.

    • My partner has the R10pro if you have any questions. The camera is fantastic.

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