This was posted 6 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$15 off $30 Spend in All of NZ (New Accounts and Guest Checkout Only) @Menulog


$15 off $30 spend at Menulog, says Auckland but works everywhere in NZ so far.
Valid for new Menulog accounts or if using the guest checkout (recommended for repeat users).

Guest checkout is only available through the app, not the website.
Make sure you log out first, select your order items and then check out as a guest. This way you can use the code as many times as you like with the same email address.

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  • any expiry date on this?

    • expiry date is listed - 12 dec

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    15FIRSTORDER also works $15 off $30 nationwide on new account first orders exp Nov 15th

  • Hi how can you purchase using guest check out? It requires you to login or aignup

    • i used it as guest and it worked.

      • Same, working out in West AKL as guest. Note to others, your overall food order must be >$30, as service fee and delivery fee does not count in that total.

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      Forcing me to login as well.

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        you can only use guest option via the app, if you use the website, it wont work. i tried as forced me to log in as well.

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      Yes, must use the app for guest checkout.

      • exactly how do we do it. i dont see anyway to guest checkout on the app. thanks

        • aahh dont worry i see it. just gotta log out

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    Bro I have been using it for a month now. All my money goes to food delivery. Godamnit

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      Ya its pretty bad when you get meals at half the price delivered lol

      • Still works if you pick up, just pick up the order man

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    I have been using daily for the last 4 weeks

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    thanks for this.
    if anyones looking to try something new, try the korean fried chicken, it'll blow your mind 😁

    • Which Korean fried chicken store do you recommend?
      Tried "My Fried Chicken" from Takapuna and thought it was average.

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        Just tried Paldo Korean in Botany.
        Really good.

        • Cool, thanks. Will give that a go, cheers.

  • How can they afford to keep this going? All the better for us though.

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      with interest rates so low, menulog (and their parent company) can just keep borrowing to grow market share and keep their stock valuation up and going up (while cashing out their shares)…we are cashing out 15 bucks, they (menulog/parent co. bosses) are cashing out millions.

      who is lending them money ( and will take the hit if they go belly up)? investors, retirement/kiwisaver funds, insurance, investment funds, sovereign funds… which is us.

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        I don't believe they really intended the code to be used multiple times by one person using guest checkout. I hope it continues but they are sure to disable once they figure out something isn't right.

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          They don't care, it's been like this for ages and they didn't do anything about it.

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            @Kiwi: If you are buying meals from restaurants that have inflated their prices on menulog, then you're paying not too far off from their RRP. So, just abit of discount. Plus the restaurant has your business.

            • @The Hound: Yes it's inflated but not that much. Usually a couple of dollars per dish but in the end you're getting $15 off so roughly $10 off RRP.

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                @TheSpender: Before I place an order, I always check their shop prices as well (vs menulog prices) and it varies quite a bit across the city. In other words, you still have to do some homework. It can be tedious, but then again I'm a real cheapo Cheapie :D

  • Seems like promotion season for all the takeaway platforms. Hungry panda (have to use Chinese for the app) is spreading $9 off $10 vouchers daily now.

    • can you elaborate on how to do this or post a deal about it?

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    Pro tip.

    Keep orders around $30
    Can do multiple orders

    Use Gmail + system to keep track, [email protected], [email protected]

  • just tried this in hamilton and it works lmao, is it even region locked

    • Lol I don't think so!

    • Nope. Just tested and it works in Christchurch too!

      • Sorry I was meaning it's funny as its not region locked, I think this code may end world hunger.

    • Works Wellington

  • I was trying it out today, randomly typed something in for email address as it requires an email even with guest check out. Somehow it automatically created an account for me, but I didn't go ahead as I was worried that I wouldn't get the order confirmation through email. Is this how it goes normally? Do I need the confirmation email to collect my order?

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    It still works if you register with a new email, $15 off and $4 service fee off

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      howd you get the service fee off?

  • Still works today, thank you

  • Is expired now

  • Hopefully someone will come up with a new coupon soon :p

    • The two coupons lasted 2 months already, I doubt it there will more, unless there is another big lockdown. They will sometimes send out targeted offers, so be sure to login to the app.

  • +3


    Most epic food coupon to date!

  • After a long period today paid the full price 😔

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