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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 4PK $17 @ Noel Leeming with CSC Membership Code


Cheapest i've seen.
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Eneloop Pro AA 4pk $17
Eneloop Pro AAA 4pk $16.68
Eneloop AA 4pk $14.41
Eneloop AAA 4pk $14.33

CSC Membership code

If you have ASB true rewards points it can be used online or in store.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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  • That's normal price under CSC FYI

    • +2

      ^ this. if anything it has gone up marginally… I have just checked from previous orders and it is up 10-20 cents..

      • I thought it had gone up a lot but I was in Premium not Main, fixed and back to these prices. Which yeah from past are up a tad.

    • Hi, do you know how long the price has been 'normal'? I'm keen for some but I'd love to use a Zip code too so happy to wait for one, annoyed I missed the $20 off that expired yesterday :(

      • +1

        it's been like this most of the year.
        Prices is so low doubt it'll ever discount less than CSC price, so yeah best bet is wait for Zip deals which probably around boxing day

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    $21.49 for 4x Eneloop AA & Overnight Charger

  • +3

    For those wondering Normal vs Pro: "The short answer: the Eneloop Pro battery has a higher capacity than the regular Eneloop with 2500mAh vs. 1900mAh. The Pro can be charged up to 500 times while the regular Eneloop up to 2100 times. The PRO batteries can provide more current than the regular Eneloops."

  • This has been the regular price with CSC since long time now.

  • +1

    Thanks but i guess this is for people who don't yet know.

    • Scotty doesn't know

  • Hiya,

    Does different CSC provide different levels of discount ? if so, what CSC did you use to get those prices ?


    • Main :) I was on Premium and it was higher.

      • Thanks, I did the same, and used Restaurant Assn, but costs was a $1 more mine came up $15.44 rather than $14.41, not a major, I bought them anyway.

        • +1

          Keep 2 accounts associated with each and compare next time. Prices vary and can't say which one is lower always.

        • when was this, past month seen them in the $16 range?

      • How did you change from premium to Main?

        • You can’t change. Need 2 accounts as recommended above.

          • @Wakrak: Well I'm unable to add on the other account. There is now an option to remove membership but looks like adding doesn't work. Can you try at your end?

            • @quebec: Not sure what it is you’re wanting me to try. Want me to create a new acc and see if i can add membership?

              Edit- just did it with no issues.

  • Thats so cheap

  • I'm not able to add membership. Had the premium CSC, wanted to replace it with Main but nothing comes up in search anymore? Is there a trick?

  • Can’t add CSC discount to new account anymore :(

    • oops shouldn't have removed mine then. Not a new account, existing account, just wanted to remove CSC Premium and add main.

      • Yeah I have two accounts. My mate can’t sign up anymore hahah

    • +1

      I just did. Created a brand new acc, searched for Csc Group, chose one of the 5 available options and then selected something from the dropdown menu. No issues.

      • Just worked for me also.

      • Thank you 🙏

  • Is the CSCgroup code only work online? Will the discount apply in-store and how do you tell them your account?

    • Probably ask you for proof of membership in-store.

      • Thanks Wakrak!

    • I used it in store before and they checked my membership and name are matching. If you don't have the actual membership, then definitely online but the price is cheaper in store.

  • Is there a difference between the Pro and normal quick charger? Only the 'normal' quick charger is available

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