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Signup and Spin the Wheel to Claim Free Ice Cream or Sundaes from Ben and Jerry's


Sign up to Ben and Jerry's loyalty programme and get a chance to spin the wheel and win a free item (different items available - sundaes, ice creams, etc). Every spin wins, one spin per person.

I won a free brownie sundae.

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500 Brownie Points for referrer and referee.

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  • +1

    Thanks! Just received a free pint of ice cream!

  • +2

    The details they require: phone number (verified), first and last name and email

    • +1

      yea, you have to make an account, subscribe to emails/text promos then disable them in settings.

  • Just got a free small shake. LESH GO

  • +4

    LOL I won a kids cone of coffee ice cream. COFFEE ICE CREAM. KIDS.

    • I won this too and thought exactly the same thing.
      Interesting combo.

    • Double down and get your kids a second scoop of Red Velvet.

  • +1

    Their site is going really slow and now throwing gateway time outs. You'd think that a big US-based corp would spend a tiny bit of money to use the auto-scaling feature …..

  • +1

    Make sure you disable the emails from them, they get really political.

  • Thanks OP. Won a free pint

  • +2

    Thanks OP! I wonder if you guys would like to share your referral code?

    • +1

      Hmm yes, good idea. There isn't a place to add your referral code on your account on cheapies - does anyone know how to contact site admin to let them know to add Ben and Jerry's as a referral site so people can add their refeeral codes?

      • This has been done.

    • Yes please, anyone else who is spinning the wheel please use the Referral System! My code might be picked. 100 points = $1

  • Thanks for the free pint!

  • Got a free brownies shake

  • How big is a pint?

    • 458ml so just under half a litre

    • It's about 500ml, it's the size of the tubs they sell in the supermarket.

  • Thanks, got a free pint. I'm trying to place an order online so I can just go in and pickup but the website crashes when I push the 'checkout' button. Has anyone else had any luck?

    • No luck, the website doesnt load for me to redeem. Might have to take my laptop since that work.

  • +1

    Admin please add a referral code box anyone got a code for my second sim?

    • This has been done.

      • Thanks

  • +5

    Don't try and redeem your free product at Sylvia Park in Auckland as they are known to turn down these promotions. Their excuse is we're part of Hoyts no Ben and Jerry's.

    • I dont think it is a scoop shop check the app order section its not listed or they are being cheap

      • Then I guess I can't redeem in Hamilton either? Since it's not listed in the Order tab

        • For anyone wondering, I messaged the Ben and Jerry fb page to ask about my store, and they said it can be redeemed at the Hoyts scoop shop in Hamilton. I guess if they refuse at the store i'll just show them the message.

  • Urgh I'm already registered. From a previous promotion I guess.

  • I signed up but never got the option to spin.
    How will i survive knowing i dont get free ice cream

    • +1

      I think you just needed to wait for the page to load. It took a really long time.

    • +1

      Yeah use the same phone numebr and login again to spin. it was very slow this morning.

  • Referral code says applied but never got the points :(

    • same! :(

      • Finally got it, seems like it takes a few days

  • Got a free pint

  • I remember the other promotion they had earlier this year. I just signed up to this one for fun and to let someone else get a referral but the one they had earlier in the year I think I got like 6 pints of icecream on my account but I didnt redeem anything

  • Is there any expiry date on redeeming?

    I don't see anything under Redeem Offers but can't remember if there was anything when doing the spin

    • I can't see one either. I'm also not convinced that the codes are unique… ours didn't get entered into any system this evening when we redeemed them in store.

      • I thought that too, a screenshot would probably work

  • I think the codes are static, can anyone share theirs?

  • +2

    For those in Auckland, the Ben and Jerry's in Commercial Bay is closed.

    • Thanks so much - Does anyone know if any other stores are open near North Shore?

      I know Takapuna closed a while ago.

      • +1

        Ponsonby is probably the closest one for you.

  • Does anyone know if Sylvia park works for reddemtion

  • I redeemed my free pint, but the store didn't even write it down or have me scan anything. Its been a week now and I still have the free offer in my wallet - what will stop me from going back and asking to redeem it a second time?

    • I don't think they care, their ice cream is very overpriced, it cost them virtually nothing for the "free" ads, and they get to collect a ton of details for future ads campaign.

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