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Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16" - AMD 5800H, 16GB 3200MHz, 512GB NVMe SSD with RTX 3070 8GB VRAM for $2548 @ Lenovo


This was posted a few days back and was $2733, so until Thursday with Click Frenzy you can save another $200sh

Full specs are at the link and you can upgrade the graphics card to a 3070.

3060 version is $2240.69

Both models say "ships within 8 weeks".

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  • 8 weeks urk!!

    Anyone know of any decent laptop deals that don't have a big wait time? Looking for something gamable in the $2000-$2300 range, doesn't have to be absolute top tier obviously.

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    Good price, it says up to 8 weeks, but mine arrived in 2-3 weeks

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    godly good value

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    Don't forget Kiwiwallet cashback, should net you another ~$90ish

    • Kiwiwallet doesn’t do TheMarket cashbacks at the moment. You can use ShopRewards but they only do 2% and my recent (and first) transaction hasn’t showed up yet. It’s only been a few days since though.

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        this is lenovo site not TheMarket

        • Ha true! Not sure why I thought of TheMarket.

  • Review:


    Best value laptop atm with the current market

    8 weeks will go by fast its be just after new years and your laptop will show up ready for 2022

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    Thanks OP, had been holding off but this extra discount + kiwiwallet has convinced me

  • Just got an email from KiwiWallet stating 6% cashback for Lenovo, but when you click through their website still says 3.5%. There are other listed cashback rates in the email that don't match the website. 6% would be $152.88 back!

  • Anyone else having issues with payment? Credit card is not being validated.

    • Allg, seems to have just been a temporary issue. TY for the great deal, lets up its 6% cashback too.

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    missed it :(
    Hopefully there will be a black friday deal.

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